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Our top-notch Escort Agency would like to welcome you to the city of Essen. We offer all beautiful escort models from slim, tall, cute, short, blondes to caramel, brunettes, and girls with jet black long hair at the Escort Service. These attractive women are dolled up and willing to serve gentlemen who come here from all over the world. Our clients are frequently coming back for more and spreading the word of our friendly services around.

Recommendations also bring us respectable clients. Our escort girls are well-mannered, educated, with good family backgrounds, working with us out of amusement or as a side job. Whether it is on business or purely for pleasure, your stay here in Essen will become an unforgettable adventure for you once you prefer one of our escort girls as your companion.

We take pride in presenting escort models who are a complete beauty package with brains. We are obsessed with our beautiful escorts, who are also intelligent and elegant. If you want to have a great time here, let us introduce you to the city of Essen.

Our Escort Agency has gathered various nationalities in terms of escorts to bring you all types of or whatever kind of culture intrigues you. They are all beautiful and talented, with either higher studies on the side or good jobs. They are all good looking with even better looking hot bodies and great company in all aspects.

The great City of Essen

The central and second-largest city of Ruhr is our city of Essen. It is the largest area that is considered to be urban in Germany. It is the fourth largest city of North Rhine-Westphalia and the ninth-largest city of the country. With more than 583.100 inhabitants, the town sits between the Rhine-Herne Canal and the Ruhr River. The city’s development improved from being a small town in the 19th century to become the most significant industrial city due to the rapid growth of coal mines, ironwork, and steelwork.

Being the industrial centre, it had to go through a lot of destruction during World War 2. The city had to be rebuilt from scratch and is now home to large buildings consumed by offices and housing, making it the largest urban area. After the renovation, Essen’s city is now busy improving its economy to involve ongoing work around chemical and glasswork, construction, and factories for various productions, including textiles and precision instruments.

For your safety and the maintenance of our highly established Escort Service, we run an in-depth check on our escort girls whereabouts. Where they lived, where they used to work before, their criminal record, any illegal habit they might have, everything is checked before hiring an escort girl.

After all, we have to maintain our high standards as well. Once you make up your mind about the type of young escort model you want for the company in our city, we will be just a call or email away from reservations. We request you not to hesitate to put your entire trust in us, as we promise not to disappoint you.

Escort Service Essen - Essential infos

Whatever you have in mind, a business dinner, a romantic night, movie night, a stroll in the park, an enlightening trip to the museum, all events can be planned and put into action with your choice of a pretty escort girl. Even if you are here for business to meet influential people, take one of our lovely companions with you, and you will impress your rivals, while standing out in the crowd, with the perfect eye candy for everyone to crave. If you are here for vacation and leisure, you can have one of our stunners all to yourself for the entire day and night. Our escort models bring pleasure and serenity wherever they go. They can be your perfect date in that perfect dress or your private pleasure in your room’s privacy. They will be thoroughly entertaining in night clubs and pubs, giving company for drinks, and make you feel at ease in the circle of their arms.

Our Escort Agency has two ways to make reservations for our escort girls. The first is in-call booking and the second one is an out-call booking. In this post, we will find out about the booking process in detail.

In Call Booking

In the process of in-call booking, our attractive escort makes reservations independently like a private place, apartment, restaurant, hotel room, according to how she wants to meet you. If you wish, everything settled and arranged for you to avoid all hassle, this is undoubtedly the way to go about it. You need to contact us via phone or email, tell us your first and last name and the time you want to reach the escort girl decided and arranged by our Escort Service. Once these details are confirmed, we will contact you to inform you of the location chosen by our escort girl, who would be opted for by you. You will only be required to reach the decided place on time. When you call us and tell us you have reached the location, we will communicate the number of apartments, or hotel rooms, whatever the place you have agreed.

Out-Call Booking

If you are a perfectionist, this type of booking is for people like you who are self-sufficient and cannot rely on others for bookings because they want everything perfect. The respectable client can arrange the location; a hotel room, office, apartment, motel, private residence, etc. Once you decide the time and place, our Escort Service will check in on the location for security reasons.

