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Age 22
Hair Colour Brown
Eyes Colour Grey
Height 171 cm
Weight 58 kg
Bra Size 70B
Languages German, English, Arabic
Professional Background Model
Interests Travel, going out, shopping
Drinks Vodka-tonic, Wine, Tequila
Cuisine Asian, Turkish, mediterranean
Character Open-minded, uncomplicated, natural
Perfumes Versace, Dior
Tattoo/Piercing Yes
Duo Partner





Versatile Escort

Do you want to know more about me?

Hello gentlemen; I am Isabelle. I am working at this well-known escort agency, also known to be the most versatile escort girl ever! My grace, charm, and sophistication attract the most generous gentlemen like you in the area for business. I have a flawless body, and a beautiful face that gets me noticed every time. I know how to engage socially with meaningful conversations. Moreover, I love to give relaxing massages. I can accompany you to Cologne, Essen, Bonn, or the NRW area.

Why this Agency and not another?

I have a part-time job and used to work as an independent escort to make ends meet. One of my colleagues at work told me about the perks this escort agency provides to its escort girls. Fortunately, I thought of trying, passing their high standards, and getting selected to work at this prestigious escort agency. I am a versatile escort lady who is highly in demand. I like to meet new people, so I immediately became popular among the other charming ladies and the most generous gentlemen. This reputable escort agency is one of Germany’s best and most reliable agencies.

Your perfect escort date?

As an amiable and versatile escort companion, I love experiencing new adventures. My perfect date is to go to extraordinary places like a spa or a concert with my partner. I seem to click almost immediately on a first date, though. But situations like these allow you to bond with your partner if he longs for companionship and intimacy. I know all the winning strategies to satisfy fine gentlemen like you.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Bergen in Norway is my all-time favourite travel destination. In my opinion, it is the most scenic city in Norway. Mountains surround the place, and the Bryggen Area is an epic waterfront. I love the reconstructed town with wooden houses. A 12th-century church with several carvings and dragon heads, called the Fantoft Stavkirke, is also a part of Bergen. We can go there to the famous Bergen International Festival in May and June, bringing together a variety of theatrical performances, dances, and music. A versatile escort girl like me likes exciting places like these.

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

A versatile escort lady likes to stay updated with the news and loves reading books. Everything Inside is a book by Edwidge Danticat that brings together eight stories. It widely explores the power that pulls humans apart or brings them closer. These emotional stories include a romance that gets close to two heartbroken friends. A young woman should fight for survival but not abandon her dream. A man’s life is ending, but he is reliving the critical moments before losing his life. These eight intimate stories make you feel like you know these frames and understand what they must be going through.