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Escort Service Bonn

Welcome to our escort agency at the former capital of West Germany – the city of Bonn. Our Escort Service is one of the most competing and reliable agencies in the entire North Rhine-Westphalia. We have been offering our clients with an incredible escort service for many years now. We have become the most devoted to this business because we provide a wide variety of trustworthy, dedicated, and ferocious female escort models.

Our Escort Service is in demand because of the high customer service quality. Our prominent gentlemen always want to come back to us for more. It makes us very proud of the services we provide. The gentlemen visiting our idyllic city of Bonn for business or leisure are sure to fall for our escort models’ extraordinary company. They are even satisfied with the prices offered by our agency.

Are you looking for a friendly yet pleasing companionship of one of our beauties upon your visit to Bonn?

You have come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we will help you find the perfect escort girl of your dreams and guide you on exploring this fantastic city with her. We will explain the reservation process of our escort agency in detail.

You can book yourself a treat and spend a fascinating time exploring and enjoying this fantastic city by her side. Whether you are a local, in the town for business, or even a passerby, we intend to provide you with a lot of tips and recommendations to explore the most popular places and stay the best hotels in Bonn. You can visit those places with our beautiful escort ladies, go to dinner dates to incredible restaurants, and entertain yourself. Let’s dive in and have a brief introduction to the city first!

The Antique City of Bonn

Our escort girls‘ home city, Bonn ,is formerly known as the capital of West Germany. Even though it has a lot to offer, many tourists ignore this city when visiting Germany. It’s famous for its serene and beautiful lush green areas. It’s the childhood home of Germany’s most significant composer of classical music, Ludwig van Beethoven. Bonn Minster, the oldest church of Germany built in the 11th century, is located in Bonn.

People from different nationalities reside in the city, such as migrants from Turkey, Italy, Poland, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Syria, Russia, Iraq, and many other countries. This situation lets us offer our clients a wide variety to choose from in terms of nationalities and ages. There are a lot of things to do and see in Bonn. It is ranging from cultural activities to Bonn’s natural sceneries.

Due to its eventful past, it evokes great curiosity among many tourists, and they visit the magnificent museums and churches in Bonn. Our escort agency gives you complete liberty to choose a curvy escort that best matches your requirements according to what your heart desires.

Our glamorous ladies know precisely how to entertain the gentlemen.

Let’s also dig down a little deeper to discover the best way to reach the fantastic city of Bonn! You can enter or exit the city from anywhere in the world, using the International Airport of Dusseldorf or Cologne. Later you may benefit from the excellent railway infrastructure by taking a train.

If you arrive in Dusseldorf, it may bring about 56 minutes to reach Bonn as the road distance is 75.7 km. But if you land in Cologne, as it’s the nearest to Bonn. You may take about 32 minutes to reach as the distance is only 28.8 km. Upon request, our Escort Agency sends limo for pick-ups too.

Of course, along with our super beautiful models to welcome you in the city. If you have a passion for exploring new cities and prefer to drive by yourself, you can use rent-a-car service. With amazing and easy to take directions on the highway, you can easily travel to Bonn without any discomfort.

Essential information about our escort service Bonn!

We know that our high standards will meet up to your expectations. The safety of our clients and the image of our Escort Agency are highly valuable to us. We run proper background checks before hiring our escort models and make sure to investigate them properly. After they pass our high standards, we hire them for further collaboration. We have an extensive collection of Germany’s most adorable escort girls who are pretty but also possess great charismatic personalities. The models who work with us are independent young girls, mostly studying or working part-time jobs.

They have beautiful and attractive bodies and fresh faces readily available to spice up your evening. Why are you waiting? Let’s turn your imaginations into reality by contacting our Escort Agency. The girl of your dreams is just a call away! We present girls from different cultures, nationalities with attractive physical appearances. You can choose according to your preferences. Whether our girl is a blonde escort or a brunette companion, tall or slim, they have lovely personalities. It’s like you can’t have enough of them.

Are you done getting bored? Are you looking to escape your loneliness, or do you intend to plan an activity to brighten up the mood? Are you in the city for business and feeling lonely afterward? The situations are countless! We are here to help to give you the perfect opportunity to turn your dull moments into meaningful ones. Our trust-worthy Escort Agency has been providing the esteemed gentlemen with the best services ever. We would like you to explore this city along with our sensual escort girls. Visit the best restaurants, enjoy dinner dates, or explore new places together. Our escort girls can dress up according to all sorts of situations. So turn your boring events into lively ones by accompanying one of our escorts and spend unforgettable time with her. Whatever you do with our irresistible escort models, it will be fun.