Bookings at hotels

We will ask you for your name and surname, the time that suits you to meet our open-minded escort girl, the hotel’s name, and room number. Our Escort Agency will place a call to your hotel to make sure you are staying there. In case the hotel does not have a phone, you need to give us a copy of the hotel payment invoice so that we can be sure of your stay there. When these formalities are fulfilled, our escort girl will meet you within a short period.

Bookings for Private Residences and Offices

We need to know your first and last name for bookings in offices and private residences in this type of booking. We will ask you for the exact address of the location and the name written on the doorbell. Then our sensual escort girl will reach you upon the decided time. For verification purposes, you will give in a landline phone number that corresponds to your address. In case a landline phone is not available, you can send us a copy of any utility(gas, water, electricity) bill where your name and address will be visible for proof. If you are staying in an apartment or hotel, you can send a copy of the document certifying the reservation of your stay at the place. After all, this is done, your opted beauty will be on her way to be greeted by you.

We are okay with whichever procedure of payment you choose for the escort girl. We accept payments via the following methods.

Cash Payment

Clients usually like to keep their activities anonymous by paying in cash at the beginning of the meeting in an enclosed envelope. We require our escort girls to count the money before the meeting starts, so no interruptions become a reason to disturb the meeting. We have made such rules because many clients did not make the decided amount’s payment and dazzled us. We are not offending you; please believe us. But these are some measures we have to take to keep our company and our discreet escort girl safe.

Bank Transfer

Many clients choose to transfer the payment via bank as it is also considered safe to carry plastic money as we call it. In this case, we ask the respectable clients to transfer the payment before the meeting time, so the stylish escort girl waiting for you, does not have to wait for too long to provide you with her lovely company. In this type of payment, you will be asked to transfer the funds to our neutral and fiduciary bank account.

Credit Card Payment

Our Escort Service also accepts credit cards. Whether you want to pay online or through a POS machine, we accept both. You will be sent a link through an SMS or email to ask for your card details to complete the payment process. An extra fee of 10% to 15% is also deducted by the bank while paying through cards.

Lastly, we can offer our clients that all the information provided in bookings and payments will only be used for bookings and payments. The vital information about our clients will be safe with the Escort Service and never given out. In the case of leaked information, it will not be the Agency’s or escort model’s responsibility, so we ask the clients to give their information directly to us where it will be kept safe.

How Our Perfect Looking Escorts See the City Of Essen

Essen is your peephole into Germany’s industrial and urban area, only with a better view as it is situated between two serenely beautiful rivers. This city’s importance as vast as it is also considered the country’s energy hub as it has headquarters of Germany’s largest energy providers, E. ON and RWE. The city of Essen makes evident efforts to preserve biodiversity, nature, and water consumption reduction. These efforts paid off when it was consecutively nominated for the title of European Green Capital for two years, winning the second nomination title in 2017. It is still working towards making the city safer as climate change poses many threats. Reducing its release of greenhouse gas is the largest cause of global warming and extreme climate changes.

The climate of this city is considered a typical oceanic. It is colder in winters, January being the coldest month and warmer in summers, with the warmest months being July and August. Essen has great investments in educational matters. Renowned universities in the city include the Folkwang University Of Arts(founded in 1927), the University of Duisburg-Essen focusing on urban systems, and Fachhochschule fur Okonomie and Management focusing on applied sciences. The Ruhr Expressway goes throughout the city, dividing it in half, covering all areas. Intercity travel and domestic connections to neighbouring towns are convenient through railway lines and Deutsche Bahn local transport and long journey systems. The nearest international airport is the Dusseldorf International Airport to land and use a local travelling system to reach Essen.

Once you have arrived and freshened up, you can always call for the agreed-upon elegant escort girl to accompany you. You can talk to the companion and plan the trip or enjoy each other’s company with drinks on the side and maybe a meal later. You can order from room service or enjoy the food at the hotel’s restaurant and go back to your room with our right looking, escort model. We assure you she will be a great companion in the outside world as well as the dark privacy of your hotel room. So let us look into the best hotels we have shortlisted for you to choose from.

