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A perfect day in Düsseldorf

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on August 1, 2022

A great day in Düsseldorf

Are you in Düsseldorf for the first time, or don’t you have much time in North Rhine-Westphalia? Our Escort Service in NRW has compiled the top sights in Düsseldorf, the best Düsseldorf tips and culinary Düsseldorf highlights for you. Not to be missed are the EKŌ House of Japanese Culture, the Media Harbour, the Kö-Bogen, the Rhine Tower, museum tips, the Hofgarten, the small Reichsgasse and many tips for irresistible Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf’s Japantown. And not to forget that the most fabulous escort girls you have ever seen are here in Düsseldorf. And if they’re not, they can come. Everything you need for a perfect day in Düsseldorf!

Top 3 sights in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf has 622,000 inhabitants and is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city on the Rhine is not only one of the economic centres of Germany but also offers a very high quality of life. Düsseldorf is located in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region and has 22 universities, with the Heinrich Heine University and the Art Academy being mainly well-known.

The shopping boulevard Königsallee (“Kö”), the Düsseldorf carnival and the seven Rhine bridges are known far beyond the city limits. Still, the Rhine promenade is also a strong magnet for those visiting it alongside a curvy escort lady. In the following, We will tell you our best Düsseldorf tips, starting with the top sights:

Sights in Düsseldorf: EKŌ House

The EKŌ House of Japanese Culture in Oberkassel is worth a visit. It is the cultural and religious centre of the Japanese community. There is a beautiful Japanese garden, a Buddhist temple and a traditional Japanese house with a tea room. In the EKŌ house, you can attend a traditional tea ceremony or take a calligraphy course. We are sure the escort lady from Düsseldorf you are dating will enjoy the calligraphy course.  The garden can be visited free of charge, for a visit to the house or the ceremony an entrance fee of 2.50 euros has to be paid.

You should plan about 1 hour for a visit. The best way to get to the EKŌ-Haus is by public transport from Heinrich-Heine-Allee (lines U70, U74, U75, U76, U77 to Belsenplatz, then by bus 834, 836, 828 to Niederkasseler Kirchweg).

Sights in Düsseldorf: Media Harbour

The Media Harbor is (not only) worth seeing for fans of modern architecture. Here are the three Gehry buildings and many other buildings worth seeing. The harbour is magnificent at dusk when the houses light up in different colours. But a detour is also worthwhile during the day. The port is a popular photo motif for photographers at any time of the day and is, therefore, one of our must-do Düsseldorf tips!

You can only walk through it briefly but also spend several hours here. An excellent option is to walk along the Rhine from the old town towards the Rheinturm with one of our beautiful escort girls!

Düsseldorf sight: Kö-Bogen

The city’s newest attraction is the Kö-Bogen. The ensemble consists of the buildings Kö-Bogen 1 and 2, the theatre, and the three-disc house. The curved shape of the white theatre has long been a well-known attraction in Düsseldorf. You can find the excellent restaurant Phoenix in the former administration building of Thyssen-Krupp, the Dreischeibenhaus.

In Kö-Bogen 1, designed by Daniel Libeskind, you will find the Breuninger department store, an Apple Store and several restaurants where you can have a meal and rest with your escort babe from Düsseldorf. The latest part, Kö-Bogen 2, is not quite finished yet. The remarkable thing is that it is entirely green. It is said to be the largest green roof area in Europe. From the Kö-Bogen, you can quickly reach the famous Königsallee or the Hofgarten.

What can we save?

In our opinion, the old town is pretty overrated, especially at weekends. Unfortunately, the “longest bar in the world” has recently become a tiny ballerina and is very popular with bachelor parties, bowling and football clubs. As a result, the old town has lost a lot, and you hardly find any locals there anymore.

Most beautiful view of Düsseldorf

We think the most beautiful view of Düsseldorf is from the Rheinturm. From the viewing platform, located at 168 m, you have the perfect 360° idea. You look down at the Media Harbour, the old town, and you can see over the city centre to Benrath. Fans of Asian fusion cuisine should reserve a table at the Qomo restaurant, which is located above the observation deck. In 72 minutes, you can travel in a circle on the moving floor, allowing you to admire the entire panorama while you eat with your escort lady from Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf culinary

This part of the post is about culinary delights, among other things. Of course, they should not be neglected at this point, either! In the following, we will introduce you to our escort models from Düsseldorf‘s favourite café and recommend five excellent Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf’s “Japantown”. Let’s go:

Favorite café in Düsseldorf: Hip Gold

The hip gold café in Flingern is beautiful. The small café in a corner building is furnished in a vintage style. The speciality is the home-baked cakes, which are offered fresh every day.

Favourite restaurant in Düsseldorf: 5x Japan

This a difficult question because there are so many great restaurants here. Due to the large Japanese community, there are many good Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf. For example, did you know that Düsseldorf has the only Japantown in Germany?! Its centre is Immermannstraße. Since there are so many good restaurants, we would like to recommend a few where you can take a relaxant dinner with an escort companion from Düsseldorf:

  • At NaNiWA Noodles & Soups, you get excellent ramen, the noodle soups of Japan.
  • Sushi & sashimi lovers should pay a visit to Yabase.
  • Kushi-Tei of Tokyo specializes in grilled meat and fish skewers.
  • Should it be something extraordinary, the two restaurants by star chef, Yoshizumi Nagaya are the best addresses (Nagaya, Klosterstrasse 42 and Yoshi by Nagaya, Kreuzstrasse 17).

Dusseldorf tips for rainy days

When it rains, you and your escort babe from Düsseldorf can visit the many art museums, such as the K20, K21, the Ehrenhof or the Kunsthalle. Even if you are not a fan of art, seeing the K21 is worthwhile. The “in orbit” room installation by the artist Tomás Saraceno is floating at more than 25 m. The unique thing about it is that the almost transparent steel nets can be walked on.

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