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Our top-class Escort Agency welcomes you to the city of Duisburg in Germany. We are proud of the variety of polished gems we have acquired over time from around the world. They are the reason we have gentlemen coming back to us and spreading the right word around. Our escort girls are not only beautiful but smart, intelligent, well-educated with good backgrounds. They are tall, slim, and breathtakingly attractive. If you want to round it up, they are every bachelor’s fantasy coming true. They are willing to serve the clients with a pretty smile on their faces.

Our escort girls are stunning. They are in the business out of pure pleasure. Most of them have become escorts as a side job. On the other side, they have decent professions like banking, beauty experts, teaching, etc. Blondes, brunettes, caramels, jet black beauties, you name them, we have them. If you are looking for a companion to have a memorable time in Duisburg, which we are sure you do, get yourself one of our stunning escort girls booked for the trip. They will make the city even more worth visiting for you. To get straight to work, we are introducing Duisburg’s town through the view of our escorts.

The great city of Duisburg

Our fabulous city is the fifteenth largest city in Germany. Situated on River Ruhr and River Rhine’s feet, it is also one of the largest cities in Ruhr. It eventually became the epitome of steel, chemical and iron industries, which is why it had to take the vastest of losses during World War 2. Duisburg had lost many lives, and the old city was destroyed due to bombings during the war. This city has seen a lot of massive destruction. Duisburg had lost all of its significant historical buildings and had to be rebuilt from scratch. After rebuilding, it has one of the largest inland ports, not just in Germany but of the entire world. This port connects it to the ports in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The increasing demand for tobacco and textiles has also helped Duisburg regain its epitome of being the industrial hub. Five hundred thousand inhabitants have contributed to making it one of the largest cities in Germany. The nearest international airport is the Dusseldorf Airport that is in the nearby town of Dusseldorf-Lohausen. For outsiders, this is the easiest way to reach Duisburg by landing at Dusseldorf Airport. Many Turkish people have come to the city as foreigners have made it home since.

The Escort Agency has acquired various nationalities in terms of escort models to bring you a diverse culture that you would come to like. We have different beauties from different respectable backgrounds. They are all career-driven escort girls that are either completing higher studies on the side or doing decent jobs. They are all good looking with welcoming bodies and great company in all aspects. For your safety and the maintenance of our highly established Escort Service, we perform an in-depth check on the whereabouts of our escort models. Where they lived, where they used to work before, their criminal record, any illegal habit they might have, everything is checked before hiring an escort girl. Once you decide the type of escort girl you want for the company in Duisburg, we will be just a call or email away from reservations. Please be sure to put your entire trust in us, and we will promise not to disappoint you.

Escort Service Duisburg - Essential infos

All our escort girls are perfect for any event, a business dinner, a romantic night, movie night, a stroll in the park, an enlightening trip to the museum; all functions can be planned with your choice of escort model. Even if you are here for business to meet influential people, take one of our elegant escort girl with you, and you will impress your rivals/ while standing out in the crowd, with the perfect eye candy for everyone to crave. If you are here for vacation and leisure, you can have one of our stunners all to yourself for the entire day and night. Our escort models become the source of pleasure wherever they go. They can be your perfect date in that perfect dress/ or your private pleasure in the privacy of your room. They will be thoroughly entertaining in nightclubs and pubs, giving the company drinks, and make you feel the opposite of alone.

Our Escort Agency has two ways to make reservations for our escort girls. The first is in call booking and the second one is an outcall booking. We will elaborate on these two ways below.

In Call Booking

In this type of booking, our romantic escort girl makes reservations according to her liking like a private place, apartment, restaurant, hotel room, etc. If you wish, everything is settled and arranged for you to avoid all hassle, this is undoubtedly the way to go about it. All we need is for you to contact us via phone or email, tell us your first and last name and the time you want to reach the venue, arranged by the escort model. When these details are confirmed, we will contact you to inform you of the location chosen by our escort girl, who would be opted for by you. You will only be required to reach the decided place on time. When you call us and tell us you have reached the location, we will communicate the number of apartments, or hotel rooms, whatever the place you have agreed to.