Mintrops Concierge Hotel, Essen

Our Latino escort girl, Celine, is in awe of this hotel. She says, “The Mintrops Hotel has beautiful rooms with seating areas, flat-screen TVs, free access to high-speed WiFi, a private kitchen for coffee and tea, and a private dining area. The bathroom has all necessities like a hairdryer, shower, and free toiletries. There is room service available for guests to eat in their rooms, a breakfast buffet with a wide variety of dishes that make it impossible to choose from, and other restaurants that offer even more diverse menus. There are a bar and a lounge to relax outside the room with drinks. The hotel offers free parking as well. You will be treated with exceptional hospitality. If you want, I can accompany you or visit you at the hotel. For that, you will have to book for me at the Escort Service, and I will be yours for however you like.”

Website: Mintrops Concierge Hotel
Phone: 00492012468340
Address: Eduard-Lucas-Straße 11, 45131 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Atlantic Congress Hotel, Essen

Our charming escort girl, Anna, says, “The Atlantic Hotel is a great choice for tourists and businessmen as it is close to popular places to visit. The rooms are nicely decorated and furnished with basic and luxury amenities, including free access to super-fast WiFi, a desk and a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom with a daily supply of toiletries, etc. Activities for the guest outside the room include a terrace on the top, a bar, a lounge, a fitness centre, and restaurants that serve fantastic food from various cuisines. You can ask for help for anything you need at the concierge desk that is available 24 hours a day. You will enjoy your stay here, and if you want, I can come to spend some time with you at the hotel. You will have to ask for me at the Escort Agency.”

Website: Atlantic Congress Hotel
Phone: 0049201946280
Address: Messepl. 3, 45131 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

NH, Essen

Our busty escort girl, Amelia, says, “The NH Hotel has beautiful rooms with airconditioning, modern furniture with comfort, free access to WiFi, desk, a minibar, a safe to keep your important things secure and not worrying about them because you can close it with a code. There is a phone, room service, and daily house-keeping facilities that provide toiletries as well. Outside the room, the hotel offers activities in a fitness centre that is also a gym, a bar for drinks in the evening, a lounge to maybe check your messages or plan your day, a business centre to schedule your meetings, and restaurants that have great menus. You can ask for help from the concierge that is available at all hours. There are many nice places nearby, like a shopping mall and an exhibition centre to visit. You will have a lovely time here, and I can accompany you if you would like. You can ask for me at the Escort Service, and we will make the best of it.”

Website: NH, Essen
Phone: 0049201379210
Address: Am Porschepl. 9, 45127 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We asked our escort girls where they liked to go for fine dining and fancy dinners. They recommended many places, and we thought all of them were worth a visit from our clients. To make it possible for you to visit and try our recommendations, we shortlisted a few eateries, and we are confident you will like them.

Cowboy Style Steakhouse, Essen

Our brunette escort girl, Alexandra, absolutely loves the Cowboy Style Steakhouse. She is already planning her next visit while stepping out of the restaurant. She says: “The steaks at the Cowboy Steakhouse are to die for. You will devour each bite, savouring all flavours and taking in the aroma all at once. The beef is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. If you like it any other way, you can ask the waiter and cook how you want it. For people who don’t eat meat for personal reasons, there is still room for you here. You can choose seafood or fish and have it grilled, just like the steak. They even have a variety of wines from many countries that will go well with what you order. Give it a try. And if you want, I can come with you. You can ask for me at the Escort Service and book for whenever you are free.”

Website: Cowboy Style Steakhouse
Phone: 004920145880350
Address: Alfredstraße 122, 45131 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Der Bonner Hof, Essen

Our mature escort girl, Patricia, often visits this place. She says, “The Der Bonner is an elegant little restaurant that can be visited for any meal of the day. It serves German cuisine, seafood, Mediterranean, European, Central European, and Spanish cuisines. The menu also has vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free options for the cautious one.
The staff is friendly and helpful in choosing the right dish. If you can’t decide, always ask the waiter. They always have good choices for you to choose from. And if you want, I can meet you at the restaurant, and we can have a hearty meal together. You can ask for me at the Escort Service, and we can finalize a plan to visit this eatery.”

