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The best Dusseldorf tips from our escort girls

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Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on June 5, 2022

What to do in Dusseldorf – best advice from our escort girls

Beautiful places are often right on our doorstep. In our trip series, we would like to introduce you to these many unique places in Germany. So we’re interviewing real insiders and asking everyone the same 22 questions.

The longest bar in the world, pedestrian traffic lights with yellow phases and many crooked buildings – where’s this weird station wagon? In Dusseldorf!

Dusseldorf is the state capital of North-Rhine- Westphalia and, with over 620,000 inhabitants, the second-largest city in the state after Cologne. Whether you want to relax on the promenade or stroll through the old town with its many bars and restaurants, there is something for everyone in Düsseldorf.

But we wanted to know more about what’s behind these curiosities, and who could know better than two people from Dusseldorf?

Therefore, in this interview from our trip series, our escort girls tell you their tips for the best sights, restaurants, and more in Dusseldorf.

Tips and information for a holiday in Dusseldorf

Before our interview, we have compiled the most essential information you need before travelling to Dusseldorf.

Where is Dusseldorf in Germany?

Dusseldorf is located in western Germany. The city is part of North Rhine-Westphalia. Since NRW is so densely populated, numerous large cities are near Dusseldorf. It only takes about 30 minutes to drive to Duisburg by car. You drive to Dortmund or Cologne in just under an hour. Also, in Dusseldorf, you can find the most famous Escort Agency!

Our hotel tips for Dusseldorf

The selection of hotels in Dusseldorf is vast, so you will find a wide range of centrally located hotels in all price categories. Here are some of our recommendations:

Good and cheap

  • Boutique Hotel Berial
  • Hotel Wieland


  • 25-hour hotel
  • Me and all hotel


  • Living Hotel De Medici
  • Hotel Favor

Dusseldorf Travel Guide

Would you like more information about your holiday in Dusseldorf and the surrounding area? Then we can recommend these travel guides:

Reise Know-How CityTrip Dusseldorf: The books in the Reise Know-How series are great if you don’t have much time but want to see as much of a city as possible. The centrepiece is also an interactive app that guides you through Dusseldorf with many exciting tips.

One hundred eleven must-see places in Dusseldorf: These travel guides contain many cool, fun facts about your travel destination with an escort lady in Dusseldorf and offer you brief and compact information about well-known and lesser-known places in a region.

On foot through Dusseldorf: Do you prefer to explore a city on your own with a long walk? Then you will find many route suggestions here – including information on sights, restaurants and more.

Interview with two escort girls: The best insider tips for Dusseldorf

#1 Who are you, and why are you experts for Dusseldorf?

We are Ariana and Julia, two fantastic escort girls in Dusseldorf. I am travelling the world, but today officially for you as a Dusseldorf expert because I (Ariana) grew up here. I am a pure German Escort Girl. Not the skinny escort Julia, but she’s been living here since 2007 – as a native of Dusseldorf, I at this moment conscientiously give her expert status!

#2 If you had to describe Dusseldorf in three words, what would they be?

Rhenish cosy big city village!

#3 Why should everyone make a city trip to Dusseldorf?

Everyone knows the question when travelling: “Where are you from?” If the other person comes from Germany, the reaction to our answer is always: “Ah-ha, DÜSSSeldorf then!”. That’s why everyone should come here: To see that Dusseldorf isn’t just about Kö-Schicki-Micki and Porsche but also flea markets and cyclists! Apart from that, the city offers everything for a perfect city trip: water, meadows, parks, cafés, restaurants, (brand new!) bike paths, many promenades, beaches, creative districts, soapboxes to explore the city and for evening the longest bar the world – which some tourists take literally and look for a damn long counter in the old town. And Altbier! Not to forget about some fabulous escort girls in Dusseldorf.

#4 What is there in Dusseldorf that no other German city has?

HA! We have pedestrian traffic lights with a yellow phase! There’s nowhere else! So much so that the city once had brochures on how to deal with it as a pedestrian. It was just a model experiment from the 50s. But no one ever stopped trying, and now it is unique in Germany. Oh, and we still have the largest fair on the Rhine! Fortuna Dusseldorf asked on Twitter to mention them at this point. And sure, Altbier! What would we have done without this?

#5 What are the three must-see sights in Dusseldorf?

Easy: Media Harbour, Rhine Tower, and Old Town. Also, in the exact order. Because the side wonderfully sides all this on a walk along the Rhine, you can drink a lot of coffee in between alongside an escort girl from Dusseldorf!

Our tip: a guided tour along the Medienhafen

If you google Dusseldorf, you will find sloping buildings in the image results. So oblique. These are the Gehry buildings in the Media Harbor. Along with the Rhine Tower, they have become Dusseldorf’s flagship and offer great photo opportunities! And then off to the Rhine Tower – see picture above. It borders on the Media Harbor and is the symbol of the city.

It’s your choice: look up from below or drive up and look over the city. There you have a 360° view over Dusseldorf. There’s also a restaurant that slowly revolves around the tower at the top, so you don’t have to choose which way to look while you eat – Düsseldorfers are geniuses! Back down, you continue on foot along the Rhine promenade: From there, you go to Dusseldorf’s old town. Breweries, town hall, narrow streets, cobblestones, small and large shops, and market square are our typical Dusseldorf in one spot!

#6 What can you do in Dusseldorf when it rains?