Out Call Booking

If you are a person who cannot rely on anyone for anything, this type of booking is for self-sufficient people. The respectable client can arrange the location; a hotel room, office, apartment, motel, private residence, etc. Once you decide the time and place, our Escort Agency will check in on the location for security reasons.

Hotel Bookings

The Escort Agency will require your name and surname, the time that suits you to meet our discreet escort girl, hotel’s name, and room number. Our Escort Service will place a call to your hotel to make sure you are staying there. In case the hotel does not have a phone, you need to give us a copy of the hotel payment invoice so that we can be sure of your stay there. When these formalities are fulfilled, our escort girl will meet you within minutes.

Bookings for Private Residences and Offices

We ask for your first and last name for bookings in offices and private residences. We will ask you for the exact address of the location and the name written on the doorbell. Then our VIP escort girl will reach you upon the decided time. For verification purposes, you will give in a landline phone number that corresponds to your address. In case a landline phone is not available, you can send us a copy of any utility(gas, water, electricity) bill where your name and address will be visible for proof. If you are staying in an apartment or hotel, you can send a copy of the document that certifies the reservation of your stay. When this is done, your opted beauty will be on her way to be greeted by you.

Cash Payment

Many respectable clients like to keep their anonymity intact and make the payment in full cash at the beginning of the meeting in an envelope. This type of payment is called cash payment. We ask our escort girls to check the money at the start of the session so the meetings can proceed smoothly.

Payment by Bank

Gentlemen who don’t like to carry cash on them or consider paying the sensitive escort girl money directly as indecent, this mode of payment is suitable for them. You can pay in advance through a bank transfer in our neutral or fiduciary bank account. This method ensures optimal discretion and security. Contact us for more detail.

Credit Card Payment

Our Escort Agency also accepts credit cards. You can smoothly proceed with this type of payment either online or by using a POS machine.

POS Machine Payments

You can inform us beforehand and request for a POS machine if this method is convenient for you. Our attractive escort girl will bring the device along, and you can swipe the payment as done in any shop.

Online Payments

You can pay the amount decided by you and the company by following a link that will be sent to you through an email or an SMS.

Please Note!
To avoid any inconvenience in the future, we want to make sure you know all the details regarding our payment methods, and we also want to inform you that a 10% to 15% fee will be deducted if you pay through bank cards. The transactions that are made online through our Escort Agency will be listed under ‘anonymous’ on the bills.

We want to inform our respected clients that their private information will only be used for reservation and cancellation. It will not be used anywhere else, and it is safe with us.

Our client’s happiness and satisfaction are of the utmost importance, and we want to provide them with the best experience at our Escort Agency. Despite all safety measures taken, if the information is somehow used somewhere else, we want to inform you that neither the Escort Service nor the escort girl can be held responsible. That’s why we insist that you deal with the Escort Agency directly to avoid any inconvenience.


The Intercity Express and the intercity long-distance network of Deutsche Bahn connects Duisburg with other cities in the Ruhr area, making domestic travelling convenient and fast. Duisburg is home to many significant buildings, including Deutsche Oper am Rein, Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra that holds international importance, amongst many others.

Duisburg’s climate is pleasant during the summers and bearably cold in winters due to the two rivers surrounding its area. Many tourist attractions bring a lot of visitors and tourists to Duisburg. We want to recommend the places which we consider you must visit. Hopefully, planning your trip would be easy, keeping our recommendations in mind.

We had conversations with our lovely escort girls about various topics regarding our gorgeous city of Duisburg. According to their choices, we have made a list of hotels that we consider best for your stay in our town. We hope you will be satisfied with our escort models recommendations.

Landhotel Alte Töpferei

Our tall escort girl Irene, says, “Landhotel Alte Töpferei is one of the best hotels in Duisburg. It offers a private space that is free for parking. It has a lovely garden where you can enjoy your morning coffee. All rooms have a desk and are very spacious. The ambience is so welcoming, and the staff is accommodating, including the hotel’s owner. I love so many details about this place and love to go back whenever I can. They serve a fantastic breakfast every morning. It is a very well organized little hotel that offers everything a person would want. If you would like, you can ask for me at the Escort Agency, and I can accompany you till whenever you like.”