Website: Der Bonner Hof, Essen
Phone: 004920545386
Address: Kringsgat 14, (direkt hinter dem Kettwiger-Rathaus), 45219 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

What kind of woman does not like shopping? There doesn’t exist that kind. When we asked our escort girls where they liked shopping, they had many options. We still managed to shortlist the shopping malls to make shopping a memorable experience for you in our city.

Einkaufszentrum Limbecker Platz, Essen

Our humorous escort girl, Lauren, says, “You can come to this shopping mall and find everything that you have in mind. From clothes for all, perfumes, shoes, electric gadgets, and everything else, you will be able to shop for many things under one roof. There are some restaurants in the mall as well, to take a break for snack time. Window shopping is also an activity that can be done with fun here. So if you would like to shower me with your affection, you can take me shopping here. Maybe when we get tired, we can stop for snacks at any restaurant in the mall you would like. Although I assure you, no woman gets tired of shopping. You can ask for me at the Escort Service, and we will figure where to meet.”

Website: Einkaufszentrum-Limbecker-Platz-Essen
Phone: 00492011778960
Address: Limbecker Pl. 1a, 45127 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Primark, Essen

Our cheerful escort girl, Sophia, says she loves shopping at Primark. She continues, “This is a very nice shopping mall with shops of everything including clothes, shoes, perfumes, gadgets, electronics, toys, and some restaurants to take a break at. You will find unique souvenirs at gift shops that you can take back to remember the trip to Essen. Modern architecture takes you by surprise, and you will find yourself roaming from shop to shop, not wanting the day to end. If you would like to go shopping with me, you can ask for me at the Escort Service, and I will love to hang out with you.”

Website: Primark, Essen
Phone: 00492011778960
Address: Limbecker Pl. 1a, 45127 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

On being asked about watching movies in cinemas, our escort girls expressed how they took this opportunity as a getaway from daily life and routine. Most of them said they liked to unwind by watching a film on the big screen of the romantic or fiction genre. We asked them where they wanted to go and shortlisted cinemas we considered best worthy of your visit.

Lichtburg & Sabu Cinema, Essen

Our Asian escort girl, Melissa, says, “This is a huge cinema with several viewing rooms for different types of movies with different timing schedules. The screens vary in size in these rooms. If you want to see a movie on a bigger screen, you will buy the tickets accordingly. All the rooms have an equally good sound system. Seatings are comfortable as well. So if you would like, you can ask me at the Escort Service, and we can catch a movie of any genre you prefer. Maybe we can end the evening together as well. I will be looking forward to it.”

Website: Lichtburg-Sabu-Cinema-Essen
Phone: 0049201231023
Address: Kettwiger Str. 36, 45127 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Astra/Luna Cinema, Essen

Our MILF escort girl, Blaire, thinks a getaway to the cinema once in a while is a good idea to disconnect from the real world. She says, “It’s easier to become distant from your real life when watching a reel life movie on the big screen. The comfortable seating, the clear sound system, and a movie with perfect resolution is an ideal situation for me with some popcorns to snack on. I find this relaxing. If you like what I think and want to experience it with me, just ask and book for me at the Escort Service, and we can plan out together where to set a meeting point. I’ll be eagerly waiting to give you company.”

Website: Astra/Luna Cinema, Essen
Phone: 0049201275555
Address: Teichstraße 2, 45127 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We inquired with our escort girls about what kind of museums they like to visit and its reasons. They almost named all the museums in the city, and it was hard to narrow the list down to the few best of the best ones. We hope you enjoy the visits to the museums we have recommended.

Folkwang Museum, Essen

Our curvy escort girl, Aileen, is a painter by profession. She loves all types of arts and says: “The Folkwang Museum is a beautiful collection of several art genres. It displays paintings by famous artists, photography by various known photographers, exhibitions of media arts and sculptures, graphics, etc. Everything is worthy of your visit and time. You will find important information about the arts that you wouldn’t have known before. It is an enlightening trip for students of arts and artists themselves. If you have an observant eye for arts, you must visit this museum. And if you would like it, I would love to go with you. You have to ask for me at the Escort Service and book any day. I’ll be yours for the whole day.”

