Top Escorts Nordrhein-Westfalen TEL: 00491631126682 (Whatsapp and Viber)
Age 26
Hair Colour Redhead
Eyes Colour Brown
Height 172 cm
Weight 56 kg
Bra Size 70A
Languages German, English
Professional Background Chef assistant
Interests Art, photography, travel
Drinks Champagne
Cuisine Mediterranean, French
Character Always positive, authentic, lovingly, uncomplicated
Perfumes Chloe, Dior, Hermes
Tattoo/Piercing Yes
Duo Partner





Exotic Escort

Do you want to know more about me?

Hi there! My name is Luna, and I am a beautiful exotic escort model. I am a sophisticated lady who enjoys the company of spontaneous gentlemen who are not afraid to try new things. I have beautiful legs on a pcurvyurvaceous body formed by Mother Nature on her best day. On it are perfectly cupped breasts, a moist and tempting mouth like rose petals and lovely hair. A round, firm behind and sexy skin are also the perfect attributes for an exotic escort girl of my nature, an actual princess; I want men to treat me like a flower.

My wicked sense of humour and undivided attention will keep you engaged and thoroughly entertained all through our date. I have so much to offer. Do you need an exotic escort lady who high-class-class service and is not shy from the beginning to the end? Well, I am the right choice. I can be as active or passive as you desire, and rest assured that I enjoy pushing sexual boundaries with just the right amount of kink. You can find me in Cologne, but I can also travel to Dusseldorf, Essen, or Bonn. If you have enough time, I can come to any city in the NRW area.

Why this Agency and not another?

It is impossible to become the most appreciated exotic escort model in the entire area without help from a reputable Escort Agency. No matter how sought after you are, without a quality Escort Service that offers you meetings with the most distinguished gentlemen, you could not prevail at such high standards. Working with this Escort Agency meant moving from an ordinary escort life to its pinnacle.

After the first month, I became a thrilled exotic escort lady. First of all, the collaboration with Escort Girls NRW has brought me a lot of benefits. The dates’ quality is incredible. I got to know the most refined gentlemen and various charming agencies, My Agency is undoubtedly the best part of Germany, and I became their most prized exotic escort girl.

Your perfect escort date?

Being attracted to exotic places, and because I love the sea, my favourite escort date must be at a seaside resort. The white beaches and the turquoise waters give me good vibes. An exotic escort model of my calibre adores staying in the sun, under an umbrella, sipping delicious cocktails. Please, be my guest in this paradise! You know, my soft skin needs a lot of sun lotion, which only you know how to apply. Could you take advantage of my exotic escort body? I’m sure you wouldn’t spend too much time thinking. Especially at the dummy bungalow door will be open to you.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Because I’m an exotic escort girl, my favourite travel spot could only be an exotic one. So I invite you to discover this magnificent destination together. Zanzibar is an archipelago in Tanzania, one hour away from the mainland. Its name comes from Persian, meaning the Black Coast. Instead of describing this island to you, I decided to offer you three reasons why you should visit Zanzibar. If you find my idea, you may want to go with me, your only exotic escort model. The three reasons why no one should miss such an experience are local cuisine, beautiful beaches, and the Zanzibar culture.

Being an island of spices and having numerous influences from the people who have spread around here, you will find a true culinary paradise on the island. You can invite your exotic escort girl to such a culinary feast—the beawonderfulbeautiful. There are endless stretches of fine white sand, with palm trees that guard the shores. They offer the shade so precious during the daytime when, from the early hours of the morning, there are already 30 degrees.

The water is turquoise and clear. Besides, the proximity to the Equator also offers the unique experience of high and low tides. Culture of the place. The passage’s most breathtaking paradisiacal landscapesthtaking to the rudimentary villages, are two powerful contrasts that are part of the place’s charm. You must include me, your exotic escort lady, in this idyllic picture!

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

My favourite book is 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Arthur C. Clarke. On an unexpected interstellar tripod, Dis, cover One, doctors David Bowman and Frank Poole aim to find evidence that confirms that the human being is not e in cosmic space. On the journey, they travel with three more scientists in suspended animation and HAL 9000, a vast and knowledgeable computer responsible for keeping the ship underway and other essential functions on board. But the mission is compromised when HAL begins to fail.

The error could be due to a technical breakdown, or perhaps Hal is in control of his free will. It is an expedition to the universe’s border. Also, they are trying to find the limits of the soul. Questions arise, such as: what ultimate essence governs us? What place does man occupy in the complex network of infinity? What are time, life, and death? Among others. It is an exceptional novel offering an integrative vision of the origin of consciousness and humanity’s evolution.