Top Escorts Nordrhein-Westfalen TEL: 00491631126682 (Whatsapp and Viber)
Age 24
Hair Colour Brunette
Eyes Colour Brown
Height 175 cm
Weight 57 kg
Bra Size 75B
Languages Russian, English, German
Professional Background Model
Interests Sport, modeling, books
Drinks Champagne, Wine, Aperol Sprize
Cuisine Italian, French, Russian
Character Cheerful, friendly, gentle
Perfumes Prada, Dior
Tattoo/Piercing No
Duo Partner





Do you want to know more about me?

Hello guys! My name is Willow, I am a dazzling escort girl, very excited to speak with new gentlemen, and offer a very good time, high quality service . We can enjoy full time together with no-rush ! I have a lot of stuff and exotic lingerie, stockings, high heels . I am very clean! Shaved completely always! About my body I offer a plenty of recent pictures. I have 88B natural size bra , big round bum. and glamour face! Mentally, I am very friendly, open mind , sweet , relaxed , smart and well educated. For any details, if you want to book me, you can look up to the „booking” section on the website.

Why this Agency and not another?

I am a dazzling escort girl who loves working with professional escort agencies. Visit this Escort Agency and make your fantasies come true with the most beautiful escort girls. This is an escort agency with attractive, smart and sexy escort girls for door-to-door service throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. They offer a professional and attentive escort service and have been rated as one of the best escort agencies in Germany, offering company in all situations. With this Escort Agency, you will experience a professional licensed escort service with full quality assurance. Everyone crave a fun and exciting evening to de-stress the day. No exciting night is complete without the perfect partner. For gentlemen and couples who love having fun, Escort Girls NRW is the perfect way to fulfill your most hidden wishes. They also offer the best door-to-door service for all hotels and private residences!

Your perfect escort date?

I love dates, especially those dates that include eating. My first idea of the perfect date, as a dazzling escort girl, is to share a meal—Literally. Obviously, this won’t work if either of us is sick or squeamish, but a fondue place or traditional Japanese shabu-shabu lets us prepare our food in the same shared pot. The latter is customizable and gives us something to talk about while us watch your beef and veggies cook leisurely in a simmering pot. Alternative: We can go and get big bowls of ramen and compete to see who finishes first. My second idea of the perfect date is to watch an old movie—outside. There are plenty of open-air venues like parks and rooftops that we can go to during the summer months; Even better, a lot of them have old, classic movies or shows (my first date with a client was Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief at a park, so I’m FULLY in on this one). The shared atmosphere and classic flick are a perfect combo.

What is your favorite travel destination?

As a dazzling escort girl, I love fancy destination, that is why my favorite travel destination is Paris. From the books I read as a child, I became very familiar with the City of Lights, and as the years went by, like two old and dear friends whom time and life’s events cannot keep away from each other, when they meet, it seems that time has stood still. My passion for this city translated into 6 months living in Paris during the Faculty, a documentary internship in Paris for my doctoral thesis, as well as a few holidays and city breaks spent here. What is certain is that every time I returned to Paris, I felt at home. Destiny made my last city break in Paris the last before the Covid-19 pandemic began. This time, however, the context was completely unfavorable because, as by definition a city break is very short, it just so happened that I had to work one day. The pressure of lack of time made me choose to revisit only my favorite places (as much as possible), but most of all I wanted to walk the streets of Paris to recharge with the unique energy of Paris.

Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

I love reading books, especially classics. As a dazzling escort girl, my favorite work of literature is The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway. I have read it two times and it still gives me the chills.