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With a top selection of escort girls in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, and many other cities from North Rhine-Westphalia, our Escort Service is one of the most important agencies for luxury escort models in Germany. This company always provides the most confidentiality and discretion in dealing with its clients, primarily senior executives, managers, investors, or businesspeople wishing to have a confidential appointment with a beautiful escort girl.

The most select gentlemen look for the perfect company in the beauty and know-how to be elegant and cultural. For this reason, the luxury escort ladies in our agency are personally selected, with an exhaustive interview and accepting only 100% genuine photographs. The success of your luxury escort agency in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, or Essen depends on it.

Not just any girl can be part of your team. Elegance, great attractiveness, beauty, discretion, and knowing “how to be” are some of the qualities necessary to be part of the escort team of the Escort Agency. In addition, the advantage of trusting The Escort Service is that we can satisfy any desire and need that you have. Do you need us to reserve a limousine, a restaurant or a hotel? Would you please leave it in our hands? We can also help you organize a private event or luxury trip in the company of one (or several escorts).

The most beautiful escorts

When hiring a girl company, which is better, a particular or an agency, many people will ask. As in all cases, each option has good and bad things, but working with escort agencies is generally the best decision, first of all, security. The Escort Services or houses of appointment offer guarantees that a particular girl can never offer. The Escort Agency has security people to prevent possible altercations. The second is the service guarantee.

The managers who work in the dating houses and manage the girls’ agenda are also there to guarantee the best possible service. If there is any misunderstanding or the client is not satisfied, they will mediate to solve it—the care and hygiene of the facilities. The agency always takes care of the rooms, showers, and all the company’s dependencies. This ensures the client an entirely satisfactory experience without frights.

With the agencies, you also have the opportunity to talk with the staff to see which girl best adapts to your tastes and then avoids surprises and deceptions. The myth runs that the private ones are cheaper than the escorts of the agencies. That is false. The price is usually the same. The difference is that the girl must pay the room’s rent in a house of appointments. Even is a great advantage for the company girl, who is protected and monitored by the company so that nothing happens.

High Class Escort Agency

At the NRW Escort Service, we ensure that you only enjoy the experience without stress in any scenario you have in mind since Premium-quality services make a difference; dating beautiful girls has nothing to do with meeting “normal” since German GFE escorts, as well as international escorts, are predisposed for you to have a rewarding memory, whether in a short time meet, such as sharing an evening dinner, or any planning you have in mind to propose.

Do you want to meet a young or not-so-young girl and spend a quiet and erotic time with her at home or at your hotel? She would be happy to share her time with you. Or are you more interested in a whole night? To have dinner, have drinks, and whatever comes up, maybe you want something else? Well, no problem, we listen carefully. Remember that they are high-level horny escorts.

We offer services as an advertising agency in online telemarketing. The Escort Service does not have any labor relationship with the advertised people. It is limited to online publication and telemarketing and declines any responsibility derived from the companions’ relationships with the web portal users. We certify that all the photos and videos of the escorts are genuine. The NRW Escort Agency is considered one of the best escort agencies in Germany. We offer you the opportunity to organize the best dating, where, how. When you like, we are at your disposal for any questions or reservations you wish to propose to The accompanying ladies of high class, from several German cities, are already many years at the service of couples and gentlemen, who know how to appreciate excellence in the know-how, also with total discretion.

GFE – The Girlfriend Experience

Spend an evening with an interesting, cultured, sensual lady, prepared to please all your senses. She will make you feel comfortable and adored. Sex is important, but we also consider all the other qualities that you can look for in your ideal girl.nMuch of our portfolio is made up of highly educated girls. We have future Lawyers, Doctors, Professors, and many more professions. You will find both German university girls and exchange students who are in Germany for a semester. They enjoy the most exciting moments of their lives, do you want to accompany them in this experience?

Escorts as companions

The escorts you will find on our site are discreet, intelligent, and cultured. Whether you are looking for a companion for a dinner or wedding or if you need company during special events or congresses, you can call us. The rates for companionship are adjusted, and you can enjoy an extraordinary evening accompanied by a pretty escort.

Travel escorts

A trip is much better as a couple. The girls you will meet in NRW Escort Service speak several languages. They are adventurous and willing to travel. The possibility to share your trip with an exotic girl is in your hands—many of our habitual clients. We are always on the move. We have good experience organizing travel dates in Europe.

Experiences for couples

You have a unique opportunity if you want to try something new and spice up your sex life. Without looking for a third person you don’t know, we will recommend a bisexual escort girl who will please you both. Breaking the ice will not be an issue with the chosen escort and will open a new world of sensations for you and your partner.

Real threesome

What do you think of two student girls? This is one of the most recurring fantasies. Enjoy a real trio with two hot bisexual girls. We will recommend you girls who are girlfriends and have special chemistry between them. We will organize a unique experience for you.

Suppose you want to book one of the high-class busty escorts we have at your disposal in several German NRW cities. In that case, we offer complete discretion and seriousness if you have dreamed of spending time with an incredible and adorable woman who knows how to behave in any social situation and for the privacy course. Still, you do not have time to select the ideal companion. Escort Service offers the service to find the most suitable girl in your case when you book one of our exquisite ladies from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, or other German cities from North Rhine-Westphalia. You can do it in the language you prefer, German, English, Russian, and others, we will always respond in the language that you understand well, the most important thing for us is that you have a pleasant experience with the best high GFE escorts Class of Germany, it is not surprising that you are pleasantly surprised by our formality in the Premium management we offer.

