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Top 10 Red-Light Districts in the world

Let's find out together which are the best Red-Light Districts in the world

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on October 24, 2021

Our top 10 Red-Light Districts in the world!

Even if you are not going to visit one of these red-light districts on your travels worldwide, it is still essential to be well informed. Maybe you will visit our Escort Agency instead.

When it comes to society’s weaknesses, local laws and customs vary by country, and you can never be too safe. In addition to wearing condoms (we’re sure you do), there are other things. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best erotic playgrounds in the world.

1. Our number one! De Wallen in Amsterdam, Netherlands

What to expect: De Wallen is the gold standard in the red light district. Due to government regulation, it is safer, cleaner, and more efficient than most you enter. This place is also a huge tourist area, so the streets are crowded with pedestrians. The escort girls show themselves in the floor-to-ceiling windows, beckoning you in when you pass by. When you see something you like, negotiate a price at the door.

Cost: Most women start at around $55 (50 euros) and last 15 minutes, although reducing the price to $44 (40 euros) is not unheard of. As soon as you enter the room, you arrive on time, so slacks and Crocs may be a highlight in the closet.

Please note: Negotiation is not a time to be shy about your goals, interests, and expectations. These women take advantage of ambiguous tourists and charge additional hidden fees for unspecified “additional services,” such as changing positions. Be as specific as possible.

2. Villa Tinto in Antwerp,Belgium

What to expect: Belgian waffles are more famous than women, but prostitution is very legal here. The seemingly pristine area- a three-block “tolerant zone” established by the government in 2000 (think Hamsterdam at The Wire)-is one of the world’s safest and cleanest red-light districts. Like De Wallen in Amsterdam, people want to shop in the window because young and revealing women in Antwerp also sell their goods behind the store’s glass.

The city’s best brothel, Villa Tinto, is known as “Europe’s most technologically high-tech brothel.” It has 51 suites, a safe for storing cash, a biometric scanner to identify workers, an on-site police station, and escort girls under the bed. An emergency button is provided for safety and a control room to supervise the operation. There are also massage parlors and strip clubs offering sex shows. For example, you can pay to watch a monkey slap a naked woman on the face. We report the facts.

Cost: The starting price for a full release massage is approximately US$66 (60 Euro). Or, for less than $2.20 (2 euros), you can get about 90 seconds of action on one of the peep shows. Window prostitutes start at $55 (50 euros) for 15 minutes, but you can pay more for extra costs such as kissing without having to use a condom. However, the bonus is STD-completely free!

Please note: Although the elegant escort girls working in windows are supervised, street scammers are not. It’s best to stay away from women who comment on how much she likes your sweet new fade. Did you know that 70% of prostitutes working in Belgium are Bulgarians? So, I hope you like Bulgarians.

3. Pascha in Cologne, Germany

What to expect: Cologne is home to the Pascha, Europe’s first high-rise brothel, built-in 1972 to condense the city’s RLD into one building. Women rent rooms to sell their products, and they sit in the corridors waiting for customers. You roam from floor to floor, from room to room, until you find the escort model you like, and then negotiate the price directly with her. Interestingly, some women live in their rooms; thank you so much for not taking your work home!

Cost: Entering the building is about 5.50 US dollars (5 euros), but women work independently, set their prices, and collect all profits. However, the standard European rate still dominates, about 55 USD (50 Euro) for 15 minutes.

Please note: one floor is reserved for petite escort girls, and the other is reserved for transgender people. Did you know that men over the age of 66 enjoy half-price discounts for girls in the afternoon—no AARP card is required. Men who get a Pascha logo tattoo are guaranteed free entry for life! And who says customer service is dead?

