Top Escorts Nordrhein-Westfalen TEL: 00491631126682 (Whatsapp and Viber)
Age 23
Hair Colour Blond
Eyes Colour Brown
Height 170 cm
Weight 59 kg
Bra Size 80A
Languages German, English, Japanese
Professional Background Student
Interests Travel, animals, photography
Drinks White Wine, Champagne
Cuisine Asian, Italian
Character Humorous, honest, uncomplicated
Perfumes Chanel, Hermes
Tattoo/Piercing Yes
Duo Partner





Attractive Escort

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 Why this agency and not another?

I started this job several months ago without collaborating with an Escort Agency. Unfortunately, the number of meetings was meagre, and the clients’ quality was not top-notch. So, it was difficult for an attractive escort model of my reputation to make ends meet. I knew I was missing something, but I didn’t realize what it was until a good friend told me to call the Escort Girls NRW for an interview. Now I think it’s time to tell you a little secret! When I became part of their team, my life as an attractive escort lady changed radically.

I can say without a doubt that I am one of the most successful and happy companions in the NRW area now.

 Your perfect escort date?

My perfect meeting for the moment is just a fantasy, but I decided to share it with you now. Who knows, maybe you will be the one who will turn my dream into a delightful reality. Are you the person who can make the most attractive escort girl in the NRW happy?

If so, I would like to be with you on an Airbus A380 during an intercontinental flight in the first-class area. What can be more beautiful than sitting next to me, your attractive escort model, while flying at 10 thousand meters altitude?

The experience can be even more unique. As far as I know, in the first class, this plane is equipped with separate cabins for two people. They have comfortable beds, and the cabin crew is attentive to this passenger. The best champagne will flow during the flight, and the most exquisite dishes will arrive on our table! After such a feast, wouldn’t you want to be naughty with your attractive escort lady? So, what are you waiting for, my charming prince? I am here, and I am ready for this adventure!

What is your favourite travel destination?

“Dear passengers, once you arrive at your destination, please have the most comfortable shoes at hand!”. In this way, you should start any holiday in Barcelona ​​because at every step you will find something that will draw your attention. Everything deserves a brief stop, whether it is a street artist, a singer on the subway, or an opera of the great Gaudí.

Do you want to discover the beauty of the city along with an attractive escort lady? Nothing easier! Take me with you, and I promise you that I will be the most effective guide you have ever had.

Ciutadella Park and the Arc de Triomphe will be the first tourist attractions on our list. Walking through the park, hand in hand with your attractive escort model is mandatory. Here you will find an impressive fountain designed by Josep Fontserè and many palm trees. A beautiful lake, an elephant in its original size, and a zoo that houses about 7,500 animals from 400 species must also be on our schedule.

Another tourist attraction is Plaza Catalunya. We are talking here about the largest square in Barcelona. Once we arrive here, ensure that you have some biscuits or bread in your hands because we will run into hundreds of pigeons. The square is near the Gothic Quarter, so this may be the right time to start your route through the medieval centre of Barcelona with your attractive escort model at your side.

I should have one day to describe all the wonders of Barcelona. But what is the point of doing it? Wouldn’t it be better to invite me some time there, and show you everything live?

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

 22/11/63 by Stephen King was the book that made the strongest impression on me.

On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas. President Kennedy died, and the world changed. What would you do if you could prevent it?

Stephen King accompanies the reader on a beautiful journey to the past in an attempt to change what happened. For almost 900 pages, it offers us an impeccable social, political, and cultural portrait of the end of the ’50s and early ’60s, a world marked by huge cars, Elvis Presley, and cigarette smoke that floats everywhere.

It all starts with Jake Epping, an English teacher at the Lisbon Falls, Maine institute, who earns an extra salary with evening classes for adults. One day he asks his students to write about an event that has changed their lives, and one of these writings will impact him profoundly. It was the bloody story of a night fifty years ago when Harry Dunning’s father returned home to kill His mother, brother, and sister with a hammer.

When reading this writing, something changes in Jake; his life, like that day in Dallas in 1963, changes entirely in just an instant. Shortly after, his friend Al, owner of a diner in his neighbourhood, discovers a secret. In the warehouse, a door leads to the past, to a particular day in 1958. Al asks Jake to help him with a mission that haunts him: prevent Kennedy’s murder. And so begins Jake’s new life as George Amberson in a different world. In it, George will fall in love while following the trail of Lee Harvey Oswald towards a historic moment that may never happen now. A trip to the past has never been so credible or terrifying.