The elite in high class escorts

Suppose you are still not convinced to make a reservation, several reasons to book an escort in NRW Escort Service. We invite you to continue browsing the web, where you will find very detailed information, and of course, we are at your entire disposal for any questions or queries. We try to ensure confidentiality for all parties. We offer a service according to your wishes and agree with the selected escort. We sincerely believe that we are the best option without complications, where we have always prioritized to offer care with excellence naturally and sincerely.

Independent luxury escorts

However, you may need a beautiful high-class escort model for a more specific occasion, for example, you want to surprise your friends, coworkers, clients or why not, the boss, for business and pleasure, are the best escorts that You can find since they are mostly “amateur girls, “since they know how to behave in any situation, they can be formal, sophisticated or casual, with the appropriate clothing or that you tell us, for this reason among others they are high-class escorts, it is well worth having the opportunity to meet them personally. We will wait for you!


The men seek, in addition to being with an elegante escort and good physique, they also want to have other characteristics, to be an authentic VIP escort, natural involvement, ideal dress, knowing how to be, English punctuality, cultured conversation, Liberal sexuality, being discreet, and above all, wanting to publish consciously, voluntarily and on their own initiative. We offer you the opportunity to meet select level gentlemen interested in knowing you intimately with the limitations you want, meetings in any city, dinners, trips, hotels, suites, etc. You always have the last word in accepting the proposals of the gentlemen. We update your calendar following your indications. We manage the advertising. We do all the monitoring with total discretion for the satisfaction of all the parties.

Having spent many years as an elite agency in Germany, we have the satisfaction of having regular, gentle users and exquisite treatment, Germany and other countries. Unlike other agencies, in NRW Escort Agency, we offer you our service in online advertising and telemarketing, so your profitability is much higher, even if we take as reference agencies with higher rates if you prefer it is also possible to customize Your rates, from 300€. 400€. 500€. Or, more, it is a matter of valuing your personal profile. You can combine days and times with your usual activity. You do not have to be in any place. You decide the days and hours in which you would be available. In Escort Service, all the photographs are current and genuine, you decide to what degree you want us to cover your face, we understand that a high-class escort can not show her face on the Internet by personal discretion, in the social, work and family environment, so we blur the face by glimpsing in some of the photos partially and subtly so that they have an idea of your appearance. However, we have no problem in completely covering your face. We can manage a photo session to make your book with professional photographers if you do not have photographs. If you want us to promote you as a high-class escort in Escort Service voluntarily and your own initiative, you must meet a series of basic requirements. Of course, we will always offer you our general advice.

– Be between 19 and 35 years old
– Middle or university education
– Extroverted and charming
– Be attractive and have a good physique
– Liberal in sexuality
– Do sports
– Elegant and discreet
-The level of English or other languages is valued

It is essential to be an attractive face since we offer by personal discretion blur the face in the photos, but on a logical condition that you have an unquestionable face appeal. If you are interested, we hope you send us the following information by e-mail or the form you will see below. Your personal data and photographs will be treated with total confidentiality.

More informations....

From anywhere, you can select the ideal VIP escort, German escorts, from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, and many others cities from North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as international models. The elite of our VIP escorts, require discretion in the organization before the meet, during, and after, in the same way, that you, consequently NRW Escort Agency, we have based our philosophy on guaranteeing discretion for you and the escort.

Meeting places options

NRW Escort Agency is not a club or relax floor, so we do not have facilities for meetings. We are an online contact agency, high-class escorts in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, and many others cities from North Rhine-Westphalia. In the web menu, you can select the options about the meeting place, meet in hotels, suites apartments, homes, evenings, trips, etc. In the apartments-suites section, you will see the list of escorts that have an incall private apartment.

Book in advance

Whenever possible, it is advisable to organize the meetings in advance to ensure the availability of the desired escort. It depends on each lady, how much time in advance you need to organize and attend a meet. It is also possible to make a pre-reservation in advance, pending that you confirm us as soon as possible, or notify us of the cancellation if any unforeseen event arises.

Contact Escort Girls NRW

This is where you can get in touch with your favourite Agency. Escort Girls Nrw love to keep an open line of communication with our clients, and our girls alike. It’s always easy to get through to us. You can call us at 00491631126682, you can text us, you can email us an, or you can simply fill out the form on this page. Had a good time with a wonderful German Model escort from Escort Girls Nrw? Tell us about it!

Whilst we can’t guarantee to get back to you straight away with an email or a message through the website, we will get back to you as soon as we read it. We are constantly checking our messages, but we’re sure you can appreciate that we are a very busy Escort Agency! We would be quick to add here that this is not the way we operate when we get a booking via the booking form. This is a dedicated online booking service that is monitored frequently, and you can expect a very fast response. We aim to please!

Questions and answers

When you send us a question regarding one of our escort girls, it’s always best to send us a text message or call us directly if you want a quick answer. We may not always be able to answer all of your questions of course, but we are happy to pass anything onto your chosen girl prior to your appointment. It’s also a very good idea to check out our FAQ section on the website. You’re likely to find answers to many of your questions over there.