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Our top-notch Escort Service would like to welcome you to our city of Krefeld. We offer all beautiful escort models from slim, tall, cute, short, blondes to caramel, brunettes, and girls with jet black long hair at our extravagant Escort Agency.

These attractive companions do their best to dress up and are willing to serve gentlemen who come here from around the globe. Our clients frequently come back to us every time they are in the city and spread our friendly services. Recommendations also bring us, potential clients.

Our escort girls know their mannerisms, are educated, have good family backgrounds, work with us out of amusement, or as a side job. Your stay here in Krefeld, whether it is on business or purely for pleasure, will become an unforgettable adventure for you once you prefer one of our escort models as your companion. We take pride in presenting escort girls who are a complete package of beauty with brains. We are obsessed with our beautiful escorts, who are also intelligent and elegant. To know our city better, let us introduce you to Krefeld.

The silk city of Krefeld

Krefeld was spelled as Crefeld until 1929 when news about this city was printed in the newspapers worldwide during World War 2. This beautiful city it’s situated in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. It sits on the northern side of Dusseldorf and is known as the “Velvet & Silk City” of Germany due to its economic reputation.

Hochdeutsch or standard German is the common dialect here, and the native dialect speaks the Low German variety. During World War 2, Krefeld was bombed by the Britishers destroying buildings in the eastern Krefeld. A firestorm took over vast areas of the city center. The train station was within the area but only went through minor damages.

After this World War and the renovation of the city, it became part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city consumed many towns from 1901 to 1929, including Uerdingen and its harbor. The Deutsche Bahn network connects Krefeld with many other stations, including Krefeld Hauptbahnhof, the central station. Intercity Regional Express and Regionalbahn trains roam around the city under these systems.

The city owns four tramways and many bus lines under the name of SWK Mobil, a company owned by The Municipality of Krefeld. River Rhine is about 6 miles on the west from Krefeld. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the city produced silks and velvets by Mennonite refugees.

What we offer and how it works?

Our Escort Agency has gathered a variety of nationalities in terms of escorts to bring you all types of or whatever kind of culture intrigues you. They are all beautiful and talented, with either higher studies on the side or good jobs. They are all good looking with even better looking hot bodies and great company in all aspects. For your safety and the maintenance of our highly established agency, we run an in-depth check on our escorts’ whereabouts.

Where they lived, where they used to work before, their criminal record, and any illegal habit they might have, everything we are considering before hiring an attractive escort girl. After all, we have to maintain our high standards as well. Once you have selected the type of lady you want for the company in our city, we will be just a call or email away from reservations. We request you not to hesitate to put your entire trust in us, as we promise not to disappoint you.

Whether in mind, a business dinner, a romantic night, movie night, a stroll in the park, and an enlightening trip to the museum, all events can be planned and put into action with your choice of passionate escort. Even if you are here for business to meet influential people, take one of our lovely escort girls with you, and you will impress your rivals/ while standing out in the crowd, with the perfect eye candy for everyone to crave.

If you are here for vacation and leisure, you can have one of our stunners for the entire day and night. Our sensitive escorts bring pleasure and serenity wherever they go. They can be your perfect date in that perfect dress/ or your private pleasure in your room’s privacy. They will be thoroughly entertaining in night clubs and pubs, giving company for drinks, and make you feel at ease in the circle of their arms.

Our Escort Agency has two ways to make reservations for our elegant escorts. The first is in call booking and the second one is an outcall booking. Let’s discuss the booking and reservation process in detail.

In-Call Bookings

In the process of in-call booking, our discreet escort makes reservations independently like a private place, apartment, restaurant, hotel room, according to how she wants to meet you. If you wish, everything settled and arranged for you to avoid all hassle, this is undoubtedly the way to go about it. You need to contact us via phone or email, tell us your first and last name, and the time you want to reach the girl decided and arranged by the escort stunner.