Website: Landhotel Alte Töpferei
Phone: 004928449035298
Address: Orsoyer Str. 3A, 47199 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Intercity Hotel Duisburg

Our curvy escort girl Aileen, says about this hotel, “Intercity hotel in Duisburg has always been my favourite. The rooms are not very spacious, but they are sparkly clean and welcoming. The best thing about this hotel is its location – right in front of the railway station. You will feel welcome at this nicely supervised hotel in Duisburg. The interiors are quite modern and fascinating. I love its impressive breakfast buffet. If you would like me to stay with you, ask for me at the Escort Service, and I will accompany you to this outstanding hotel for as long as you like.”

Website: IntercityHotel Duisburg
Phone: 0049203607160
Address: Mercatorstraße 57, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Hotel Ramor Garni

Amy, our most passionate escort girl, says, “I love the cosy and beautiful rooms at hotel Ramor Garni. You are absolutely going to admire the hospitality you will receive at this charming hotel. The fantastic breakfast makes your day. It is super tidy and welcoming with helpful staff. The rooms have high-speed internet and a flat-screen T.V. You can request bicycles if you are much of an adventurer. I will be delighted to give you company at the hotel, and we can spend some quality time together. All you have to do is ask for me at the Escort Agency.”

Website: Hotel Ramor Garni
Phone: 0049203998060
Address: Angermunder Str. 37, 47269 Duisburg, Germany

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We spoke to a few of our escort girls and asked them where they like to eat. They had many remarkable recommendations that it was difficult to decide which ones to add to our guests’ list. We still managed to shortlist the best places we thought you should visit for lunch and dinner while you are in Duisburg.

Nuh’s Thai Schnellrestaurant

Our most petite escort girl Martha says, “If you are in love with Thai cuisine, then this place is highly recommended. You can even see your food being prepared since an open style kitchen is right in front of you. To avoid a long wait, it is preferred that you reserve the table beforehand. This restaurant is a perfect choice for your special dinners. The very kind staff is always willing to help and accommodate you. If you would like, I can take you to Nuh’s, and I am sure we will have a fantastic evening together.”

Website: Nuh’s Thai Schnellrestaurant
Phone: 00492033173888
Address: Dellpl. 6, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Pesas AllSteaks

Isabelle, our most versatile escort girl, says, “Are you a fan of steaks that are grilled to perfection? They even have English menus available, which is very rare in Germany. I personally recommend this restaurant for a truly divine dining experience. I give you my word that you will not regret coming here for an exceptional experience. I am a huge fan of USA’s beef sirloin – simply delicious! If you would like me to take me with me, all you have to do is ask me at the Escort Agency. I will be honoured to support my recommendation in your company.”

Website: Pesas AllSteaks
Phone: 0049203354250
Address: Sternbuschweg 296, 47057 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We asked all of our escort girls where they would like to go shopping. As it is a woman’s thing, we thought it would be essential to ask them all. They had a lot of recommendations from clothing stores to jewellery and perfumes. We made a list of shopping malls where we think you must take one of our escort girls and shower her with your affection.

Forum Duisburg

Gianna, our teenager escort girl, says “Forum Duisburg is located at a prime location in Duisburg that makes it easily accessible from all points. It had almost all significant brands, and shopping here is quite enjoyable. When I get tired of all the shopping, I take a break and have some coffee in the cafeteria. You can shop for everything here. They have the trendiest collection of clothes, shoes, and jewellery, making it my favourite place. If you are not into shopping or feel like taking a round around the mall, you can window-shop to kill some time. If you want me to accompany you to this shopping complex, I would feel overwhelmed. Just ask for me at the Escort Agency or any other escort girl of your choice.”

