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Yves Saint Laurent makeup brand and products

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on August 21, 2022

Yves Saint Laurent makeup brand and products

The Yves Saint Laurent brand is a well-known fashion firm but also a cosmetics and perfume firm, born thanks to the creative magic of French designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

It is truly a reference brand in the world of fashion and cosmetics for its attractive proposals, innovations and pret-a-porter collections, haute couture or for its shades, dreamy textures and its fragrances of pure elegance and sensuality. The Yves Saint Laurent brand transmits prestige and quality in all its creations. In addition, it is a firm that sets trends, adopting new makeup techniques such as contouring or creating various treatments to pamper the skin, thus giving rise to a wide selection of high-end cosmetic products with excellent features. The beauty of skin care is a luxury that is available to everyone.

Revolutionary in its designs, using natural ingredients or new textures for its beauty products, Yves Saint Laurent is a firm that does not go unnoticed and whose success lies in developing truly magical products that improve and beautify our skin.
So, among all the beauty products that the firm Yves Saint Laurent presents, which ones to choose? What are the most iconic products of this? In short, what are your essentials?

YSL Foundations

There are two Yves Saint Laurent makeup bases, which have become the most iconic products. One of its star products is Yves Saint Laurent Encre de Peau All Hours, which is a high-coverage, long-lasting makeup base with a matte finish and for all skin types (22 shades) in an unalterable way since it resists water and sweat, minimizing the appearance of pores.
What I like most about this Yves Saint Laurent foundation are its antioxidant properties. That is, it takes care of premature skin ageing and the urban environment’s aggressions. In addition, even if it is matte, it illuminates the skin since it is enriched with kombucha and fermented black extract.

It is a base prepared both for the day with SPF20 solar factor, and for the night, since thanks to its silicone resin spheres, it makes it last without drying out the skin… Its slogan says, “Prepare for everything, except to retouch the makeup”… it is true when I have used it, I have been quite surprised by its elasticity, and above all, it does not break. It is a success for those women who need an off-road makeup base.

Touche Éclat Le Teint

Touche Éclat Le Teint is a Yves Saint Laurent makeup base that provides more luminosity, unlike the previous one. Its coverage is also perfect but more flexible, light and fresh, which makes the skin look juicier, volume and unified once applied because it is so modulable.
Like the previous one, this base is what I like the most: they have great hydration with different properties for the skin and protect from the sun. It also improves microcirculation, decongests, calms redness and is an antioxidant, four properties all in one, for maximum comfort for your skin for 24 hours. You have 16 tones.

Therefore, each of these Yves Saint Laurent makeup bases is designed for different tastes, whether for matte or luminous skin, thus providing two opposite and other finishes, which can be selected according to the preferences of each one. As Yves Saint Laurent says, “Beauty is the absolute expression of your personality and your skin its reflection. With a single gesture, your skin is capable of becoming a weapon of seduction. The most beautiful state of the Yves Saint Laurent woman is that of being different herself. With Yves Saint Laurent, Beauty comes down to that gesture.”

Touche Éclat Illuminating Concealer

To finish creating the perfect base for the face, Yves Saint Laurent’s illuminating concealer is the most famous in makeup and number one in sales. Not only because it is incredible, but because the dark part of the eyecup makes it look like we slept great due to its “Must Beauty” effect. With a minimal amount, your face is magical, radiant and, at the same time, natural. You can see that I like it, right? I can’t hide it, and I think it’s the best for this product as a makeup artist! There has always been a before and after of this product.

It covers, but without creating that raccoon or mask effect. It conceals imperfections and sculpts the features for those who love contouring or strobing. This concealer is the bomb! Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Illuminating Concealer.
I leave you here a trick in its numbering so that you know how to guess which is your perfect tone:

Number 1 “Luminous Radiante” for fair and rosy skin.

Number 2 “Luminous Ivory” for light skin with a beige tendency.

Number 3 “Light Peach” for brown and tanned skin.

Number 4 “Luminous Toffee” for ethnic skins.

Thanks to its built-in brush, its application is straightforward since you don’t need more than a click to start with the makeup. The best thing is that this simple act, and because it is a comfortable product to carry, you can always incorporate it into your bag for everyday use or to take a trip.

Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lip Blush

This is an all-in-one product. For the most practical people, the Baby Doll Kiss & Blush by Yves Saint Laurent makeup is a blush and a lipstick in the same format.

These products, as I have commented in some other of my posts, I love a lot, a lot 😉 and this type of cosmetics I usually take advantage of them a lot because of their versatility and, above all, because for a quick touch, we are with a perfect face in a moment.
The brush of this product makes it easy to apply not only on the lip but also on the cheeks, with a small amount and beat the product with your fingertips, a good face effect in a moment.

Its texture is semi-mousse, ultra-soft as if it were velveted and powdery, but not dry. My favourite is called Corail Affranchi. It is a soft orange tone, a coral as its name suggests, which I like for almost all skin tones because it has that touch of natural blush that favours virtually everything—the world.

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