Once these details are confirmed, we will contact you to inform you of the location chosen by our versatile escort who would be opted for by you. You will only be required to reach the decided place on time. When you call us and tell us you have reached the location, we will communicate the number of apartments, or hotel rooms, whatever the place we have agreed before.

Out-Call Bookings

If you are a perfectionist, then this type of booking is for people like you who are self-sufficient and basically cannot rely on others for bookings because they want everything perfect. The respectable client here can arrange the location; a hotel room, office, apartment, motel, private residence, etc. Once you decide the time and place, our Escort Agency will make the necessary checks so that your meeting with one of our slim escorts goes perfectly.

Bookings at the hotels

We will ask you for your name and surname, the time that suits you to meet our skinny escort girl, hotel’s name, and room number. Our Escort Service receptionist will place a call to your hotel to make sure you are staying there. In case the hotel does not have a phone, you need to give us a copy of the hotel payment invoice so that we can be sure of your stay there. After we go through these formalities and everything will be in order, our escort will meet you within a short period.

Bookings for private residences and offices

In this type of booking, we need to know your first and last name for bookings in offices and private residences. We will ask you for the exact address of the location and the name written on the doorbell. Then our cheerful escort will reach you upon the decided time. For verification purposes, you will give in a landline phone number that corresponds to your address. In case a landline phone is not available, you can send us a copy of any utility (gas, water, electricity) bill where your name and address will be visible for proof. If you are staying in an apartment or hotel, you can send a copy of the document certifying the reservation of your stay at the place. After we make sure that you live there, your opted beauty will be on her way to be greeted by you.

We accept whichever procedure of payment you choose for the escort. We accept payments via the following methods.

Cash Payment

Clients usually like to keep their activities anonymous by paying in cash at the beginning of the meeting in an enclosed envelope. Our incall escorts are required by us to count the money before the meeting starts, so no interruptions become a reason to disturb the meeting. We have made such rules because many clients did not make the payment of the decided amount and dazzled us. We are not offending you; please believe us. But these are some measures we have to take to keep our company and our escort safe.

Bank Transfer

Many clients choose to transfer the payment via bank because it is safer to “click and pay” as we call it. In this case, we ask the respectable clients to wire the amount before the meeting time, so the chubby escort waiting for you does not have to wait too long to provide you with her lovely company. For this type of payment, you must transfer the funds to our neutral and fiduciary bank account

Credit Card Payment

Our Escort Service also accepts credit cards. Whether you want to pay online or through a POS machine, we accept both. You will be sent a link through an SMS or email where you will be asked for your card details to complete the payment process. An extra fee of 10% to 15% is also deducted by the bank while paying through cards.[:]

Lastly, we want to inform our clients that we will never use all the information provided in bookings and payments for other purposes. The vital information about our clients will be safe with the Escort Service and never given out. If leaked, it will not be the Agency’s or escort’s responsibility, so we ask the clients to give their information directly to the company where it will be kept safe.

Krefeld through the eyes of our beautiful escorts!

Once you have arrived and freshened up, you can always call for the agreed-upon pretty escort to accompany you. You can take a romantic walk in the beautiful parks of Krefeld, or you can enjoy each other’s company with a glass of wine in one of the many bars that this city has to offer. If you are hungry, you can find a lot of restaurants with different food specialties in this city, and later you can return to your room with the sexy model from our Escort Service Krefeld. We assure you she will be a great companion in the outside world and your hotel room’s dark privacy. So let us look into the best recommendations we have shortlisted for you. There is a comprehensive list for you from where to choose.

Mercure Parkhotel Krefeld

Our gorgeous escort, Miriam, says, “The Mercure Parkhotel is a fantastic place to stay in Krefeld. It is a beautifully decorated hotel with a modern yet stylish interior that gives guests a comfortable vibe. The rooms are spacious and homely for the guests to feel at home in an instant. There is air-conditioning 24 hours of the day and all amenities available at hand. These luxuries include a desk, phone to call for other services of the hotel, a minibar with drinks and snacks, a coffee/tea making facility, and high-speed WiFi access. Outside the room, there is a sauna for relaxing, a bar, and a lounge to spend time with coffee or a drink and taxi service to take you wherever you want. Dusseldorf Airport is only 20 km away from the hotel. It is also in the vicinity of the city center. If you would like to stay here and want me to come to spend some quality time with you, be kind enough to call the Escort Service Krefeld and book me.”