Our elegant escorts are trained to dress, style, and behave according to all sorts of occasions. Contact us and expect the visit or a young, beautiful, witty, and attractive girl to turn your dull evening into a lively one. Whether you are on a business trip, looking for the company of an escort girl for a public event. Or maybe you want to beat the loneliness from your hotel room. The escort girls offered by our agency are the ultimate solution to your boredom and loneliness. You can expect the visit of an eye-catching, passionate escort girl who will understand you and make you feel out of this world by her charismatic personality.

The models presented at our Bonn Escort Agency offer two types of meetings: In-Call and Out-Call. We will explain how you can make bookings quickly and efficiently.

Outcall bookings

An Outcall appointment means that an attractive escort girl can come to you, whether you want to meet her in an office, a hotel or a private residence. For each of these locations, our Escort Service must perform a few routine checks to ensure our models’ safety. Therefore, here are few steps to follow when making a booking at the hotel or a private location:

Bookings to hotels

A hotel booking is our client’s wish for one of our escorts to visit his room or meet him at the hotel bar/lobby. Our Bonn Escort Agency only performs a routine check to ensure the safety of our models. Therefore, here are some steps to follow when making a hotel meeting. You must contact us via email or give us a call to receive a beautiful young escort girl at your door. Please provide us your first and last name and the hotel’s name and address. We will also want to know your room number.

It is better that you give all the details as we have to make sure by calling you in your hotel beforehand to confirm the meeting. If there is no telephone in the hotel room, you will need to send us a copy of the payment of the invoice to verify that you have booked a place there. After we finish the verification, the gorgeous teenager escort can be at your service within 30-45 minutes maximum.

Bookings for Private Residence or Offices

Again, you must contact us via phone or email and let us know the location’s address. Please give us your full name and the title written on the doorbell. To confirm the meeting, we need a landline phone number that corresponds to the meeting address. In case you do not have a landline phone number, you can send us by email or WhatsApp, a copy of a utility bill (internet, gas, electricity) where we can see your address and name. If you are staying in a hotel apartment and you want to book one of our pretty escorts for your company, then you can send us a copy of the document certifying the reservation. After completing the verification process, the lovely escort girl you have chosen for your company will arrive at your destination within a maximum of one hour.

In-Call Bookings

An In-Call booking means when one of the sexy escorts from our agency welcomes the client at her private space or hotel rented by her. If you prefer having an In-Call meeting with our aesthetically pleasing models, the procedure would require that you contact us through an email or phone. Please inform us about your first and last name and the time of your arrival. After the confirmation of these details, we will reveal the address of the apartment or hotel’s name and room number of the chosen escort model by you.

If you still have any confusion or questions regarding the procedure you can always reach us, we will be happy to serve you.

Payment by cash

Many of our reputed clients prefer staying anonymous and like to make the payment by cash in an open envelope directly to the escort girl. We advise our versatile escorts to check the money at the beginning of the meeting to ensure that the meeting can proceed smoothly.

Note: Kindly do not feel offended as we take some precautionary measures to avoid inconvenience in the future. There have been situations when the cash was less than the total charge. Therefore, we advise our escort girls to make sure that they are paid the correct amount for their service, in the beginning, to avoid any awkward situation later.

Payment by bank transfer

Some gentlemen dislike paying cash directly to the discreet escort girl and prefer to make the payments through the bank in advance. It is also convenient as you don’t have to worry about the money before beginning the meeting with the escort girl waiting for you.

To proceed with this type of payment, you need to make a transfer in our neutral and fiduciary bank account. Once the transaction confirms in our bank accounts, we will pay the charming escort model on your behalf. This process is smooth and offers security. Kindly contact us for more detail.

Credit Card Payment

We also accept payments through credit cards. You can either make the payment online or through the POS machine.

In the case of online payments, you will receive the payment link in an email or through an SMS. You will have to enter your required card details just the way you do for online shopping.

In the case of POS machine payments, you will inform us beforehand if this payment method is more suitable so that we may send the POS machine with the exquisite escort girl. You must be already familiar with this payment method as it’s also the safest and you must be a regular user of this while shopping at different shops.

