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Prostitutes in Essen City

Prostitutes and escort girls in Essen, Germany

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Prostitutes in Essen

Last summer, I planned a trip to Essen City in NRW, Germany. Here you can find a very important escort agency from Germany, Escort Girls NRW. However, the plan was to rent a car at Dusseldorf Airport (somehow the only option that allowed me to book a cheap flight and a cheap rental car) and then drive into NRW, carefully avoiding the highway instead of cruising down the A3.

Presently it’s one month after the fact, and I effectively visited a couple of “nature” parts around NRW, Germany. Contingent upon where you come from, a few pieces of Germany are, without a doubt, extraordinarily wild and indiscriminate. I come from Holland, which is an exceptionally liberal nation as of now. In any case, Germany’s street prostitution effectively predominates Holland’s street prostitution.

Essen is a city in the focal piece of the Ruhr region in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Situated on the River Ruhr and with a population of 567,000 people, Essen is the ninth biggest city in Germany. For the year 2010, Essen was the European Capital of Culture for the entire Ruhr region.

At the beginning of the 20th century, prostitution was considered “harmful to communities.” Nevertheless, there existed or originated in the 20th century, various brothel and red-light districts such as, Stahlstraße in Essen (from about 1900), Im Winkel in Bochum (from about 1912), and the Flaßhofstraße in Oberhausen and It is estimated that in 1900 5,000 women were working in Essen (population 1 December 1900: 118,862).

Street prostitution in Essen, Stahlstraße

The Stahlstraße is a street in the western district of Essen, Germany. It is the city’s red-light district and a dead-end that has a privacy screen across its entrance. The street has been associated with prostitution since around 1900, at that time under the name Heilig-Geist-Straße. The road was renamed Stahlstraße (Steel Street) in honor of the Essen steel company Krupp. It is regarded as one of the oldest red-light districts in Germany.

It is located northwest of the city center, about 200 meters southwest of the University of Duisburg-Essen, and 300 meters northwest of the Limbecker Platz shopping center. In 1965, Der Spiegel’s magazine indicated 17 houses with a total workforce of sometimes over 200 prostitutes from Italy, Holland, and Russia. In 2013, 17 homes with around 100 to 120 prostitutes were listed, with the Bandidos having an influence here.

I spent two days in the vicinity of Essen city. I have seen the places in person that looked very familiar from the Street View pictures. I have seen some escort girls at locations that I have found on the Street View pictures. I have talked to some of them. I have had sex with some.

The basic process of picking up a prostitute in Essen city is as predictable as can be:

  • You stop along the road.
  • She comes to talk to you.
  • You agree on a sexual service.
  • She gets in.
  • You drive to a place.

The Essen prostitutes have multiple locations along the road. Sometimes it is like a rush-hour – cars can be swarming around to find one of the unoccupied slots and places. But the prostitutes from Essen city know their spots very well. They can quickly redirect you to another location should the site already be taken by somebody else.

Info: You should know some German language. Most of the prostitutes only speak German, and they don’t learn English. You can always agree on something by making hand gestures. But you should at least know some of the numbers. I have learned only two of them: Zwanzig and dreißig. Dreißig is what an Essen prostitute will take for vaginal intercourse and “optical” finish.

I always found those terms like “optical” rather stupid. Only insiders will know what this means – so I won’t use words like this for the rest of the article. I don’t learn any German. So I don’t know why the prostitutes always asked for “Dreißig” instead of 30 [Euros]. A hand-job will run you 20 (Zwanzig) Euros (although the prostitute might try to talk you out of another 10 Euros to show you her boobs and let you touch them).

FKK Clubs in Essen

There are many FKK clubs in Essen city that are large brothel-style sex saunas. They operate as nudist resorts and appeal to both men and women. The clubs have female employees paid to host guests or from whom you can purchase additional sexual services locally. Some clubs offer a single entry fee during which you can have sex with any number of prostitutes, while others allow you to pay as you use the services.