Phone: 004921515840
Address: Uerdinger Str. 245, 47800 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Garden Hotel Krefeld

Our sexy escort Bonnie, says, “The Garden Hotel, located in Krefeld-Bochum, is perfect for gentlemen here on business tours. The airport, the central station, and the tram station are only minutes away from this hotel. You can reach them in a short time via taxi. The rooms are extra luxurious and comfortable with longer beds than usual and curtains that create darkness in the room. Other facilities include a minibar with drinks and snacks, a tea/coffee making facility, a desk, a phone, a private bathroom with a hairdryer, housekeeping, and modern furniture. Outside the room, you can enjoy your time in a lounge or have a drink at the bar. You can dine in at the hotel’s fabulous restaurants or order food from room service. There is high-speed internet available at all hours. The staff is friendly and can also communicate in English. If you are willing to stay here when you are in town, I would love to accompany you. You can ask for me at the Escort Agency Krefeld, and I will be your for however long you like.”

Website: Garden Hotel Krefeld
Phone: 00492151535230
Address: Schönwasserstraße 12A, 47800 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

B&B Hotel Krefeld

Our ebony escort Nicole, says, “The B&B is a beautiful hotel, especially for gentlemen who are here on business. The rooms are comfortable and spacious with basic amenities available at hand, continuous air-conditioning, and room service. The attached bathrooms have a hairdryer facility. There are restaurants in the hotel that serve amazing breakfasts and other famous cuisines for dinners and lunches. You can take any help from the staff at the counter as they also communicate in English. The public transport station is right in front of the hotel. So if you ask the front desk for directions to where you want to go, you can easily reach your desired destination. If this is not enough to convince you to come and stay at this hotel, maybe I can give you the incentive to book with them and stay with me for special moments in your cozy room. For that, you have to call the Escort Service Krefeld and schedule for me.”

Website: B&B Hotel Krefeld
Phone: 004921516551660
Address: Bahnstraße 73, 47799 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

We asked our cute escorts where they liked to go for fine-dining and fancy dinners. They recommended many places, and we thought all of them were worth a visit from our clients. To make it possible for you to visit and try our recommendations, we shortlisted a few eateries, and we are confident you will like them.

Las Tapas Krefeld

Our redhead escort Jasmine, says, “The Tapas serves the most delicious European dishes. There are other cuisines served in this stylishly decorated restaurant with a chic interior. Seafood, Mediterranean, Spanish, European, are all on the menu. They also have gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and vegetarian-friendly dishes on the menu for those who are conscious about what they eat. The staff is friendly enough to help you choose from the list as they would know what sells the most. If you would like, you and I can visit this restaurant and have a great meal together. It is open for lunch and dinner. You can ask for me at the Escort Service Krefeld, and I will look forward to the day you will take me here.”

Website: Las Tapas Krefeld
Phone: 004921513268167
Address: Uerdinger Str. 280, 47800 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Villa Medici Krefeld

Our brunette escort Alexandra, says, “The Villa Medici is a famous Italian eatery in Krefeld with other cuisines on its menu as well. You can order your favorite pasta or spaghetti, just the simplest of the dishes, and never go wrong with it. The flavors make them stand out. An excellent wine to make the food go down is a bonus. Italian, Mediterranean and European cuisines are served here with vegan-friendly, vegetarian-friendly, and gluten-free options. The aroma of the food consumes you as soon as you step into the restaurant. Better if you bring some lovely companion along to make the time worth more. I would love to be that companion for you. If you would like that too, you can ask for me at the Escort Agency Krefeld and book for any convenient day.”