IMPORTANT: To avoid any inconvenience in the future, we want to make sure you know all the details regarding our payment methods, and we also want to inform you that a fee of 10% to 15% will apply while paying through bank cards.

We want to inform our clients that their personnel details are private and confidential. They are safe with us and are only to make reservations and bookings. We will use your private data only regarding payment and cancellation issues.

The client’s information is safe with our Escort Agency, and it is our topmost priority to keep our clients happy and provide maximum satisfaction. In case the clients’ data is leaked somehow, despite all the measures taken – neither the sensitive escort model or the Agency is held responsible for any damages. All such matters must be dealt with the Escort Service directly, to avoid mishandling of the data.

We hope the information given above is helpful and will let you make the decision conveniently. Now that you are ready for the next step – selecting the exotic escort of your dreams. You must have already figured out by now that how you would like to pay for the service.

Explore the city of Bonn with our glamorous escort girls!

You must be familiar with our Escort Agency now. If you still have any queries related to the payment or booking methods, feel free to ask. Once again, we would like to remind you that discretion is paramount – we want you to have a memorable and enjoyable time in this beautiful city without any discomfort.

We hope you are ready to choose one of our cheerful escort ladies and explore this city by her side, enjoying and cherishing every moment with her. Now, let us see how you can explore the city of Bonn through the mesmerizing eyes of our glamorous girls. We interviewed our escort girls about the best hotels, restaurants, spas, and wellness clubs where they liked going with our esteemed guests. We want to provide the best recommendations based on top-quality service.

Let’s start with the best hotels where you can stay in Bonn![

We inquired our escort girls about the best hotels to stay in the city and shortlisted a few of the best hotels which provide exquisite service so you can fully enjoy your stay without any inconvenience.

Hilton Hotel Bonn

Naomi, a slim escort from our agency, recommended the Hilton hotel. Here’s what she said about this place: “I am a fan of Hilton – perfect location and even ideal service. I have often stayed here with demanding gentlemen like you, and never have I faced any trouble from the staff. What I love the most about the Hilton hotel is the Rhine view you can have from the private balcony of your room. I always go for a room with a balcony attached.

There is a bar where you can have a few exquisite drinks and relax. The food is extraordinary, and they use top-quality and premium ingredients. Located in the heart of Bonn, everything is easily accessible from this hotel. Language is never a problem here.”

Phone: 004922872690
Address: Berliner Freiheit 2, 53111 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

Marriot Hotel Bonn

Rose, one of the domina escorts who work with our agency and is known for her rosy lips and dreamy eyes, talks about the Marriot hotel in Bonn. Let’s see what she says: “Another hotel with a great location, unbeatable service, and spacious. I often get invited to places like these, so I am quite used to being treated like a princess. But this hotel, I must say, makes you feel incredible. The hotel provides a bar, a wellness club, and also a restaurant.

There are free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV in every room. Also, in this hotel, you can find an ATM and currency exchange, if you need to change money. Visiting World Conference Center is not a problem as its a few steps away from Marriot Bonn. It’s for sure that if you invite me or any of my fellow escorts, we will come happily to this hotel to spend time with you.”

Phone: 0049228280500
Address: Platz der Vereinten Nationen 4, 53113 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

SternHotel Bonn

Irene, the tallest escort girl in our Agency, decided to tell us a few words about her favorite hotel in Bonn, SternHotel. She says: “In my opinion, SterHotel in Bonn is the perfect choice I could make. It provides an ideal mix of convenience, value, and, most of all, comfort. Free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV is present in every room.

There is also a desk in each room, along with a minibar. People in the city for business or leisure prefer staying in this hotel due to the exceptional service it provides. The staff is amicable and caring. They make sure that each guest is comfortable and looked after. I would love to accompany you to this hotel.”

Phone: 004922872670
Address: Markt 8, 53111 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

We asked the models who collaborate with our Escort Service during the interview to tell us about a few mind-blowing places for excellent food. These escort girls are often invited on dinner dates by the most generous and prominent gentlemen. We believe they can provide us insight on where to go for the best eating experiences. Here are some of the answers that we have decided are the most suitable for you.

Restaurant El Dorado

Martha recommends the restaurant, El Dorado. Here is part of the interview with this petite escort girl. She said: “If you are a sea-food lover and looking to celebrate something out of the blue like a particular dinner date, maybe, this Spanish restaurant is trendy in Bonn. You can sit outdoors and enjoy the pleasant weather sitting under the ancient trees.