Website: Forum Duisburg
Phone: 40092033469000
Address: Königstraße 48, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

CityPalais Duisburg

Evelyn is our most horny escort girl at the Escort Agency. She says, “I love going to this shopping mall in Duisburg city centre. Whenever I am in the mood to shop for some classy clothes or trendy shoes, this is my go-to place. This mall is not so very expensive, and you can buy quality things from here. Though it’s not much of a tourist spot, it’s a little less crowded – that’s how I like it. You will not get bored here as there is also a food court, and the food is terrific at those restaurants. You can enjoy my company or take any other girl from the Escort Service to get some crazy shopping done.”

Website: CityPalais Duisburg
Phone: 00492032894626
Address: Königstraße 55A, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We spoke to some of our escort girls and asked them about the museums in Duisburg. They recommended almost all of the museums in the city, saying they are all worth visiting. We made a list of museums we thought you must visit while still in the city.

Museum Kuppersmuhle

Anna is one of the most charming escort girl in our Escort Agency. She loves visiting museums and is a student of history herself. She says, “Intriguing collection in a tiny yet interesting museum exhibiting a vast collection of modern and post-war artists. If you are a close observer of architecture, you will notice how beautifully they have restored the museum’s structure. I am a huge fan of Lüpertz’s work, and I must say it’s refreshing to see his exhibition every time I visit Museum Kuppersmuhle. If you feel like paying a visit, I can accompany you and even give you a guided tour of the museum. Feel free to ask for me at the Escort Agency.”

Website: Museum Kuppersmuhle
Phone: 004920330194811
Address: Philosophenweg 55, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Lehmbruck Museum

Our educated escort girl, Amaya talks about Lehmbruck Museum. She says: “If you can spare even 2-3 hours of your time, that would be enough to pay this interesting museum of arts a visit. It’s not that hard for an art lover to take out a few hours for his passion. This museum is located in Duisburg’s heart, and you can easily reach there by the central train station, and take a walk of 10 minutes to this museum. It is a double story modern building that exhibits artworks of most kinds and an extensive collection of sculptures. There is a very well maintained coffee shop that serves incredible coffee – it’s always nice to take a break. I definitely recommend visiting this museum to anyone who is visiting Duisburg. You can even ask for me at the Escort Service to accompany you.”

Website: Lehmbruck Museum
Phone: 00492032832630
Address: Düsseldorfer Str. 51, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Do you maybe have outdoor plans and it starts to rain? Don’t cancel your plans when you can have incredible indoor entertainment waiting for you. Perhaps you don’t need excuses to visit a cinema and have a memorable time watching an entertaining movie with our redhead escort girl by your side. Here is a list of the best cinemas in Duisburg.

UCI Kinowelt

Nicole, our ebony escort girl, shares her incredible experience at this cinema. She says, “I have been there a lot of time since I am a huge fan of blockbusters. UCI cinema offers eight cinema halls to accommodate the movie geeks. Just a quick tip you better reserve your seats online to avoid standing in long queues. The seating area is very comfortable with the cosiest chairs. The sound system and the screen are adorable. If you like, I can accompany you to the movies, and we can have a fantastic time together.”

Website: UCI Kinowelt
Phone: 004920330190
Address: Neudorfer Str. 36-40, 47057 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Cinemaxx Duisburg

Bella, our cutest escort girl, says, “Cinemaxx is one of the best cinemas in Duisburg. The prices are reasonable, and the seats are also comfortable. I always have an excellent time whenever I go there to watch a movie. What I like the most about this cinema is that they don’t play a lot of advertisements, which makes it quite relaxing and enjoyable. You can ask for me or any other escort girl of your choice to give your company to Cinemaxx. You are not going to regret watching a movie here.

Website: Cinemaxx Duisburg
Phone: 004920330190
Address: Neudorfer Str. 36-40, 47057 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We inquired our escort girls about operas and other performances they are interested in or like to attend. They had a lot of praising details about each opera house and theatre. According to their recommendations, we have shortlisted what we considered shouldn’t be missed by you.

