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Breast massage tricks, increase sexuality

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on August 5, 2022

Breast Massage: Tricks for maximum sensuality

The stimulation of the nipples is enjoyable foreplay due to the nerve endings in that area, and it is a novel caress for the couple. Using your fingertips, make gentle circular motions from the outside on the nipple to awaken new sensations. Our Escort Agency wrote the following blog to advise men on giving their escort girl or life partner the best sensations.

With soothing and aromatic oils and lotions, you can use your creativity to caress powerful hot spots that increase your body’s temperature by following these tips and tips for a memorable evening. Remember, there are no rules to sex except for consensus and mutual respect.

Breast stimulation is a source of maximum pleasure

According to a 2011 study from Rutgers University published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the areas of the brain that stimulate the clitoris are the same ones that activate when caressing the female breast. This suggests you can achieve multi-orgasms by touching this upper area and combining it with cunnilingus and penetration.

The female breasts, located in the upper lateral region of the trunk, are two glands that secrete milk to feed babies and are culturally associated with female sexuality. In contrast, the breasts are the space between both breasts, but colloquially both terms are used as synonyms.

Breast massage is a practice to pamper this delicate part of the female body that you can do alone to feel comfortable with yourself or receive them from your partner in intimate encounters to raise the temperature and never get bored in the sex.

Of course, these massages are versatile. They can be given and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. Even men may like these exercises on their pecs, which have very sensitive nerve endings connected to the penis. We asked our busty escort girl, Amelia, what she likes most when it comes to breast stimulation, and as a bonus, she also told us some tricks to make this stimulation even more exciting.

Create the environment

For our busty escort lady, it is essential to feel relaxed, so an important thing to make breast stimulation much more exciting is the environment. Make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable space with no interruptions, and of course, take your time to explore and stimulate each of your senses and the erogenous points of your partner’s chest. Moisturizing lotions or essential oils are ideal for nourishing the skin and allowing the massage to flow smoothly into the breast tissue.

Apart from stimulating the touch, you do it with a sense of smell, thanks to the soft aromas of these products. Like all sexual practices, prepare the area first and not go directly to the nipples. Relax and make your busty escort lady or partner feel comfortable with soft caresses and kisses.

Movements to stimulate the breasts

Grease your hands with aphrodisiac and aromatic oils to accompany the massages that help you stimulate your partner and prepare her for daring foreplay. Our escort girls love this type of massage!

  1. Warm the area with gentle caresses with the tips of your fingers in circular movements, then do it from top to bottom. The sensation of heat begins to make his hair stand on end.
  2. Place your hands on your busty escort lady‘s nipples, and hold them for several seconds to transfer heat through your palms. As you do this, you can close your eyes and breathe deeply to connect more intimately with your partner. Accompany the movement by blowing the hot air of your breath.
  3. In the same position, move your hands as if you were squeezing oranges. Of course, do it delicately. Then, with one of them, turn to the right and with the other, in the opposite direction.
  4. Touch your thumb from the outer area to the centre of the nipple and then vice versa. Depending on your partner’s reactions, vary the direction and combine the movements.
  5. Run your index and middle fingers in a spiral from the areolas to the edge of the breasts until you stop and go back gently and delicately.
  6. Repeat the previous movement, but instead of using the fingers, do it with the palms of the hands in a circular motion. Swipe up and down multiple times.
  7. Lower the palm to the belly and the genitals.

With these massages, you warm up your partner’s body temperature for an intense, intimate encounter full of pleasure.

Benefits of erotic massages

According to the American Society for Cell Biology in the United States, stimulating the mammary glands with massage prevents the appearance and growth of cancer cells. His study establishes that the cells, being “crushed”, prevent their multiplication and pathological mutations.

In addition to the level of arousal for sexual pleasure, there are other positive long-term effects for women who receive these messages.

These strokes increase blood flow and help regulate the activity of the lymph nodes. They release the hormone oxytocin, which is associated with strengthening love ties. In addition to relaxing, they also excite by touching the erogenous points and discharging the accumulated tension in your busty escort babe‘s body.

  • Among the positive effects of practising these exercises are the following.
  • Through erotic massages, you release the tensions caused by excess stress that produce depression and insomnia.
  • You stimulate the nerve endings located in other parts of the body away from the genitals but equally connected, so the pleasure is more intense and comprehensive.
  • You channel sexual energy alone or with your partner for a deeper connection in the erotic and intimate. In this sense, massaging the tits is a preliminary that increases the temperature and ignites your desire.
  • You improve communication with your partner because you can massage each other, which can become an opportunity to talk honestly about your insecurities, desires and sexual fantasies.
  • Surprise her with an unforgettable gift. Gift items are lovely, but giving a massage is another level of commitment and an act of affection and love for another person.

This massage is also applied in tantric sex sessions, in which conscious breathing, gazes and energy exchange are essential.

Steps to massage the breasts

If you want to pamper your partner with this type of caress and stimuli, consider these factors to turn this sexual practice into an utterly pleasurable experience.

  • Each breast is unique. This requires you to know your busty escort companion‘s breasts, which areas they like and bother them, and the degree of sensitivity. The good news is that you need constant practice where each encounter is unique.
  • Start from the outside in. Go around the chest with soft, circular movements from top to bottom and vice versa. Finish with touches to the halo. This caress can cause very intense sensations.
  • If you have responded positively to the previous step, squeeze the chest from the bottom up and the area lateral to the nipples. This little tension is exciting.
  • Incorporate gentle licking, sucking, and biting as you continue to caress.
  • Play with your creativity by using accessories with different textures, feathers, candle sperm and fragrance oils to reach new sensations.
  • Take care of the rhythms. This is very important to stay connected with your partner. Listen and feel their reactions to know precisely whether to increase or decrease the speed and intensity without saying it with words.

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