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Cologne – the metropolis on the Rhine

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on August 10, 2022

All tips for your short trip to Cologne

Cologne polarizes: Some say it is the most beautiful city in Germany on the Rhine with the most incredible escort girls. Others say Cologne is run-down, dirty and overrated. However, the city on the Rhine has a lot to offer, is multicultural, and, above all, actual Cologne residents with their Cologne dialect are simply originals. Are you asking yourself, “What can I do in Cologne?”

Here are the answers with all travel tips for Cologne in a nutshell. If you haven’t been to Cologne yet, you should take a look at the must-see sights in Cologne. For “multiple offenders”, there are insider tips for Cologne. Because Hannah lived in the Rhenish metropolis for many years and loved the city. Business travellers have suggestions on how to explore Cologne in one day. You can book a companion from our Escort Agency for a better stay here.

Arrival to Cologne

Travelling to Cologne is relatively easy; you can choose between a car, train, plane or long-distance bus. If you arrive by car, you should stick to the speed limit. Cologne is teeming with speed cameras. Save the fine for a few extra Kölsch. In addition, there are more one-way streets in Cologne than in any other city in Germany. Avoid travelling to Cologne by car. The train is more environmentally friendly and less stressful anyway.

Attention: Due to legal regulations, long-distance buses only go to Leverkusen or Cologne/Bonn Airport. If you are considering arriving this way, allow enough time to get downtown. We would always recommend the train. The city also has a good S-Bahn and U-Bahn network that will take you everywhere.

Sightseeing tips: you need to know that

Cologne, the metropolis on the Rhine with its unique 2,000-year history, has something to offer every visitor. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the countless Romanesque churches, varied museums or just the lovable Cologne way you want to get to know – I’m sure you’ll just like Cologne! At least, that’s how our escort girls from Cologne felt when they first came here.

Today I will tell you which sights you should see on your first visit to Cologne. It would help if you arrived by train for environmental reasons and to avoid the chaos on the streets by car. There are also many speed cameras set up in and around Cologne. Better save the money for a couple of glasses of Kolsch alongside a VIP escort lady.

You arrive by train at the central station in the middle of the heart. This is located directly at the cathedral and the cathedral square in the old town.

Ideally, you start your exploration of the city with a beautiful escort girl from our Escort Agency directly at the central train station on the Template. From here, all sights are within easy walking distance: cathedral, town hall, council tower, Museum Ludwig, Groß St. Martin, Rheinauhafen and the old town.

Cologne’s second page “Schäl Sick”

The city of Cologne extends on both sides of the Rhine. According to the people of Cologne, the left side of the Rhine is the “right side”. Here are the top sights, the nightlife area (Veedel), and the shopping miles. The right side of the Rhine is pejoratively titled “the wrong side” with “Schäl Sick”. Here are Deutz, Kalk, Mülheim, Leverkusen and the unloved Düsseldorf. The LVR tower (Cologne Triangle) is also located on the right bank of the Rhine. You have the most beautiful view of Cologne, the cathedral and the Rhine.

Cologne Card for sightseeing

The Cologne Card is a ticket that allows you to save money on tickets for attractions. Instead of buying a ticket for public transport, the Cologne Card is worthwhile. Public transport and up to 50% discounts on admission to sights are included.

Before you travel to Cologne, check whether a significant trade fair is taking place in Cologne or whether a long weekend is coming up. Because then the city, primarily the old town and the cathedral, is very crowded. If you have the opportunity, you should avoid weekends and visit the attractions mentioned here in the early morning or just before they close. If a trade fair occurs in Cologne, the hotel prices are significantly higher than usual. Be flexible and check your travel times.

Take a city tour and learn more about the city’s past

We are happy to do terms for initial orientation. Either by bike or on foot. We also do food tours to discover places from a culinary point of view. For Cologne, we recommend a brewery tour.

The Cologne way of life is contagious.

The Cologne feeling is contagious. It’s not for nothing that millions of visitors and escort girls rave about how enthusiastic they are. The people of Cologne are generally open and helpful, chatting freely in their dialect. When it’s “Kölle Allaf” once a year, the entire city goes into a state of emergency. But let’s start with the attractions and highlights you shouldn’t miss in Cologne. Which building is waiting first is not an insider tip, but the visit is more than worthwhile!

Recommendation: Cologne travel guide

The best travel guide for Cologne is the DuMont direct. He offers lots of tips for your visit to Cologne. Nicely structured and laid out. Final buying tip! Alternatively, my recommendation from the “Best City in the World Travel Guide” for Cologne by Marco Polo. Why do we recommend this guide without owning it ourselves? Because it was written by my esteemed colleague Ralf Johnen, who lives in Cologne. Or, if you want your trip to be more adventurous, you can book a sexy escort model to show you the city and its impressive tourist attractions.

Hotel tips Cologne

Cologne is a typical trade fair city. Therefore, regardless of whether you travel to the Rhine during the week or for a weekend visit, you should check that no significant events occur. Then the sub-art prices explode, primarily in the city centre and around Cologne-Deutz.

Tested and recommended: Lindner City Plaza

There are endless hotels and hostels in Cologne where you can stay with an escort girl. During trade fairs, however, it can get quite expensive. We recommend these hotels/hostels to anyone who doesn’t want to fall back on an Airbnb offer.

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