Duisburg Theater, Duisburg

Our gorgeous escort girl, Miriam, says, “The Duisburg Theater is one of those beautifully designed buildings that you cannot miss. Designed by Professor Martin Dulfer, it opened in 1912. It has the capacity of seating 1,652 viewers, balanced on four tiers. The place was destroyed in 1942 by an air-raid and then rebuilt to perfection again. After that, there have been countless opera performances and other performing arts that have taken place here. If you would like, I can look up the kind of performance you would like to watch and book the tickets for both of us. We can go together to marvel and the building as well as the performance. For that, you will have to ask for me at the Escort Agency, and I will be happy to play hostess for you.”

Website: Duisburg Theater
Phone: 004920328362100
Address: Neckarstraße 1, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Deutsche Oper am Rein, Duisburg

Our sensual escort girl, Alice, says, “This beautiful building of Deutsche Opera, built in the year 1912, was destroyed during World War 2. It stands even more beautiful with six pillars right in front, marvellously reflecting royalty in white colour after rebuilding. Being a part of a small town adds more significance to the city. It annually hosts many opera performances, including other performing arts, and is a huge tourist attraction that welcomes guests and viewers worldwide. If you would like to watch any performing arts here, I would love to take you here. All you have to do is ask for me at the Escort Service, and we can watch together whatever you would like to see.”

Website: Deutsche Oper am Rein, Duisburg
Phone: 00492118925210
Address: Neuenhofstraße 55, 47055 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We wanted to know where our escort girls liked to witness nature. So we asked them which parks they wanted to visit the most and why. After hearing their responses, we shortlisted a few parks that show you how nature has been preserved and looked after in Duisburg.

Botanical Garden, Duisburg

Our mature escort girl, Patricia, says, “As the name suggests, it is a beautiful garden dedicated to Botany. There are amazing plants, flowers, and trees that have been preserved to add more beauty to the garden. There is a nice little cafe that serves reasonable snacks, hot and cold drinks to the visitors. A nice pathway has been defined for the visitors to stroll along the green grass and beautiful, tall trees. I am sure you and I will love it here if we come together. We can plan to bring a little picnic basket, sit under the shades of tall trees, and take in the beauty of nature, while we talk about anything you would like. If you like what I imagine, you can ask for me at the Escort Agency, and we will make the most of the time we spend together.”

Website: Botanical Garden, Duisburg
Address: Fürst-Pückler-Straße 18, 47166 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Landschaftspark, Duisburg

Our transsexual escort girl, Vanessa, says, “Many factories have surrounded this beautiful park. You can enter here, and while you take a stroll through the park, you will be amazed to see the industrial buildings doing what they do best. A friend of mine suggested an idea that we tried, and it was amazing. We went on top of one of the factories there. The view from there was something that could not have been seen from the bottom. This time, I plan to go on top of one of the factories to see the sun going down. If you want to accompany me to my plan, you will have to book for me at the Escort Service. I would love to share this one-time experience with you. Let me know if it sounds as fascinating to you as it does to me.”

Website: Landschaftspark, Duisburg
Phone: 00492034291919
Address: Emscherstraße 71, 47137 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

The topic of bars always has a lot of options. There is still one favourite for everyone. So when we asked our escort girls about the bars they liked best, it was a tough decision to shortlist a few because there were so many they had recommended. We hope we have been fair with our recommendations.

Djazz Jazzkeller Bar & Club, Duisburg

Our Latina escort girl, Celine, describes this multi-purpose bar perfectly. She says, “It is a very nice bar that has a warm and welcoming environment. You can come here for just about anything as it is a stage for live performances. This club plays music according to the mood in the environment, a bar that serves exceptionally well-mixed drinks, and hosts dances and discos. So you can come here, and it would cater to all sorts of moods. If you would like to witness what Duisburg’s nightlife is like, you should come here, even if once. I would love to accompany you. For that, you have to book for me at the Escort Agency, and I can foresee that we will have fun together.”

Website: Djazz Jazzkeller Bar & Club, Duisburg
Phone: 0010952133438
Address: Börsenstraße 11, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Dexter – Island Irish PUB, Duisburg

Our stylish escort girl, Vivian, says, “The Dexter Pub is the perfect place to come for just the right drinks. They have everything from draft beers, cocktails, whiskeys, and a nice menu that is vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly as well. You can come here in the evening for some light snacks, depending on your appetite and, followed by your choice of drinks. The environment starts getting warm as the crowd starts gathering to unwind from the day. There is a slow hustle of people, talking, clinking glasses, and spoons. If you book for me at the Escort Service, we can drop by at this bar any day you would like and have a great time together.”

