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Age 24
Hair Colour Brunette
Eyes Colour Brown
Height 177 cm
Weight 59 kg
Bra Size 90B
Languages Russian, English, German
Professional Background Model
Interests Sport, modeling, books
Drinks Champagne, Wine, Aperol Sprize
Cuisine Italian, French, Russian
Character Cheerful, friendly, gentle
Perfumes Prada, Dior
Tattoo/Piercing No
Duo Partner





Fabulous Escort

Do you want to know more about me?

Hello, I am Sage, your fabulous escort girl in NRW. The perfect escort lady for clients who want a fantastic night of sin! Remarkably few girls tend to be so seductive that people fall in love at first eyesight, and I am one of these girls. I am an escort companion with a perfect body, long legs, beautiful breasts, and a magnetic ass!

My services are the way I make every date with clients exceptional. All escort girls can have sex and blowjobs, but only a few realize all the customers’ desires and surprise them with something unique, and I have this special gift. Sex with me is always diverse, extreme, sensational, and unforgettable. You will no longer be capable of living without me and my sex skills. Book a nighttime with me immediately, and your life will change forever.

Why this Agency and not another?

Since I left my hometown, this Escort Agency has made me feel at home. I have never met such good and serious people as the staff here. This Escort Agency offers attention to the most minor details regarding the escort girls here and their clients. It is a well-regarded agency where you can give free rein to your imagination. Any dream becomes a reality here. These are why I would not change this place for any other escort agency. They made me the fabulous escort girl I am today!

Your perfect escort date?

Being a fabulous escort model in NRW, I always try new things. But especially new tastes. That’s how I discovered a passion for Indian culture and food. The perfect date for me would be an outing to an Indian restaurant to discover new dishes and their unique tastes. So, if you want to make me the happiest fabulous escort girl in the world, take me out for a romantic dinner at an Indian restaurant.

What is your favourite travel destination?

I am a fabulous escort lady who loves travelling and whose favourite travel destination is Madrid, Spain’s capital and largest city. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant arts scene, and passionate nightlife. The city has numerous historic landmarks, including the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Plaza Mayor, and the Almudena Cathedral. Madrid is also famous for its museums, including the Prado Museum, which houses works of art by great masters like Velázquez, Goya, and Rubens.

The city is a food lover’s paradise, with abundant traditional tapas, bars and contemporary restaurants serving delicious Spanish cuisine. Madrid is also renowned for its shopping, with luxury boutiques, local markets, and department stores offering everything from fashion and jewellery to home goods and souvenirs. Whether looking for history, culture, or a good time, Madrid has something to offer everyone.

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

Even if I am a fabulous escort model, I am also very childish, so my favourite book is “The Wind in the Willows”,  a classic children’s novel by Kenneth Grahame. This enchanting story follows the adventures of four animal friends – Mole, Rat, Toad, and Badger – as they explore the English countryside and have various misadventures. The characters are well-developed, each with unique personalities and quirks, making the story humorous and heartwarming.

The writing is beautifully descriptive and evokes a strong sense of place, vividly depicting the lush English countryside. The themes of friendship, loyalty, and the importance of living in the moment are timeless and will resonate with readers of all ages. Overall, The Wind in the Willows is a delightful and charming book that will transport readers to a world of adventure and magic. Whether you’re a child or an adult, this book is a must-read for anyone who loves timeless tales of friendship and adventure.