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Interesting facts about erogenous zones

New blog about erogenous zones and how you can stimulate them

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on February 3, 2022

Curiosities about erogenous zones

Female sexuality is very different from male sexuality. However, if we refer to the erogenous zones, commonalities arouse excitement in both sexes.

However, from a sexual point of view, the needs of an escort girl are more complex. To gradually climb to the heights of pleasure and finally reach the peak of sexual satisfaction, the partner must pay attention and, above all, a very long time to the foreplay. This initiation game involves stimulating the most sensitive erogenous zones of the woman, areas that even at the slightest touch wake up the most sensitive sensory receptors.

In addition to the classic map of erogenous points, which we all know to a large extent, there are a lot of other topics that can be touched on this topic. An example of this is the topic we will discuss in this article: the importance of stimulating erogenous points in obtaining complete and intense satisfaction. Although we all know that the breasts and the clitoris are true epicenters of pleasure, few men pay attention to other less stimulated partners’ areas. Why is it essential for the beloved woman’s whole body to be tenderly caressed, kissed, and caressed before the actual penetration? We find the answer in the following lines.

1.What are erogenous zones, and why is their stimulation so pleasurable?

Before we get into the subject, we need to start with the beginning. What are these erogenous zones that bring all the sensations into play? Why is it so pleasing to touch them? Why does the skin react to sensual touches only in certain areas/points? What is the difference, for example, between a tender kiss on the neck and one on the cheek? Our sexy escort girls are waiting for you! Book a sexy companion from our Escort Agency and stimulate her erogenous zones, after you read this blog!

The answer can be formulated in two words: sensory receptors. In other words, the erogenous zones in women and men are parts of the body that have many sensory receptors and nerve endings. As the most significant human organ, the skin itself is susceptible to touch, but certain parts of it react more intensely. We all know from experience that the earlobes, the neck, the thighs, the thighs, the breasts, and the groin area are some of the most targeted regions when the partner wants to arouse his partner before the actual act powerfully.

However, not all escort girls lose their temper when their partner stimulates one or more of these areas. In addition to the fact that each person is unique and therefore, the erogenous zones in a woman may be different from case to case, there are also situations where it is necessary to implement some tricks, which will contribute to the faster ignition of the spark. Sensual erotic lingerie, made of lace, for example, can ignite your partner’s imagination and arouse his courage to take the initiative and start a memorable night.

In addition, the type of erogenous zone can be a fairly significant factor that requires stimulation (tender, light, attentive, or slightly aggressive).

2.Types of erogenous zones and how to stimulate each one

Like those of the man, the erogenous zones of the woman fall into three categories: primary, secondary, and potential. What are these, and how does their stimulation manage to give rise to irresistible, voluptuous, and conquering sensations?

2.1. Primary erogenous points

As the name suggests, they are responsible for causing orgasm. In this category, we can include the reproductive organs. Strictly related to the female part, stimulation occurs in the clitoris and vagina. Suppose in the case of the latter organ we cannot speak of the receptors themselves, but instead of sensitivity to the muscular contractions during penetration when it comes to the clitoris. In that case, it can be stimulated in many ways, each of them causing maximum pleasure.

Most often, the area is stimulated by stroking or rubbing with your fingers or your partner’s tongue or a few ice cubes (for the brave) or even various love toys (sex toys). These are ideal ways to achieve sexual satisfaction, especially for single women. However, the intensity of the sensations will exceed any expectation when used in the couple, the stimulation being achieved both with their help and with the desire and attention of the partner. In the case of the latter variant, the possibilities are many: from the classic clitoral vibrators, whips, and ties for sex, to various simulators such as clitoral pumps.

2.2. Secondary erogenous points

They are regions of the skin that contribute to the arousal of the primary areas. Although their importance cannot be denied, they do not cause an orgasm in themselves. Still, they have a significant role in achieving it, mainly when their stimulation is performed simultaneously with the reproductive organs.

Excitation of the parts is elementary. These erogenous points in women are found throughout the groin area, from the pubis to the anus and even the buttocks, covering both the labia minora and the labia majora. A simple passage of the fingertips over these areas can cause the effect of “goosebumps.” This inevitably leads to sensitization and strengthening of the nipples, which leads us to another secondary erogenous zone in escort girls.

When the mere passing of the fingers or even the tongue over the hardened breasts manages to turn simple sparks into flames burning with impatience to explode with pleasure, the road to an intense orgasm quickly becomes shorter and smoother. Even more interesting is that to stimulate these areas, where women are most aroused, there are less conventional methods of arousal, such as nipple clamps and suction cups or other stimuli found in online sex shops.

2.3. Potential erogenous points

Here we can say that the skin’s entire surface has practically erogenous zone potential. The tender and sensual touches of the whole body can give rise to voluptuous sensations that contribute to the arousal of the primary areas. Each body, however, has different reactions to stimuli, which is why erogenous points differ from woman to woman. While for some, the neck, breasts, and thighs are hotbeds of pleasure, for others, touching the neck, back or armpits can cause intense arousal.

The sexuality of a woman or a man is not a science, so we cannot make statements based on scientific evidence and arguments. We can discuss comments made by experiments and real-life experiences. Therefore, the most erogenous areas in women, in the category of potential ones, proved to be the following:

  • Lips;
  • Neck and neck;
  • Ear lobe;
  • The back;
  • Thighs etc.