Website: Dexter – Island Irish PUB, Duisburg
Phone: 00492066502295
Address: Augustastraße 17, 47198 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We spoke to our escort girls about the spas they like to visit. We also asked them how often they liked to go and what services they wanted to get done. They had many recommendations from which we had to shortlist the best we thought for you.

Nierderrhein-Therme, Duisburg

Our busty escort girl, Amelia, says, “This spa is best for those who are into water activities. It has pools like salt pools, whirlpools, saunas, and an outdoor pool. Anyone who likes to relax in the water or works out with water activities is the place for you. I also love water activities. It helps me relax better as compared to other spa-related facilities. So if you and I are alike, we can go together once you book for me at the Escort Agency. We will make the best of it.”

Website: Nierderrhein-Therme, Duisburg
Phone: 00492039958412
Address: Wehofer Str. 42, 47169 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Yoagna Hatha Yoga, Duisburg

Our German escort girl, Ariana, says she loves to unwind and relax doing Yoga. That is why she suggests the Yoagna Hatha saying, “Yoga is one of the ways people like to relax their bodies and their muscles. It is also one of the healthiest ways and can be taken up as a lifestyle. Yoga teaches a lot of things, including patience and calming capabilities in tough times. At Yoagna Hatha, they have professional yoga instructors who help you choose the right positions that would be fruitful for you. You will also slowly figure out which ways you can practice at home without an instructor. So, if you like doing Yoga or exploring it, you and I can visit this place and see how it goes for both of us. You can ask for me at the Escort Service, and we can have a good time feeling relaxed.”

Website: Yoagna Hatha Yoga, Duisburg
Phone: 004915150050059
Address: Grabenstraße 15, 47057 Duisburg, Germany

Maps & Directions:

We asked our intellectual escort girls about the festivals of this town. We asked them which ones they enjoyed and looked forward to. According to their choices, we specified a few that we think you must include in your trip.

Duisburger Tanztage, Duisburg

Our brunette escort girl, Alexandra, says, “This is one of the festivals I look forward to every year. It takes place in the months of spring and becomes a vast stage for dancers from all over the country. From amateurs to experts and professionals, it welcomes them all. Every kind of dance performance that you can imagine is performed here. So if you also like to dance or want to participate in this festival, make sure your trip to Duisburg includes this festival’s dates. I can accompany you, and you would have to book me at the Escort Agency.”

Website: Duisburger Tanztage, Duisburg
Phone: 0020328362315
Address: Beethovenstraße 20, 47226 Duisburg-Rheinhausen

Maps & Directions:

Duisburg Christmas Market, Duisburg

Our pornstar escort girl, Zoey, says, “I love the Christmas festivals, be it anywhere in the world. Every place, every street, and corner is shining with Christmas lights and festivities. It is a festival that brings all people together, whether in festivals or the cosiness of their homes. The Duisburg Christmas Market also does just that. The feeling of festivity and happiness comes from everywhere that it is impossible to be anything but happy. You can watch people doing their last-minute shopping, or just being together, having a good time. And this all can be witnessed in the Christmas Market of Duisburg as well. If you would like to plan your trip around Christmas, I would love to show you around. You can ask for me at the Escort Service, and let’s get together for Christmas this year.”

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Dear visitor, we hope the information given above is helpful, and it will help you decide easily. We tried to provide an extensive guide to easily plan your trip and explore all the right things this city has to offer along with our discreet escorts. We ensure to provide you with quality Escort Service and pride ourselves in making your experiences better with each that passing.

Now that you are ready for the next step – selecting the model of your dreams. You must have already figured out by now that how you would like to pay for the service. You can call us anytime at 00491631126682 or send us an email. If you have any more queries regarding our Escort Agency, we are happy to be of help.