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Age 22
Hair Colour Brown
Eyes Colour Green
Height 171 cm
Weight 60 kg
Bra Size 75C
Languages English, Italian
Professional Background Student, Make-up artist
Interests Fashion, traveling, culture, art
Drinks Gin Tonic, wine
Cuisine Asian, healthy food
Character Communicative, passionate, friendly
Perfumes Killian
Tattoo/Piercing No
Duo Partner





Student Escort

Do you want to know more about me?

Hello gentlemen; I am Eleonor, one of the most beautiful student escort girls in the city to please elegant and demanding gentlemen like you. I am very friendly and fun, with a touch of carefree conversation. With me, you will forget everything and live just that particular moment. My incredible natural body and my killer curves will make you melt with passion and eroticism. I love pampering my companions. I am a sensual and affectionate student escort model with a burning touch.

I guarantee that you will feel satisfied with all my services. I can also be very wild. I have a playful and naughty side, and I’m hard to tame once you warm me up. Being with a student escort girl of my calibre will be an experience you will never forget. I live in Dusseldorf, but I can travel to Cologne, Essen, Bonn, and other cities from the NRW area.

Why this Agency and not another?

When you are a student, your primary thought is securing your pocket money and having a better life. One evening, discussing these dilemmas with one of my best friends, she told me that the shortest path to financial independence is an escort life. She also told me that a student escort girl is one of the most inquired-after companions in this industry.

So after a few days, I sought collaboration with a top Escort Agency. Analyzing the escort business in the NRW area, I have decided that the most suitable Agency that promotes the sexiest student escort is this Escort Agency. From my first job, I felt that this Escort Service was perfect for my needs, and their professionalism prompted me to write these lines. I thank them and look forward to a fabulous and long-term collaboration.

Your perfect escort date?

What meeting could be more exciting for a sexy student escort than a date at the faculty’s library? Being a passionate reader, the moments spent in books are significant and stimulating.

I want a gentle and elegant gentleman to come with me for a walk through the university campus. Following that relaxing stroll, we can go to the library to choose a book and immerse ourselves in reading. After an hour of study, I want to take a break and tell each other what we have been gathering.

After the lecture, we can go to the bookstore’s cafeteria and enjoy some aromatic tea. In the quiet of that room, let us look into each other’s eyes and whisper inspirational words in our ears! I think it is a unique experience to spend an afternoon in the company of a stunning student escort at the university where she is studying. It is the easiest way to remember your youth years.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Although it seems complicated to believe, the tourist destination I always remember fondly is the city of Batumi, Georgia. The town is booming, so you will have to look at tall buildings over 50 floors. Imposing palm trees and futuristic restaurants, sitting upside down, is also ordinary in this resort town that the Black Sea washes.

The old centre, with its markets, Batumi Piazza and Europa Square, claims the right to be visited. You can’t go wrong with any restaurant, because the food is good everywhere. Both markets give you the impression that you are visiting a much more developed European city. The cliff, with its approximately 7 km long promenade, known as Batumi Boulevard, is the one that connects the old city centre with the new centre and is worth a long walk, hand in hand with your beautiful student escort.

You will find many rental centres for single or double bikes to make it easier to enjoy the entire walk. Of course, you can’t leave Batumi unless you take a new centre tour to admire its skyscrapers. Here you can see “Up & Down,” a restaurant built upside down. If you come together with your sexy student escort, you can invite her to a hotel restaurant in the form of a Colosseum. Another restaurant that resembles a Roman temple is a must once you reach the city centre. Batumi is not a small Dubai but develops at an astonishing rate. It is a pleasant city leaving you with beautiful memories and the desire to return.

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

I enjoyed reading “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. In the second half of the nineteenth century, numerous ships’ disappearance without a clear explanation makes sailing the seas no longer safe. The data points to a sea monster, more significant than a whale, endowed with high speed and power, and that sometimes becomes phosphorescent. An expedition that includes Professor Arronax, a naturalist, will go to sea to unveil the mystery.

But soon, they will be attacked by the beast, and the survivors will witness something they would not believe if they did not see it with their own eyes. Onboard the perfect submarine boat of the unusual Captain Nemo; you can see scenarios forbidden to the human gaze and the natural wonders that populate the marine abysses. In 20,000 Underwater Travel Leagues, Jules Verne demonstrates his ability to anticipate scientific development and, with his endless imagination and magnificent descriptions, transports us to another of his worlds of adventure.