Top Escorts Nordrhein-Westfalen TEL: 00491631126682 (Whatsapp and Viber)
Age 22
Hair Colour Brown
Eyes Colour Green
Height 172 cm
Weight 62 kg
Bra Size 85B
Languages German, Russian, English
Professional Background Manager in agency of Tourism
Interests Traveling, photo, meet new people
Drinks Champagne
Cuisine Indian, French
Character Kind, open-minded, humorous
Perfumes Dior, Chanel
Tattoo/Piercing No
Duo Partner





Curvy Escort

Do you want to know more about me?

Hi! My name is Aileen, and I am a curvy escort girl of natural beauty. I am full of bubbly energy and lots of fun. A charming curvy girl, I have a beautiful body that fills everybody with lust for my big ass, sensual curves, and firm breasts. My body is so inviting and relaxed and friendly that the rest of the world will seem unimportant to you. I am warm and welcoming. My seductive eyes will hypnotize you. Full of fun and naughty games, I am the perfect curvy escort for an adventure of passion and ecstasy. I live in Cologne, but I can travel to Dusseldorf, Essen, and all the other cities in the NRW area. Tell me your desires so I can make your fantasies come true!

Why this Agency and not another?

Since my career in luxury escort began, I have wanted to work with a top Escort Agency. Finding the perfect Agency is complex, and you need a few tries. Fortunately, another friend was working with this Escort Service for a while. She contacted me and offered me the opportunity to be part of this impressive team. Suddenly my amount of bookings and their quality increased. I have become one of the most sought-after curvy escort models in the entire NRW area. I thank the Agency for this because they trusted me and offered me the opportunity to work with one of the most reputable Escort Agencies in Germany!

Your perfect escort date?

A curvy escort girl like me always needs to be fit. That’s why I like climbing mountains and being close to nature. My secret dream is to spend a weekend with a tender person, as passionate as I am about the beauties of Earth. We can go to a cottage isolated from the daily commotion. There we will alternate the tender nights of love with intense days of walking through the forest and climbing the hills. Being a curvy escort model, I love to walk in front of you. Do you know why? Because I like to offer you insights into my enviable body. I love to see how mesmerized you are by my gorgeous forms. Tell me honestly: isn’t it, so you are thinking of the evening and the hot night awaits us?

What is your favourite travel destination?

If you want a holiday in a charming seaside city, Malaga is hard to match. What I liked so much about Malaga was the perception of incitement. The narrow streets of the historical centre give the impression to a curvy escort girl like me of a lack of space. But it’s such a nice feeling when you walk hand in hand with a sweet and tender gentleman. It may be you; who knows?

The wide boulevards of boutique stores are ready to offer one of the most pleasant shopping experiences. If you want to make a beautiful escort model like me happy, let’s spend a day window-shopping. I like the parks with tropical vegetation and palm trees, and the streets alternating in Soho are covered in a wide range of graffiti. My favourite place is Alhambra park on a Sunday afternoon. I also like the endless sandy beach in the middle of the city, where a curvy escort lady will turn the eyes of adventurous gentlemen in her direction.

Of course, one must not forget the mix of modern restaurants with fusion dishes and small traditional taverns where you can have tapas. The Port’s contemporary architecture and the neighbouring villages’ fresh air are among the city’s sensations. Malaga is also known as a hub of artists, where Picasso was born in 1852. There are countless museums and galleries of contemporary art. Nevertheless, the city retains its local small-town atmosphere, being unchanged by mass tourism.

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

One of my favourite books is The Parallel Lives of Illustrious Men by Plutarch. I found this book exceptional, although I haven’t finished it yet. This book is extraordinary because it immerses you in human nature in such an interesting, fun, exciting, precise, clear, and insightful way.

When you read this book, you become a better human being, a better entrepreneur, a better marketer, and a better understanding of human nature, the functioning of human beings, and society. It’s great for learning about politics, economics, psychology, and communication. It’s a super old book, but it has kept its modernity. I recommend that you read it, and if its size puts you off, you can read five or six parallel stories, five or six lives, which will already give you the essence of this book.