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Age 23
Hair Colour Brunett
Eyes Colour Brown
Height 169 cm
Weight 55 kg
Bra Size 70C
Languages Chinese, English, German
Professional Background Student
Interests Fitness, Animals, Running
Drinks Dry wines
Cuisine Asian
Character Honest, uncomplicated, spontaneous
Perfumes Hermes
Tattoo/Piercing No
Duo Partner





Asian Escort

Do you want to know more about me?

Hi, I am Melissa, from the city of Krefeld. I am a loving Asian escort girl who knows the winning strategy for a men’s heart. I am the best at what I do. I can make you feel damn awesome because I am everything a man wants in a girl. I am socially engaging and the perfect partner to accompany you to social events. My friends say I have an ideal figure, and I am very flirtatious – let’s discover new adventures, chase away loneliness, and create a cuddling atmosphere. I can join you wherever you want me – maybe in Dusseldorf, Cologne, or any area in the NRW!

Why this agency and not others?

I am a student studying engineering, and to make ends meet, I work as a part-time escort girl. One day I was searching on the internet and got to know about this Escort Agency. I decided to give it a go and scheduled an interview. I passed their high standards and got selected. I must say I love working here as an Asian escort lady. My life has become exciting, and I love meeting the kindest gentlemen through this agency. That is one of the best escort agencies in Germany, and they provide safety and security to their girls, which other agencies don’t. So yes, I am blessed to work here.

Your perfect escort date?

My idea of a perfect date is to have a date night by the pool. We can have dinner under the moonlight and enjoy cocktails together. I can talk to you for hours to connect and bond with you. We can even go for a swim if you would like, as it’s a very intimate experience on a first date. But it will let us get close to each other. I love wearing my revealing sexy bikinis in the pool. Of course, I won’t mind if you want to take them off! Join me, and I won’t let you down, as I am the most desired Asian escort model in this agency.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Paros in Greece is my favourite travel destination! It’s a Greek island in the Aegean Sea famous for its beaches and villages. I always travel to Paros in the summers and spend time at Golden Beach in my sexy bikinis. Do you want to join this Asian escort girl in Paros? Join me for non-stop parties and never-ending fun. What I love about this island is that the beach views are the most movie-like locations. They would make you feel like you are witnessing the world’s true wonders.

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

The book My Dark Vanessa is a total of today’s time and age, with all the MeToo movements going around. It’s about a very young and ambitious 15-year-old, Vanessa Wye. Vanessa becomes obsessed with her 45-year-old manipulating teacher, Jacob Strane, and the affair begins. Later, Jacob is accused of sexual abuse by a former student, who coincidentally confides in Vanessa. Now Vanessa is faced with the big question.

To remain silent about her past with the teacher who promised to worship her, or at least that was how he manipulated her to get what he wanted or find out whether she had done this all by choice, if at all. This book is inspiring to this Asian escort girl because it’s all about the troubles of teenage and adult options that later significantly impact the development of a woman’s personality.