The waitresses even help you out in choosing your wine. The food, the atmosphere, also the ambiance – everything is so perfect. I would love to accompany you here for a lovely evening. The thoroughness and accuracy of every meal are spectacular. I love going back to El Dorado again and again. It’s my favorite restaurant.”

Phone: 00492282499966
Address: Wesselheideweg 59, 53123 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

Halbedel’s Gasthaus Bonn

Halbedel’s Gasthaus restaurant is the recommendation of Lauren, one of our agency’s most humorous escorts. We relate her words, and she said: “They serve French, German, and European cuisines with such perfection that it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Germany. They put so much effort into presenting every single dish. Also, it’s cooked to perfection.

If I am your chosen escort lady, I will travel from anywhere in the world to Bonn to eat at this beautiful restaurant. So I am sure any of the other fellows would also love to accompany you to a delightful evening to this fantastic restaurant.”

Phone: 0049228354253
Address: Rheinallee 47, 53173 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

There are many cinemas and operas in the city of Bonn. As we repeatedly told you that it’s impossible to run out of things to do or see in Bonn. Suppose you are in the mood to have a calm evening, and you want to relax eating popcorn next to one of our bisexual escorts. Let’s find out the best cinemas where you can go for a movie experience.

Kinopolis Bad Godesberg

Kaylee, one of our most beautiful Indian escorts, talks about the Kinopolis cinema in Bonn. She says: “It is one of the oldest cinemas in Bonn. It has a variety of films showing round the year. Opened back in 1997, this place is magnificent. The seating capacity ranges up to 2,435, and it has about 11 screens. The staff is friendly and caring.

Language is not a problem here, as the staff speaks multiple languages. I would love to accompany you here to enjoy our movie date having popcorns, whispering in your ears.”

Address: Rheinallee 47, 53173 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

The Bonn Opera House

The romantic escort Lara talks about the historic Opera house in Bonn. She is a fan of opera theatre. She says: “You can find The Bonn Opera House in Bonn’s heart, on the Rhine River. They have provided underground parking for those who come by private cars.

If you are a fan of show performance, I recommend a lovely experience of music/opera. My fellow escorts or I will love to give you company if you want to visit the opera house in Bonn.”

Phone: 0049228778022
Address: Am Boeselagerhof 1, 53111 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

We asked our horny escort girls about which spas/wellness clubs are worth visiting in Bonn, where they like to relax and unwind after a stressful day. We enlisted the best spa and wellness centers for you to visit.

Juba Spa Bonn

Blaire is a lovely MILF escort known for her charismatic personality that opens up about the delightful spas Bonn has to offer. She said: “This is the best spa in Bonn as it provides an experience out of this world. Juba spa is my favorite, and I often visit it after a long and tiring day to relax here. The services are exceptional, and the atmosphere clean and welcoming. It has a Roman steam bath, also offers soothing massages. The sauna is a Finnish. Highly recommended!!”

Phone: 00492283692442
Address: Theaterpl. 28, 53177 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

Salt cave Beuel Vital

Our glamour GFE escort, Megan, known as the goddess of pure beauty, talks about her experience of visiting Salt cave Beuel Vital, she tells us how much she adores it. She says: “I always come here to relax on weekends. The gentle sounds in the background are so relaxing. They do affect your mind. We can get a reservation before coming to avoid any inconvenience. Just try this place out, and you won’t forget the experience. Health and energy with every breath you take in Buel Vital. Highly recommended!!”

Phone: 004922894693912
Address: Siegburger Str. 54, 53229 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

If you are in the mood to hit a party along with our bootilicious escort girls – grab a few drinks, sip those world-famous German brews at the utterly amazing renowned bars our charming city has to offer. Let’s find out which are they,

Blow Up Bonn

Let’s see what our lovely party girl Margo tells us about Blow up Bonn. She said: “It is one of the most beautiful bars in the city offering exotic cocktails made with premium quality ingredients. Germany is known for its exotic beverages.

I would love to visit this bar with a gentleman who is looking to have some fun. You cannot merely leave Bonn. The atmosphere is excellent. The interior of the bar gives a very modern vibe. If you have a heart for authentic drinks, Blow Up Bonn is the place to be!!”

Phone: 00492289484669
Address: Sterntorbrücke 7, 53111 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

Jazz Galerie

Our very own seductive escort Amelia has a charismatic appearance and makes a lovely first impression on our gentleman. Extraordinarily talented and the most demanded busty escort with the perfect figure. She talks about Jazz Galerie, and she said: “This is the place to be in Bonn when you are looking for an adventurous night.