Website: Folkwang Museum, Essen
Phone: 00492018845000
Address: Museumsplatz 1, 45128 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Minerals Museum, Essen

Our Indian escort girl, Kaylee, says, “The Minerals museum is an educational visit where you can learn so much about geology, mineralogy, and biology. There are important stones and minerals and some information about the history of the Earth and its inhabitants. Often, students have a field trip here to find out about minerals in general. If this intrigues you as much as it stirs questions in my mind, maybe we can get educated about these important matters. You can ask for me at the Escort Service, and we will plan a day trip here.”

Website: Minerals Museum, Essen
Phone: 004920124681444
Address: Kupferdreher Str. 141/143, 45257 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We asked our escort girls about the parks they liked to visit and how much they spend time there. They mentioned many parks, so we shortlisted a few that we thought was best.

Botanischer Garten Grugapark, Essen

Our versatile escort girl, Isabelle, says, “This is a beautiful nature park with a lot of greenery preserved. You can come here for a morning or evening walk or run. The sight of tall trees, beautiful flowers, and the grass is all you need to start your morning with. I find it very healthy to start my day with a run here often, and there is a bistro within the park vicinity where you can sit for coffee or tea, whatever you like. If you would like to join me for a run, ask and book for me at the Escort Service and we will explore nature together.”

Website: Botanischer Garten Grugapark, Essen
Phone: 00492018883106
Address: Virchowstraße 167, 45147 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Spielehaus Grugapark, Essen

In my opinion, our educated escort girl, Amaya, says, “This garden here is the most beautiful of them all. Many plants and flowers are preserved and cared for because they need proper care for maintenance and perseverance. Many people come here for their ritual morning or evening walk to stay fit while they take in the sight of beautiful nature around. If you would like, we can come here together, pack our little picnic snack and coffee. We can have all that in each other’s company under the shade of a tall shady tree. We can also enjoy nature’s sounds of birds. If you like my idea, you can ask for me at the Escort Service, and I’ll be yours for as long as you like.”

Website: Spielehaus Grugapark, Essen
Phone: 00492018883106
Address: 45131 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We talked about opera and theatre performances with our escort girls. They had plenty of information about these topics as they visited the theatres for such performances on and off. They recommended a few out of which we have shortlisted the operas we think are worthy of your visit.

Aalto Theater, Essen

Our high-class escort girl, Diana, recommended the Aalto Theater saying, “It is a powerhouse of talent, always welcoming and providing a platform for new and established talent to show what they are capable of. I have never witnessed any performance here that I may not have enjoyed. It is always fresh performances that are both appealing to the eyes and music to the ears. If you would like to visit the Aalto Theater to see some fantastic performances, I would love to plan it someday with you. For that, you would have to ask and book for me at the Escort Service.”

Website: Aalto Theater, Essen
Phone: 00492018122200
Address: Opernpl. 10, 45128 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

GOP Variety Theater, Essen

Our slim escort girl, Naomi, says, “The GOP Variety Theater is just how its name suggests. Full of variety when it comes to performances. Many artists are welcomed here to perform whatever they are best at, dance performances, ballet, musicals, concerts, comedy performances, opera, etc. This place is full of talent, and the house is fully packed for every performance. People don’t want to miss anything that is happening here. They especially come here with their families, friends, and special ones to enjoy and make time worthy of a visit. If you want, you and I can go together. All you have to do is ask for me at the Escort Service, and we can plan the whole day, including our visit to Variety Theater.”

Website: GOP Variety Theater, Essen
Phone: 00492012479393
Address: Rottstraße 30, 45127 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Our escort girls recommended some magnificent spas for your visits. They said our special guests must visit these places to make themselves feel relaxed and pampered. We hope you would appreciate our escorts’ choices and visit these places.