Website: Villa Medici Krefeld
Phone: 0049215150660
Address: Schönwasserstraße 73, 47800 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

When we asked our couples escorts where they liked shopping, they had many options. We still managed to shortlist the shopping malls to make shopping a memorable experience for you in our city.

Primark Krefeld

Our stylish escort Vivian, says, “Primark is a popular shopping mall chain in Germany. It is very famous as it has all brands and convenient shopping along with eateries under one roof. You will get clothing, perfumes, shoes, accessories, the latest gadgets and phones, electronic devices, and groceries available for your convenience. There is a food court on one of the floors as well for you to stop and grab a bite when you get tired. You can even get souvenirs of Krefeld as gifts. If you want to shower me with your affection by buying me gifts, I would love that very much. You can ask and book for me at the Escort Service Krefeld, and I will be looking forward to meeting up with you.”

Website: Primark Krefeld
Phone: 004921516576519
Address: Rheinstraße 85, 47798 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Schwanenmarkt Krefeld

Our domina escort Rose says, “Schwanenmarkt is another shopping mall with everything under one roof including groceries, clothing for all, perfumes, shoes, gadgets, accessories, etc. It even has a food court that you can sit at and enjoy a meal with your special one when you need a break from shopping. Like any other woman, I also love shopping. So I come here often with friends or clients. I can’t say no to shopping, so if you want to spend time with me while shopping, that would be ideal. I’ll shop for real, and you can window shop if you don’t share my interest in shopping. If you like that idea, you can call the Escort Agency Krefeld and book for me whenever you want!

Website: Schwanenmarkt Krefeld
Phone: 00492151668905
Address: Hochstraße 114, 47798 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

On being inquired about watching movies in cinemas, our bisexual escorts expressed how they take this opportunity as a getaway from daily life and routine. Most of them said they liked to unwind by watching a film on the big screen of the romantic or fiction genre. We asked them where they wanted to go and shortlisted cinemas we considered best worthy of your visit.

Cinemaxx Krefeld

Our young escort, Beatrice, says, “Watching a movie on the big screen is fun and relaxing at the same time. It is like being a part of that movie you are watching, of every twist and turn the film takes, and it engages you along. It is also therapeutic as I get away from my daily routine and chores to catch a movie with friends. The Cinemaxx has amazing movie halls that have professional sound systems. The seats are comfortable, and you can get snacks to munch on and drinks to sip during the movie from the bar outside the movie hall. If you like watching a movie in the cinema as much as I do, we should watch one together. You can ask and book for me at the Escort Service Krefeld, and we can make a plan someday.”

Website: CinemaxX Krefeld
Phone: 00494080806969
Address: Am Hauptbahnhof 3, 47798 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Kino 3 Krefeld

Our teenager escort, Gianna, says, “The Kino 3 cinema has a vast collection of movies from Europe’s cinemas. They have Italian, American, British, Swiss, and many other cinemas. It plays any film upon request for a special screening. That is why it is very famous in our city. My friends and I often plan a movie at this cinema of our choice. The movie halls are beautiful and huge. The seats are comfortable, and the sound system is equally good. If you like this idea of booking a movie for a private screening, you should ask for me at the Escort Agency Krefeld, and we can go together someday.”

We inquired with our german escorts about what kind of museums they like to visit and the reasons behind it. They almost named all the museums in the city, and it was hard to narrow the list down to the few best of the best ones. We hope you enjoy the visits to the museums we have recommended.

Museum Burg Linn Krefeld

Amaya, our educated escort, says: “The Burg Linn museum has restored the city’s history charmingly and uniquely. They have artifacts to show history that went back to Roman times. There are excellent exhibitions of arts and various other historical monuments that reflect Krefeld from the time it came into being. It is an enlightening and educating trip where even the locals learn a lot about the city. When in Krefeld, this museum is a must-visit. If you would like, I can go with you, and we can have a great time exploring the museum. You can ask for me at the Escort Service Krefeld, and we can plan a day for museum visits.”

