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Peri Oral Dermatitis Causes, Solutions, Remedies

Peri Oral Dermatitis

When a skin problem such as perioral dermatitis hits you for the first time, it’s only natural to want to look for a “quick fix”. It’s a perfectly human feeling that drives you to try to get rid of the “right now” intruder. But you must be very patient and, above all, avoid inevitable common mistakes! If you face this problem, our Escort Service is here to help through this blog.

We asked our busty escort model, who studied medicine, to tell us about this skin problem and how to get rid of this problem. She was delighted with our proposal, and thus, she wrote this blog to help escort girls and other people who face this problem.


When I gave you my stories,  I received all kinds of advice and “remedies”. The amplitude ranged from “not putting anything on the skin” to “cortisone saved me”. And we pass countless “tea tree oil” and “hemp oil”. So be careful. I am incredibly grateful to all my escort ladies who took the time to send me messages of support and testimonies.

It’s just that now imagine a lambda person lost in the face of the “internet who desperately seeks advice and comes across a variety of often conflicting “solutions.” I decided to write this article for you, all my escort girls, because I lived with this damn perioral dermatitis.

As much as to put the words on my rosacea acne, it took me time (and two dermatologists in reinforcement). As much as when I saw my head with perioral dermatitis… I didn’t hesitate for a second.

The clinical picture was just perfect:

• The affected area was on the right part of my chin, just below the lips (the lips are unaffected by this skin condition).

• Skin appearance: red, puffy, inflamed.

• Physical sensations: absent with my rosacea (0 physical sensations, only touching my finger to find small pimples or to look in the mirror lets me know that I am “in crisis”, I have never had any itching, burns, flashes, nothing at all!), here … I have been served, and I have understood people who complain of skin that pulls / burns / does not tolerate any care/itches… I have experienced something my normal to combination skin has NEVER experienced.

• Type of “pimple”: with my acne rosacea, the pimples are very superficial. They are tiny pimples that go away after two days, with a “white” head (sorry for the details). Perioral dermatitis gives an entirely different kind of “pimple”, without stink, deep, they are “blisters”, some identify them as “pimples/granules under the skin.”

So I can assure all my escort girls that I had no doubts when I saw my face. My rosacea wouldn’t have suddenly migrated down the front (located on the nasolabial folds). I was dealing with something new, which I recognized immediately since when I was trying to identify my atypical rosacea, I read a lot about perioral dermatitis. I didn’t take a picture of myself during the beginning of the crisis (I should have), but here is roughly what it looked like at home (you have different degrees of impairment):

Why does peri-oral dermatitis occur?

Perioral dermatitis is not an allergy!! It is a deep inflammation of the skin. It is a disease, and for any condition, it is necessary to consult a doctor, the dermato, in this particular case. Unfortunately, the waits for appointments are so long that sometimes you have no choice and you have to do at least something. But be careful not to make everything worse!

When I saw that perioral dermatitis fell on me, I did not at all make the connection between wearing the disposable mask and the cause of my illness. Like everyone else, I started reading on the subject, and the more I read, the more I understood that it was impossible. I had no “profile” for this disease.

• Perioral dermatitis affects more people with atopic/dry skin: I’ve always had a combination of oily skin, and now it’s normal to combination
• Over-care of the skin is in question: escort models who have dry skin, to relieve tightness, tend to apply “ointments” to the skin all day long. A bit like when you apply lip balm every 15 minutes. Often, it is synthetic care that prevents the skin from breathing. But I am not this profile! I use my care morning and evening, then that’s it. At no time do I spread anything on my skin during the day

Not everything that works for other women works for you.

In short, I understood that the most cited causes are not my case. That’s how I started looking for what could have changed my life (diet / etc.). After some time, I went around: decidedly, nothing had changed. And it was when I left my house I took a disposable mask.

The light came: the damn show under which my skin was suffocating, sweating to the point that drops of water ran down my chin could be the guilty! The only thing that left me, let’s say, dubious is that I had the right to such a rash, or I wore the mask three times, 1 hour in a row at most.

So it’s SUPER IMPORTANT because the cause of perioral dermatitis defines the treatment: know if you are over-care (repeated application of the cream during the day to relieve tightness). If you have dermatitis because of the mask, it’s not the same mechanics; therefore, the action plan will not be the same. Imagine that if you wear a show without knowing it is causing you dermatitis, no cure will come to the end of your evil because the cause is still there!

A doctor can give you the best advice

I was pretty surprised by a comment from an escort girl who told me of her dissatisfaction at having read an article that did not provide her with a solution. I can understand the frustration, but there are a lot of skin conditions that even doctors don’t have answers for. The skin remains one of the least-known areas of medicine.

As you probably know, the dermatological treatments offered aim almost exclusively at the consequence without ever being able to treat the cause. So no, I don’t have a miracle solution. If someone expect from me a magic recipe of “3 drops of Siberian blue flower seed oil + 2 pinches of dried bat droppings”, I regret to inform you that I do not have it.

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