Wellnest, Essen

Our petite escort girl, Martha, says, “The Wellnest is a spa at perfection. You get to spend your time here relaxing just the way you want it. You can book a pool or sauna or shower with your special one, or your best friend and book the whole room for you and your company. Booking goes by the hour, and you can have it for up to 4 hours at a stretch. It just makes relaxing a private matter, and you can talk about anything without fear or anyone overhearing you or judging. You and I can visit this spa and book a whirlpool for ourselves and have a ball of time relaxing together. If you like that idea, you can ask for me at the Escort Service, and we can take our plan further.”

Website: Wellnest, Essen
Phone: 004920145844600
Address: Limbecker Pl. 1, 45127 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Thai Orchid Massage, Essen

Our exotic escort girl, Luna, says, “The body gets worked up even if you are doing nothing out of your ordinary routine. The muscles get stiff, and knots start to form under them, making the body hard and ache from the outside. This is where the massage comes in. When the masseuse rubs her hands on your pressure points using herbal and scented oils, these muscles under the skin start to relax. You end up feeling good and energized for at least another two to three weeks. Once you start to feel tired again, you can come to the Thai Orchid and book yourself a massage as the Thai ways are the best ways to relieve stiff muscles’ stress. You and I can come here together and leave from here as better and energized humans. You know the drill how to book for me at the Escort Service.”

Website: Thai Orchid Massage, Essen
Phone: 00492017494534
Address: Holsterhauser Str. 71, 45147 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We ask our escort girls to go for drinks in the evening with friends and special ones. They had many ideas, according to which we shortlisted a few bars that we think will show you what the nightlife is like in Essen.

Sailor’s Pub, Essen

Our sexy escort girl, Bonnie, says, “When you have had a good day, make sure to end the evening well with some well-blended drinks as a thank you to the good karma. This is what I do when I have had a good day. I ask my friends to meet me at this German-Irish bar that is also a diner and serves the most amazing snacks and drinks. You step into this warm environment filled with a crowd, ready to have some fun and light conversations before the night ends. If you like what I do, you can join me too. All you have to do is ask at the Escort Agency, book for me for as many days or hours as you like, and get together.”

Website: Sailor’s Pub, Essen
Phone: 0049201779095
Address: Alfredstraße 118, 45131 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Louis Cafe & Bar, Essen

Our party escort girl, Margo, says, “The Louis Bar will give you the perfect drink to help you unwind. There is already a crowd gathering here in the evening that starts to create a relaxing and warm environment for those who want to relax and don’t want to call it a night yet. You can come here, get the best beer in the whole country, order some light snacks to go with it, or munch on nuts. You would still have a great time here because the ambience is that good. I would love for you to take me here while you’re in Essen. Be kind enough to book for me at the Escort Service, and let’s plan to get together.”

Website: Louis Cafe & Bar, Essen
Phone: 00491775021985
Address: Viehofer Str. 17, 45127 Essen, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Our escort models told us about the festivals and events they never miss and the ones they look forward to. According to their fabulous choices, we have narrowed down the list of festivals that you must include in your trip to see our city of Essen in the festivity.

Holi Festival Of Colours

Our cute escort girl, Bella, says, “My friends and I love celebrating the Indian festival of colors called Holi. We look forward to it every year. It takes place in June or July and is all about colours. You wear plain white clothes because you will be playing with colour powders and colour mixed with water in water guns all day. You get to do this till you get tired. It is quite more fun than it sounds. If you can include the dates of this festival on your trip, we can go together. Just book for me at the Escort Service, and I’ll be all yours.”

Website: Holi Festival, Essen
Address: Nienhausenstrasse 42, 45883 Gelsenkirchen

Motor Show, Essen

Our redhead escort girl, Jasmine, says, “I love racing cars and automobiles. I share this interest with men. So when the Motor Show season arrives in Essen, I don’t miss it. It is a good automobile show that displays car tuning and other car accessories. It is every guy’s favourite annual event, not as big as the one taking place in Frankfurt but still developing and getting better every year. If you are interested in cars like I am, you and I can attend this event together. All you have to do is ask for me at the Escort Service, and we will plan the day for this event.”

Website: Motor Show, Essen
Phone: 004920172440
Address: Lilienthalstraße, 45149 Essen

Maps & Directions:

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