Website: Museum Burg Linn
Phone: 00492151155390
Address: Rheinbabenstraße 85, 47809 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Haus der Seidenkultur Krefeld

Our mature escort, Patricia, says, “As you may have known by now, our city is known as the city of silks and velvets. This museum has preserved those magical textiles and their development and production over the years. It has restored the house of silk culture that goes back in history. You will find a lot of information, and you will get to see firsthand how our ancestors made this silk. If this process attracts you, we can visit this museum together someday. For that, you would have to call the Escort Agency Krefeld and book for me.”

Website: Haus der Seidenkultur
Phone: 00492151936960
Address: Luisenstraße 15, 47799 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

We asked our student escorts about the parks they liked to visit and how much they spend time there. They mentioned a lot of parks, so we shortlisted a few that we thought was best.

Huelser Berg Krefeld

Our curvy escort, Aileen, says, “The Wildgehege is not your regular park. It is in a forest, and you will meet a lot of boars and deers. It is lovely how these animals spot you from the corner of their eyes and can smell whether you have brought them food or not. It is even more amazing how these animals are willing to eat straight from your hand. If you want to go here, you should be ready to dedicate a minimum of 2-3 hours, coming across friendly animals, and you can take a lazy walk through this beautiful natural forest. If you would like to go with me, it would be great. You can ask and book for me at the Escort Service Krefeld, and we can plan a day visiting this park.”

Maps & Directions:

Stadtpark Uerdingen Krefeld

Our romantic escort, Lara, says, “Stadtpark is a pleasant place to spend a few hours. You can go here with your friends or a special someone for a picnic or spend some quality time. There are many pathways declared for walking or taking a stroll, and many forests where it is safe to go through there is also a cafe in the vicinity where you can buy snacks and hot/cold beverages. If you like the idea of going here, you can take me with you. Just book for me at the Escort Agency Krefeld for any day you want.”

Website: Stadtpark Uerdingen Krefeld
Address: Nikolaus-Groß-Straße 31, 47829 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

We talked about opera and theater performances with our MILF escorts. They had plenty of information about these topics as they visited the theaters for such performances on and off. They recommended a few out of which we have shortlisted the operas we think are worthy of your visit.

Krefeld Theater

Our high-class escort, Diana, says, “The Krefeld Theater has been in this current building since 1963 and has been merged twice with Monchengladbach. Even now, the merger has been intact, and both the cities contribute to producing a performance together. It can be any performance like a dancing performance, a ballet, a musical, an opera performance. You will be amazed at how talented artists from all over Germany are. That is correct. Many artists come here from around the country to get a chance to perform. We can come here together to watch any performance that you might like. You have to ask for me at the Escort Service Krefeld, and we are ready to go.”

Website: Theater Krefeld
Phone: 00492151805125
Address: Theaterplatz 3, 47798 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Kulturrampe Krefeld

Our charming escort, Anna, says, “The Kulturrampe theater is for music lovers. It is a stage where all kinds of musical performances and concerts take place. There is dancing, grooving, and a lot of incredible music from all genres that your ears will never get tired of hearing. So if you are a music lover like me, you and I can attend a concert here. You will have to call the Escort Agency Krefeld and ask for me whenever you are free. I will be looking forward to that.”

Facebook page: Kulturrampe Krefeld
Address: Großmarkt, Oppumer Str. 175, 47799 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Our GFE escorts recommended some magnificent spas for your visits. They said our special guests must visit these places to make themselves feel relaxed and pampered. We hope you would appreciate our escorts’ choices and visit these places.

Dreamthaim Spa Krefeld

Our exquisite escort, Anastacia, says, “There is nothing that a body massage can’t fix. Here at Dreamthaim, they have several massages varying from full body to neck and shoulders, foot massages, head and face massage, oil massage, sports massages, hot stones massage, etc. I always go for the convenient full body massage with scented oils, which makes me feel excellent and energized. I have given a lot of thought to getting the hot stones massage when I go in next. Maybe you and I can go together and get this massage done with hot stones. I think that would be great. If you also feel the same, you can ask for me at the Escort Service Krefeld, and I will look forward to meeting up with you.”

