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Age 26
Hair Colour Brown
Eyes Colour Brown
Height 174 cm
Weight 61 kg
Bra Size 80D
Languages English, Ukranian, German
Professional Background Model
Interests Literature, swimming, fashion, travel
Drinks Red Wine, Champagne
Cuisine Italian, French
Character Uncomplicated, communicative, open
Perfumes Mont Blanc, Gucci
Tattoo/Piercing Yes/No
Duo Partner





GFE Escort

Do you want to know more about me?

My name is Megan, an escort girl in NRW, and I am the beautiful creation of an elegant and sophisticated family. I am an ambitious, classy woman with a casual yet silky style and a world-class personality. One word that can comprehensively describe me: Perfection. If you have been craving a thrilling encounter and a genuine Girlfriend Experience, don’t look any further. I have incredible curves, toned and sexy legs, and the perfect pert bum.

My gorgeous breasts crave your attention. I have soft lips and a teasing smile, which will surprise you. After a hard day, I will provide the perfect GFE(Girlfriend Experience). I will unwind you until you cannot recall the world beyond. We will only savour each other’s tastes and appreciate our time together. Being with me is both exciting and exhilarating, and your best GFE so far.

Your pleasure is my only objective, and I will ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease in my company. My main goal is to meet and exceed your expectations regarding GFE. If you stay in Dusseldorf or Cologne, please be open to me about your intimate fantasies, and I will turn them into reality. You can also call me in other cities from the entire NRW area.

Why this Agency and not another?

There are not many clients who want a Girlfriend Experience. And even if they are, for an escort offering GFE (Girlfriend Experience), contact with these affectionate gentlemen is not always within reach. Therefore, the most important thing regarding the number and quality of meetings is the collaboration with a top Escort Agency.

Because I was shy, the most challenging thing for me was getting in touch with the people from this Escort Agency. Once we established a communication path, everything became very swift. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Escort Service immediately put me in contact with extraordinary gentlemen looking for a GFE. I want to thank them for this opportunity, and I hope our collaboration will last as long as possible.

Your perfect escort date?

Because I am an expert in providing you with a real GFE, the perfect date must be at your place.
I like to come in the afternoon and behave as if I were your lifetime girlfriend. I will be pleased to listen to your stories and unwind with you, sipping a glass of red wine.

After we are both relaxed, I suggest you let me cook for you. Until the food is ready, you will take care that a few candles will burn in the living room. I am sure the atmosphere will be romantic, accompanied by quality music. We will have dinner, and you will be thrilled by the unique GFE I offer you.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Oslo is one of the most expensive capitals in Europe, being part of an exclusive group with other cities from the northern part of Europe. It is one of the best places where you can genuinely have GFE(Girlfriend Experience) with me. Vigelandsparken is one of the most visited attractions in the city. The park has over 200 sculptures signed by Gustav Vigeland, so Vigelandsparken is also the largest sculpture park. If we are still in ​​gardens and art, Ekbergparken hosts dozens of works of art from around the world. What sets it apart from other parks is the fact that you can have a panoramic view of the capital of Norway.

It experienced a series of radical transformations during this long history, both architectural and style, from Gothic to Baroque. The cathedral also hosts an organ that plays during the summer months. We can listen to some excellent music and hold each other’s hands in the most pleasant GFE you have ever lived. The Aker bridge is the most visited one in Oslo.

The bridge has become famous for its many artistic installations around it. Also, there are approximately 30 bars, restaurants and shops by various local designers. The city’s free tour takes place daily, starting at 10:00, regardless of the weather. This journey is an opportunity to discover the city from the local’s perspective in a way that is hardly available to tour guides.

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

I love the book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari. The writer analysed humanity’s past and future in his previous books, Sapiens and Homo Deus. In 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, he focuses on the present through 21 essays, some of them based on journalistic articles previously published by the author. He explores our time’s technological, political, social, and existential difficulties.

<< What should we know to face the imminent changes of the 21st Century? >> With the same intelligent, fresh and provocative prose, in its new title, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Harari examines some of the most urgent issues of our present and offers a reflection on the meaning of life today. The guiding thread of this stimulating book focuses on the challenge of maintaining our collective and individual approach to the constant and disorienting change we are experiencing. Are we still able to understand the world we have created?