And that brings us back to the Altbier! The breweries are rustic, cosy and offer the perfect place to go when it rains! There is also the KIT: Kunst Im Tunnel, where young artists present their works in a tunnel. To be honest, we’ve never been there, but we’d go there with visitors! Or maybe you can lay in bed with an escort girl in Dusseldorf.

Our tip: a guided brewery tour

#7 What can you do with children in Dusseldorf?

With children, you go kite flying on the Rheinwiese in Oberkassel (with a view of the city), ride inline skates along the Rhine promenade (you still do inline skates, right?), go to the aqua zoo, visit the petting zoo in the Volkskarte (don’t forget the carrots ) or you build shacks together and eat stick bread on one of the adventure playgrounds in Dusseldorf!

#8 Where do you go whenever you get the urge to drive out of town?

We never feel the urge, but we regularly escape the big city one way or another when we go to Ariana’s parents in the village! Otherwise, the sea in Holland is not far!

#9 Which place can you recommend to take a deep breath and relax?

Aaaah, there are too many! For example, the Unterbacher See! A… lake. Also perfect for jogging, picnicking, pedal boating, or stand-up paddling with an escort girl from Dusseldorf. Or the public garden. Or the courtyard garden. Or the paradise beach on the Rhine, next to the media harbour in the centre of Dusseldorf. For the meadow on the other side of downtown!

#10 Where is the most beautiful vantage point in town?

There is a bench in the Grafenberger Forest, next to which there is a stone that you can read on. If you sit on the bench, you can enjoy the view of Dusseldorf! “Beautiful view.” But we don’t find them that spectacular. We prefer to call it the bridge next to the Rheinwiese! You look to the right at the promenade, a look to the left, and you see the Rheinturm and the Medienhafen. One look ahead, and you see sheep on the other side of the Rhine. It’s windy but, for some escort girls in Dusseldorf like us, it is the most beautiful view of our diverse Dusseldorf!

#11 A hobby photographer asks you about cool places to take photos in your city that he would never find with a guidebook. Where are you sending him?

We send him along Parliament Embankment and then up a small bridge. There is a small platform that is a perfect location for photos! In the Media Harbor, he will also get his money’s worth! And if you love street art, you’ll find it on Kiefernstraße.

Our tip: guided architecture tour

#12 What is the craziest activity to do in your city?

Go to an Altbier brewery and ask for a Kölsch. We wish you good luck.

#13 What is the best event of the year? Why is it worth coming to Dusseldorf?

Since Dusseldorf has something for everyone, it all depends on you:

  • If you want to party on the streets of the old town for a whole weekend (and longer), you can’t miss the carnival in Dusseldorf!
  • Maybe if you or the escort girl in Dusseldorf you are dating are a roller coaster and funfair lover, the best time to come to the largest funfair on the Rhine in Dusseldorf is in the Rheinwiesen in the summer.
  • If you love watching movies on screen, the open-air cinema in summer on the banks of the Rhine is the right time for you to visit Dusseldorf!

Eating and drinking in Dusseldorf

#14 Which culinary speciality do you have to try in Dusseldorf?

And that brings us back to the Altbier. Dusseldorf is known for its Altbier and its breweries. So if you would like to immerse yourself in Dusseldorf’s culinary art, visit one of the breweries and treat your escort lady in Dusseldorf to a knuckle of pork with your Altbier!

Our tip:

We can recommend the restaurant and brewery Zum Schiffchen here – it is the oldest restaurant in Dusseldorf, and even Napoleon is said to have eaten there!
Afterwards, you can have a nightcap at Killepitsch. The typical Dusseldorf herbal liqueur. Also perfect as a gift. Then you ticked that off right away.

#15 Where is the best burger in town?

Umm…no idea, but we always go to Stier Royal with friends! It’s either because it’s the shortest way for everyone or because they have the best burger in town! (I just googled it: Stier Royal is one of the top 5 burger shops in town!)

#16 Where is the best ice cream in town?

Brute! No questions and no arguments! In the summertime, the queue goes out to the curb, and getting a parking space in front of the ice cream parlour isn’t easy. Although Unbehaun only has a small selection of ice cream flavours, they are all prepared traditionally. In addition, you do not pay per scoop here, but you order a cup for a certain amount, which is filled to the brim with ice with a spatula. You notice: Everything is different in the ice cream parlour! Also, the ice. Just the best.

#17 The best place to have breakfast in Dusseldorf?

In the Schwan restaurant, you can have a good breakfast, and in summer, you can also enjoy the view of the Rhine outside alongside an escort babe in Dusseldorf! But we love to have breakfast on the Rheinwiese. Fill coffee in thermo mugs, buy bread rolls and enjoy the meadow to yourself, especially in the morning! For example, a few days before our departure for our trip worldwide.

#18 What are your three favourite restaurants, and what should you try there?

Vietnam Streetfood

is a Vietnamese restaurant with a typical Vietnamese interior and delicious cuisine! No matter which main course you choose, order the dessert with coconut milk and peanuts afterwards! The owner’s sister specially bought even pottery at a market in Vietnam!

Il Mercato

– what can we say: If your escort companion in Dusseldorf likes pasta, she will love this shop!

We go to the boat if it’s a special occasion! After all, you don’t just go to the oldest restaurant in Dusseldorf! (Yes ok, and because the main course costs around €20.00 -.-)

Our escort girls are waiting for you to book them and visit Dusseldorf, so do not hesitate!

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