Website: Dreamthaim Krefeld
Phone: 004921516556335
Address: Alte Kemmerhofstraße 178, 47802 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Ya Thai Massagestudio Krefeld

Our Asian escort, Melissa, says, “If the name of the spa has Thai in it, you must go for it. Thai massages and herbs are the best. Extracted naturally, they are the best on the market, and the scents in oils used for massages are also as natural as possible. Thai ways to make the body relax ultimately relax the stiffness in your muscles under the skin and make you refreshed with new blazing energy. You will feel like a new person. The Thai Massage Studio does just that. The masseuses here have expert hands that do magic on your body. If you would like, I can join you here, and we can get ourselves a couple-massage. Just call the Escort Agency Krefeld and book for me.”

Website: Ya Thai Massagestudio Krefeld
Phone: 004921515651908
Address: Petersstraße 85, 47798 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

We ask our Latino escorts where they like to go for drinks in the evening with friends and special ones. They had a lot of ideas according to which we shortlisted a few bars that we think will show you what the nightlife is like in Krefeld.

Anjuna Bar Krefeld

Our party girl escort, Margo, says, “The Anjuna Bar has a relaxing ambiance that will be fruitful for both types of people; those who are here to relax with drinks and those who are here for energy to have a good time. The staff at the bar mixes the cocktails so well, you want them to keep coming, and the snacks are also handsful. If you would like to go with me to this bar, we can plan it for an evening when you are free. Call the Escort Service Krefeld and ask for me.”

Website: Anjuna Bar Krefeld
Phone: 00492151621435
Address: Mühlenstraße 36, 47798 Krefeld

Maps & Directions:

Chalet Bar Krefeld

Our horny escort, Evelyn, says, “The Chalet bar is downright one of the best bars in the city. First of all, they welcome you with warmth and make sure you are at comfort. Then they suggest you drink and snacks according to your mood. They do all this to make sure you are comfortable at their bar. The overall ambiance is also inviting. Whiskey, beer, cocktails, they have everything you may ask and even more. If you would like to take me here on some evening, I would be delighted to go with you. Just book for me at the Escort Agency Krefeld.”

Our sensual escorts told us about the festivals and events they never miss and the ones they look forward to attending. According to their fabulous choices, we have narrowed down the list of festivals that you must include in your trip to see our city of Krefeld in the festivity.

Fashion Week Krefeld

Our Russian escort, Sasha, is a textile designer by profession. She says, “The Fashion Week that takes place in September in Krefeld is what I look forward to the whole year. It is where the most significant outdoor fashion shows take place. Local fashion schools, designers, and retailers display their fantastic collection of autumn and winter clothing. Other than that, there are many parties held after the fashion shows are over, with live music and dancing. It is a lot more fun than it sounds. If you and I go here together, I am sure you will have a blast. Make sure to plan your trip around September if you don’t want to miss it.”

Christmas Market Krefeld

Our exotic escort, Luna, talks about the Christmas Market saying, “Christmas everywhere in the world is a time of celebration, and it is a festival that everyone celebrates together. Christmas Market in Krefeld is also in full swing of festivity around this time of the year. The whole place glows with colorful lights and food stalls with Christmas jingles playing in the background. It’s infectious. You can’t help but catch it. The sweet aroma of baked goods lingers in every corner, and you can’t buy something to munch. Because of the weather, wine is served at a hotter temperature to keep the celebrations going. I love this time of the year. If you can plan your trip around Christmas, we can attend this event together.”

Contact Us

We have tried our best to provide you with the information that you will need. If you still have any questions, you can give a call at 00491631126682 or email us at any time. We have sincerely suggested to you all the good restaurants, hotels, places to visit, and one of our open-minded escorts, and we hope you will have the best time of your life here. We wish you a great trip to Krefeld.[:]