4.Patpong Bangkok, Thailand

What to expect: When it comes to Thailand’s red-light district, Patpong is a place that caters mainly to tourists and ex-pats. In fact, unlike Soi Cowboy, it is designated by the government as an official entertainment area, so the venue is open until 2 am. Patpong is a strange combination of sex and overpriced souvenirs. It is famous for performing wild stunts by naked women. In most strip clubs, you can pay a “bar fine” to take the girl home, or if you want to take your time, there are many massage parlors and pink salons.

Cost: Honestly, sex shows exist to deceive you, so only go if you have money. Although they promise to offer special drinks to attract you, you may be trapped by huge bills once the entertainment starts. An oil change at the Pink Salon costs approximately $25. According to experience, the women of Patpong are more expensive than Soi Cowboys.

Be warned:This cannot be stressed enough — stay away from drugs of any kind. The Thai police do NOT mess around when it comes to narcotics. Unlike America, where the police are held accountable for the minor infraction, Thai cops operate with a lot of autonomy; they can quickly extort tourists and get violent.

Did you know: The most offensive thing you can do to a Thai person is showing them the bottom of your feet. Doing so is considered a terrible insult and will undoubtedly result in aggressiveness or a fight. Save the shoeless handstands for home.

5. Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany

What to expect: Although it is almost impossible to enter places like Pascha in Cologne or De Wallen in Amsterdam, and everyone does not know what you are doing, Hamburg’s red-light district Reeperbahn is a top nightlife district with excellent bars and restaurants, theaters, and clubs. You know, apart from standard sex shops, sex museums, erotic theaters, and strip clubs.

Sex work is only available at certain times and is limited to one street, Herbertstraße; it is separated by a wall not to offend minors and demure ladies. In Hamburg, the popularity of strip clubs has surpassed that of prostitution. There are currently less than 400 professional women on Herbertstraße, a 50% drop from a decade ago. The more you know…

Cost: Most strip clubs cost about 33 US dollars (30 euros), and those that don’t will use 22 US dollars (20 euros) to make up for them. For the time alone with the lady of the evening, this is the European standard (but negotiated), 55 USD (50 Euro) for 15 minutes. The hourly cost of an erotic massage parlor is about 55-165 US dollars (50-150 euros).

Warning: Please be careful if you are asked to buy a glass of orange juice (orangensaft) for a stripper. “Orange juice” is a proposal for a sexy escort girl to sit down with you, and it usually costs between 22-44 US dollars (20-40 euros).

Did you know: The area is famous for the Beatles, who earned a musical streak at the Reeperbahn Music Club early in their careers. Their influence in the region is commemorated in the Plaza of the Beatles.

6. Zona Norte Tijuana, Mexico

What to expect: Although I saw multiple travel advice on America’s most popular border cities in the late 2000s, security today is much better than it was a few years ago. La Coahuila-the main street of Zona Norte-just a few blocks from Avenida Revolucion, lined by strip clubs (predictably, doubles as a brothel), and young escort girls are waiting outside the hotel to escort you upstairs.

Cost: On the street, regardless of whether you have a hotel to take them to, you will need to pay approximately $25 plus $5 for the “room.” In the strip clubs, it will cost you more — anywhere from $50-$100.

Please note: The police may try to disappoint you with random citizen violations. They will explain it in Spanish (assuming you don’t understand) and threaten to throw you into the Tijuana prison. It is not as attractive as Bruce Springsteen said, so be sure to bring enough cash for the prostitutes and the police.

Did you know: Adelitas, the biggest brothel in Tijuana, is also the most significant and oldest brothel in North America.

7. Soi Cowboy – Bangkok, Thailand

To expect: Soi Cowboy is not a “recreation area” designated by the government, so it is one of Thailand’s dirty red-light districts. Although like another RLD Patpong in the country, sex shows are the main attraction here. Although prostitution (and nude dancing) is illegal in Thailand, it is tolerated and partially regulated. Most escort models who work in go-go bars (including bartenders and waitresses) are paid; whether they agree depends on many factors-namely, how sick you are and how many coins you are willing to throw. If you are interested, you will usually buy a drink for the lady, just for reference. Sound familiar?

