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Age 25
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eyes Colour Brown
Height 169 cm
Weight 58 kg
Bra Size 80B
Languages English, German, Polish
Professional Background Student
Interests Jogging, fitness, wellness, playing piano
Drinks Champagne, cocktails, Pina Colada, vines
Cuisine Italian, Asian, Desserts
Character Open minded , easy going
Perfumes Versace, D&G
Tattoo/Piercing No
Duo Partner





Cute Escort

Do you want to know more about me?

Hello, there! My name is Bella, and I am among the cutest escort girls you have ever seen. My character is very passionate, and I become even more intense when I am naked. I am sure you will never mind having a cute companion ready to pamper you! I am a chameleon escort model who adapts to any situation. Naughty and cute, I will be your summer dream or winter fantasy. Enthusiastic and keen to please, I am a perfect choice if you want to relax and have an adventure with a cute escort lady who will turn your day into one of the best of your life. My hometown is Dusseldorf, but I am also available in Cologne, Essen, Krefeld, and other cities in NRW.

Why this Agency and not another?

Because I am a cute escort model, I always had some fear regarding dating. I needed an outstanding agency that high-calibre gentlemen prefer. A good friend recommended I start a collaboration with this Escort Agency. After a screening process that lasted for a week, they accepted me into their gorgeous team. Since then, the fear that I might meet someone below my expectations has gone. I never had a problem, and my clients were always the best. It is a pleasure to work with this Agency, and I hope we will continue to collaborate while maintaining the same high standard both ways.

Your perfect escort date?

A short time ago, I had the most beautiful experience regarding dating. I went to the train station alone and decided to get on a train from Germany to Switzerland. I felt the need to escape from my daily life. It would help if you looked at those around me. All these people wanted to accompany a cute escort lady on her trip. However, my wild and independent spirit pushed me to get on that train. The time passed so quickly.

I met quality people in my compartment who had a permanent dialogue with me. Although they had one of the most famous cute escort girls in the NRW region in front of them, they all thought I was just a student going on a city break! I swear it was one of the most beautiful train trips I have ever done.

What is your favourite travel destination?

My favourite destination is Lebanon! Why did I choose this country? After lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, I thought about trying Lebanese food at its home. The centre of Beirut, with its architecture, sometimes makes you feel that you are in an area of Paris. Other times, the streets with small neighbourhood shops and terraces will remind you of Istanbul, Athens, or Berlin. Like me, a cute escort girl can wear any clothes she may like, despite Lebanon being a Muslim country.

Beirut is an economic centre for the whole region and a cultural centre, primarily due to the religions that merge here. In Lebanon, there are both Christians and Muslims. In the morning, you can hear the imam’s call to prayer. After a few hours, the bells from the church begin. People are warm, welcoming, and hospitable.

You can see from how they cook that they like to eat healthily. After a few days spent here, my cute body begged for more time in the GYM! If you plan a 4-5 day vacation, you can visit Byblos (one of the oldest cities in the world). You can dine at one of the restaurants overlooking the sea or harbour. Ask me, probably the most beautiful cute escort model, to be your guide in this beautiful country.

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

I enjoyed the book “Mark Zuckerberg – The Biography” by Daniel Ichbiah. From the beginning of his book, the author speaks of Mark Zuckerberg as a “living myth” with “superhuman” intelligence. By introduction, the author already sets out several facts which suggest the extraordinary destiny he will tell us. Zuckerberg was only nine years old when the web exploded in the United States. He is part of “the last generation of humans who will remember life before the Internet.” At the end of 2017, Facebook had more than 2.1 billion users or around a third of the world’s population.

In the United States alone, people spend one in four minutes on their telephones on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, four platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg. In 2006, when he was only twenty-three, Mark Zuckerberg refused the billion dollars offered to him by Yahoo! to buy Facebook (and even more, the following year, from Microsoft). With this money, Zuckerberg could have been safe for the rest of his life and put his money where he wanted. Instead, the young man chooses to keep going to the office daily.

Mark Zuckerberg is a “philanthropist indifferent to his wealth.” At an age where many would have let themselves be tempted by the luxurious lifestyle, Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates a surprising maturity by understanding that there is “more happiness in a simple lifestyle, in a regular challenge than in a billionaire’s situation. won by idleness.” Supported by his wife, who shares this taste for simple things, he vowed to distribute 99% of his shares, the record in this area (ahead of Bill Gates).