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Age 22
Hair Colour Dark brown
Eyes Colour Brown
Height 167 cm
Weight 48 kg
Bra Size 75A
Languages English, French, German
Professional Background Waitress
Interests Active recreation, fitness, travel
Drinks Champagne, rosé wine
Cuisine Italian, Japanese
Character Sociable, sensual, humorous, uncomplicated
Perfumes Chanel Chance, Chanel Nr5
Tattoo/Piercing No
Duo Partner





Do you want to know more about me?

Hello. My name is Alexandra, and I am one of the most attractive brunette escorts in the entire NRW area. As a healthcare professional, I have always liked to pay attention to people’s needs. I hope that you are a gentleman who loves to treat an escort lady with respect and make her smile. If you prefer a naturally beautiful and classy brunette escort model, who does not wear too much makeup and does not dress too provocatively, then we may be a perfect match. I make an elegant and discrete social companion, and it will be a bliss getting to know each other over fabulous cuisine and fine wine. Quality is my main attribute, and I take great pleasure in offering an exclusive experience to a select few gentlemen. My divine body will be at your disposal and will stimulate all your senses and feelings. That’s why I think you’ll feel great cherished by me. You will be in the ninth heaven with a sexy brunette companion. I live near the city of Cologne, but I can visit you in your hotel or private residence. I am available to travel in cities such as Dusseldorf, Krefeld, Essen, or any others in the NRW area.

Why this Agency and not another?

After a series of not so pleasant experiences with other Agencies, I decided to work with Escort Girls NRW. As a result of the discussions with the support team, I understood that the clients’ demands for sexy brunettes are quite high. So it was one of the reasons I decided to join this Agency’s fabulous escort team. From the first moment, I felt that this escort service is very professional. I am glad to be part of this fantastic team, and I hope we will collaborate for a long time.

Your perfect escort date?

When it comes to a perfect date, I have in mind Barak Obama’s words: “Art…it impresses people…” That’s the reason why, for me, the ideal encounter should be in a museum. Museums are an excellent place for conversation! You will never have a moment of awkward silence, even if you don’t feel like an art expert! Take an art professional’s words of advice: Use the Visual Thinking Strategy questions below to spark conversation and get to know your date:
What do you see?
What makes you say that?
What more can you say?
And while you’re listening to your partner answer the above questions, you learn how your date thinks about art, which can give you hints on how that person perceives life. As my companion, you will be the envy of the crowd, because everybody will gasp for air when you appear with a sexy beautiful brunette at your arm.

What is your favorite travel destination?

My favourite tourist destination is in the Alps. I adore the city resort of Courchevel. A sexy brunette like me loves to ski. I expect you near me on the slopes doing this pleasant sport. I am sure that we will be the most charming couple on that side of the mountain. After we ski, I like to have a cup of tea at the foot of the hill at one of the bars. Just think about how much the crowd will watch you in the company of the delicious and sexiest escort girl in that place. If you don’t like winter sports, we can do many different things in the area. If you love to have a glass of excellent French wine, then Courchevel will treat you to a variety of wine tasting opportunities. Le Baricou in the heart of Courchevel on Rue des Verdons is owned by retired ski instructor Didier Abrial who will take you on a wine journey of France, including some of the top local Savoyard wines. Lower down in Courchevel Village is Les Perles du Palais wine cave. A relaxing atmosphere welcomes you to sit at one of the tables, buy a bottle, and enjoy some local tapas. At night, I would love to take you in my arms and to spoil you like nobody else before. You will have the unique experience in front of our chimney with me, the gorgeous brunette escort lady of your dreams!

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

Since childhood, I like reading. One of my favourite books is FOREVER AND A DUKE by Grace Burrowes. A woman asked to look into irregularities at a duke’s bank finds theft and unexpected love. When Wrexham, Duke of Elsmore, asks the Duke of Walden for help in reviewing his finances and the ledgers of the bank he owns, Walden introduces him to Eleanora Hatfield, his auditor. Eleanora is a scrupulously honest woman who has escaped a family legacy of criminal activity by using her math skills and has acquired a fearsome reputation for accounting accuracy. While wary of the aristocracy, she agrees to help the genial duke find errors (or embezzlement) at his venerable institution. The discretion necessary for the task leads them to solitary tête-à-têtes. Wrexham’s fundamental kindness teaches the wary Eleanora to trust him; she trains him to acquire a sharper eye toward the practices of his employees and family members. This tale of love is appealing because of the unusual backdrop of banking fraud in 19th-century Britain. Scenes of the disparity between the higher class and the struggling classes serve as a reminder of the unfair economic and justice systems that undergird this society. These systems also act as the barrier Wrexham must overcome if he is to persuade Eleanora that they can marry. Their love story is bringing good feelings in my kind heart, and I advise you to read this book too.