Cost: If you leave the bar with an attractive escort, you must pay a “bar fine,” usually about $15. From there, you negotiate the price directly with this lady for her services. The price starts at about US$45 for an hour at most but can be extended to US$125. You know, if you want her to stay and hug, or talk about the reason why your GF left (go to the picture), or why you haven’t become that big Promotion at work. Between drink prices, bar fines, and hourly rates, the lowest fee you see is about $75.

Please note: Don’t talk bad about the Thai monarchy to Thais (or even sex workers)-doing so will put some big-mouth tourists in jail.

Did you know: Nightlife columnist Bernard Trink named Soi after the late T. G. “Cowboy” Edwards. He is a retired American pilot. In addition to often wearing cowboy hats, he also opened one of the first bars in 1977.

8. Pigalle – Paris, France

What to expect: Pigalle in Paris is a debauchery center for sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs, cabaret shows, and many other X-rated adventures that cannot be released. As far as seeds are concerned, Pigalle may take over the cake. In other words, prostitution is illegal, so it is more of strip clubs and live performances. Be careful; many places in Pigalle have a representative who acts where thugs bully tourists and hand over all their money.

Cost: Participating in a live sex show usually costs about 22 US dollars (20 euros), and once you enter, you also need 22 US dollars (20 euros) for drinks. Don’t be surprised if the club randomly charges your credit card extra fees or if escort models try to force you to buy drinks from them, as each glass may end up running between 45-110 USD (30-100 Euro). Yes, you just purchased a Zima for $138 for that beautiful lady.

Please note: if you don’t know, it is easy to use. The club coaxes you in without the promise of covers and low-priced shows but then tempts you to buy things you didn’t even realize you were buying. Being deceived and possibly worrying about your life is the norm.

Did you know: Pigalle is also a venue for some classic burlesque performances, the most famous being the Moulin Rouge. It offers a full dinner service, and thankfully, it sings more petite/more boobs than the movie musical of the same name.

9. Geylang – Singapore City, Singapore

What to expect: Geylang is a three-mile road with small streets called “longs.” The even-numbered places are full of “chicken farms”: legal brothels supervised by the government filled with Thai and Chinese working as Asian escort girls. Your session is limited to 45 minutes, so maybe don’t choose the “extended happiness” condom, but instead stick to the ribbed condom for her happiness.

Cost: Prostitutes are divided into $40, $80, and $150 varieties, but some high-end prostitutes cost $200. But an average of $50 can get the job done.

Note: Although legal brothels are limited to even-numbered Luo Long, there are also brothels in odd-numbered brothels. Most of them are illegal and unregulated, and you may find yourself naked in the event of a surprise attack.

Did you know that the main street in Geylang is also famous for its food? And the signature dish of this street is called frog-leg porridge. It sounds like that.

10. Kabukichō – Tokyo, Japan

What to expect: Kabukicho caters almost exclusively to Japanese locals and their passion for strange sexual fantasies; for tourists, this can be a difficult place. Clubs usually take the theme as the theme, and there are sexy secretaries, nurses, maids, and maids everywhere, whatever you want-it’s like Halloween all year round! There are nude karaokes, sex dolls for rent, and even a “soap paradise” where you can wash them with soap before getting dirty. Not to mention the hostess club, where you pay for companionship. How sweet it is. Although paid sex is illegal in Japan, everything else is fair-be sure to watch the clock because sex clubs close at midnight.

Cost: Depending on the quality of the escort girls, the price of the host club is from US$30 to US$140 for two hours. The pink salon will cost you about $20, and the escort service ladies come to your room-starts at about $250 per hour.

Please note: Don’t just go to check them somewhere is well known that bodyguards will charge tourists an excessive, non-negotiable entrance fee.

Did you know that Kabukicho is home to a large number of shemales, which is the local name for transgender people who also work in the area?

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