I am a regular at this bar, and never have I been disappointed here. Impeccable service, the drinks keep coming. The ambiance is quite impressive. I hope to accompany a distinguished gentleman here!”

Phone: 00491727202620
Address: Oxfordstraße 24, 53111 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

Parks provide a soothing and calming effect on the mind. Especially when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s good to stretch your legs a little. If accompanied by our high-class escort models, you will feel refreshed holding hands, and looking at their fresh faces. Let’s see the best parks for a romantic walk in Bonn.


The Russian escort Sasha talks about nature a lot. She is a huge fan of parks and visiting natural attractions in the city. So we asked her to find out about the best park the city has to offer, she said: “It’s a massive park that is well maintained by the government. If you want to go for a pleasant stroll or spend a fantastic evening gossiping with your partner, this is the place to be. The views from here are fascinating.

There are places where you can BBQ with your escort model and have an unforgettable time—forgetting about the city outside. The feeling is incredible and different. Nature always makes me feel calm and relaxed. I love this park.”

Phone: 0049228374030
Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 20, 53175 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

Botanical Garden Bonn

Our skinny escort Julia even told us about another spot for a romantic date, and she said: “I adore Bonn – it’s so beautiful. Head towards botanical garden Bonn to experience a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can spend long hours lying on the grass or maybe just walking. This garden suffered immense damage in WWI II, but they restored it in 1984. The exquisite collection of plants is hard to miss. I want to accompany a gentleman for a lovely walk in this garden.”

Phone: 0049228735523
Address: Meckenheimer Allee 169, 53115 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

Travel back in time and find out a little about the history of Bonn. Our educated escorts told us about the best museums to visit in Bonn. If you come to Bonn, that’s something you must do. Let’s dig in!

House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany

We interview our young ladies to know a little about which museums to see in Bonn, and here is what Bella, our cute escort girl said: “These museums educate you about Germany’s post-war history with lots of exciting pieces. The entrance to the museum is free.

It is clear by visiting this museum how Germany has survived the division of the nations. It is suitable for all ages as it educates us about the recent history and development. They have a lounge and a restaurant to relax for a while, and it does not get too boring. As far as I am with you!”

Phone: 004922891650
Address: Willy-Brandt-Allee 14, 53113 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

Zoological Research Museum

Our open-minded escort Naya with beauty and brains told a little about Zoologisches Museum Konig. Let’s see what she said: “This is not a massive museum, so it takes about 2 hours to visit it thoroughly. Taxidermied animals are displayed here. There is also a cafeteria where you can relax for a while. I highly recommend the dinosaur exhibition here. I won’t let you get bored even in a museum! I am very good at this! I highly recommend the place!”

]Phone: 00492289122102
Address: Adenauerallee 160, 53113 Bonn

Maps & Directions:

We provide you with plenty of reasons to visit and enjoy Bonn. There are many events and festivals organized and celebrated throughout the year. Here is what you need to know about the most happening annual events in Bonn every year which you can attend with an escort girl.

Beethovenfest Bonn

Michelle, another charismatic VIP escort at our Agency, is a regular at this fantastic classical music festival. It is the music of Ludwig van Beethoven. She told us all about it, and she said: “Beethoven is the master of classical music and is still considered the greatest innovator of all times. So if you plan to visit Bonn near March – save your dates!

It’s something that you wouldn’t want to miss. Internationally appreciated local and international artists offer performances at this event. We will be celebrating Beethoven’s 250th anniversary in the year 2020. If you want, I can accompany you to this festival and spend an unforgettable time together.”

Christmas Market

The redhead escort Jasmine even told us about another annual event in Bonn. She said: “The Christmas market in the former capital of Bonn provides a real festive atmosphere. Try to save the dates and enjoy this amazing ambiance of Christmas – countless stalls, and mulled wine is hard to miss. Various activities planned by the locals. Plenty of food stalls to enjoy food. Of course, I will be there to accompany you to make your experience even more exciting.”

Address: Münsterpl. 18, 53111 Bonn

Contact us

We hope that all the recommendations and information provided on this webpage can help you turn your visit to Bonn into a super fun and memorable one. All information was gathered from the experience of our escorts, who personally visited these locations. For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or call 00491630401009.