Of course, because, as I said, every woman is different, sensitive points can vary greatly. Thus, if the ones just mentioned can be categorized as classics, the ones we will list now can be seen as fetishes:

  • The soles of the feet;
  • Posterior knee area;
  • The knees;
  • Wrists;
  • Legs;
  • Lower abdomen;
  • Clavicle etc.

3.How female erogenous zones should be stimulated according to the predominant sexual temperament

Numerous studies have been done on sexuality and will continue to be done. The famous American anthropologist Helen Fisher has dedicated almost her entire career to studying human behavior when it is dominated by love and sexual intentions. In one of his books, “Why Him? Why her?”, She manages to distinguish four types of sexual temperaments:

  • the explorer (dominated by a high level of dopamine, curious, adventurous, and risk-taking spirit);
  • builder (dominated by elevated serotonin levels, calculated and conventional energy, following rules and procedures);
  • director (dominated by high testosterone levels, is an analytical, logical, and calculated spirit);
  • the negotiator (dominated by high estrogen levels, is generous, full of imagination and compassion).

A different reaction to the stimuli

These temperaments react differently to stimuli, and sexual behavior also varies greatly. You probably didn’t know that the way women get aroused is, to a much greater extent than men, influenced by the chemical structure of hormones and emotions.

We go over the theoretical part and launch ourselves directly into examples. A woman whose predominant temperament is an explorer is a sexually active person who is always looking for novelty and intensity, eccentricity and sensations that will make her forget her name for a few moments during sex. The sensitive points of the woman explorer will be stimulated in a slightly harsher or more nonconformist way. For example, just stroking her buttocks or nipples may not be enough to make her feel overwhelmed. On the other hand, spanking or rubbing the nipples between the fingers may be more irritating.

Why is this happening? What is the mechanism by which the body responds to stimuli of various intensities? The answer is a bit more complicated and goes beyond the simple theory that every woman is different and feels different. Receptors found in different body parts react to external stimuli (touching, kissing, pinching, stroking, etc.) and send signals to the brain. At this level, the brain processes the information received and released smaller or larger amounts of hormones (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, etc.). The chemical composition of these hormones determines the feminine behavior at passionate touches.

4.Erogenous zones and hormones – the invisible connection of the outside with the inside

It is a well-known fact that orgasm is a product of the brain, obtained through various external stimuli. But how do you explain the different reactions of the body to the touch of some regions of the body? Why doesn’t kissing on the forehead or cheek bring as much pleasure as kissing on the neck, lips, or breasts? Neuropsychologist Oliver Turnbull of the Bangor University School of Psychology in Wales has conducted a study based on the theory that the brain region responsible for processing body touch is the Island, located in the cerebral cortex. To the best of his knowledge, he believes that this part of the brain is responsible for receiving the sensation of slow touch and emotion.

The 41 areas of the body

To determine if there is a link between the Island and the erogenous zones, he conducted a study in which he asked people to rate no less than 41 areas of the body on a scale from “not at all erogenous” to more erogenous.” The study results revealed that most people find the exact areas intensely erogenous, regardless of gender, age, and other cultural differences. Of course, there are several notable differences. For example, if women placed nipple stimulation among the first places, this area was found at the bottom of the list in men. The same thing was reported with the buttocks or thighs.

But the path from outward touch to inward pleasure seems to remain hidden. From a symbolic point of view, we can say that the way to intense pleasure is secret because, to discover the most erogenous zones of the woman, the man needs time to try and observe. From a practical point of view, this path remains hidden because internally, arousal and the sensation of pleasure are achieved through hormones, which we popularly call “pleasure hormones.” The most common and “active” hormones are dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. What is the role of each of them in provoking pleasure in touching certain parts of the body? Here’s how each works:

4.1. Dopamine

It is the hormone responsible for motivating and memorizing activities that bring pleasure. Researchers at the Canadian Institute of Neuroscience, Mental Health, and Addiction have shown that by activating dopamine, the brain notices and memorizes the type of behavior that produces pleasure, satisfaction, or reward (sexual in this context).

When a specific behavior (such as stimulating an erogenous zone in women) is satisfying and in line with the expectations created by the brain, then the brain intensifies the appropriate amount of dopamine released in the future. In this way, the expectation of such a behavior will arouse a pleasant feeling of anticipation and desire. This is why it sometimes happens that the simple passage of the hands, lips, or breath very close to the skin causes arousal, even in the absence of direct contact.

4.2. Serotonin

The most crucial role of this neurotransmitter is to amplify the emotional state and sexual pleasure. Tender touches, kisses, and passionate caresses contribute to the release of serotonin which, when it reaches its optimum level, leads to the installation of the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

4.3. Endorphins

Endorphin receptors are present throughout the body, so these hormones are released with each touch of the partner. Endorphins act as a sedative, producing feelings of relaxation and happiness when the climax of sexual intercourse is reached. Thus, the hormone manages to reduce muscle tension and induce a natural state of relaxation. Therefore, foreplay, by inciting erogenous points, is very important for sexual intercourse as sensual as possible and orgasm as intense as possible.

4.4. Oxytocin

Oxytocin is due to women’s sexual and maternal behavior and how they select their life partners. It has the most crucial role of all the hormones involved in sexual activity. It is secreted more intensely during intercourse but also after its completion. To be eliminated in the optimal dose, both partners (because the hypothalamus of both sexes secretes oxytocin) must gradually reach the stage of burning desire. In other words, they must “prepare” in advance, that is, pay special attention to the foreplay and intensely erogenous zones.

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