As in Holland, there is a subculture of sex clubs in Essen City where guests can pay for sex at the spa. However, there are much fewer of the Netherlands, and not one of them matches the sizes expected from clubs in Essen. These are some of the more reputable ones where you can get a decent relaxing yet erotic experience:

  • Pussy Club Essen, address: Laubenhof 9, 45326 Essen
  • PerlenPalast, address: Alte Bottroper Str. 23, 45356 Essen
  • Saunaclub Penelope, address: Westring 233 A, 44579 Castrop-Rauxel
  • Club Royal, address: Schürmannstraße 43A, 45136 Essen

Erotic Massage in Essen city

Having a sensual erotic massage is a fantastic way to relax. If you have some spare time and want to relax, there is no better way to do this than by having a sensual massage in Essen city. This city has talented masseuses who offer therapies including tantric, body to body, prostate, Nuru, soapy massage, and much more. Some of the erotic massage salons in Essen only do handjob Happy Ending, but others will also do full service.

The city of Essen is a fantastic place for erotic massage. I would say not many other cities come close in terms of quality and choice. Here is a rundown of the most popular sensual massage therapies you can find in the city of Essen:

  • Tantric massage

Also sometimes known as tantra, this session originates from the ancient Indian philosophy of tantra. It is not easy to define what tantra is, but the purpose is to celebrate the divine by cultivating your energy to the universe. They can do this thing via meditation and other physical acts such as yoga and massage. Tantric massage is probably the most popular massage in Essen, as it can make the receiver feel genuinely relaxed and re-energized. I recommend the AYANA – Tantra Massage, located on Zindelstraße 9, 45128 Essen.

  • Japanese nuru massage

Another massage from the East, Japan, Nuru massage, is probably the most fun and erotic massage you can have. You and the masseuse will strip off, and she will then apply Nuru gel to both your bodies. The Nuru gel is a highly slippery substance, perfect for a steamy body-on-body massage. For a Nuru massage, I recommend Vicky’s-Wellness Massage, which is located on Strickerstraße 30 a 45329 Essen.

  • Prostate massage

The prostate is a small gland located inside the anus. When stimulated by a massage, it can create a powerful orgasm for the receiver. Some say the prostate gland is the male g-spot. In this session, the masseuse will also caress and stimulate your anal area. The anus has thousands of nerve endings, so this feels exceptionally nice, as you can imagine. For a prostate massage, please visit “SAMARA im AYANA” located on Zindelstraße 9, 45128 Essen.

  • Body 2 body massage

This type is the second most popular sensual massage in Essen. Body to body, also known as b2b massage, is what it sounds like, as the prostitute glides up and down your body. You will feel her breasts, and everything else moves in erotic ways across your back. It is when you turn over that the fun starts. I visit Santana Massage when I need a Body 2 body massage. The place is located on Altendorferstrasse 35, 45143 Essen.

  • VIP full-service massage

This session is becoming increasingly popular for guys. Essentially full service is a session that includes everything from body to body, tantric, prostate pleasuring, kissing, oral, and maybe even more. Full-service erotic massage in Essen will cost a bit more but can be truly worth it if done with a masseuse who knows what she’s doing. For a full-service massage in Essen, please visit “Aamani Tantra Massage located on Christophstraße 18‎, 45130 Essen.

  • Many more

The therapies listed above are the most popular. However, there are plenty more therapies you can try, including soapy, couples, tie and tease, dark tantra, and a special yoni massage for women, for instance. I have listed as many erotic massage styles as possible on this site. You find even more information on the provider’s websites too.

How to find escort girls in Essen city?

A trip to the fantastic city of Essen should produce enlightening and engaging moments. The escort services in Essen are so varied and diverse, though, that choosing can be pretty tough. After all, a quick search of “escorts in Essen” produces more than its fair share of results. All escort girls look tremendous, and all of the offers sound amazing – so what should you be looking for? In this guide, I will help you hunt down Essen’s perfect service for your needs and even recommend some of the best escort agencies.

When you are looking for the best lovely ladies in Essen has to offer, it pays to start looking at Escort Girls NRW. This Escort Service is one of the most popular sites for a good reason, offering you a whole host of professional escort girls who know their way around a fantastic time.

Part of what makes Escort Girls NRW one of the leading agencies is its variety. With so many girls to pick from, you can easily make the whole experience a touch more engaging and personable. From the delightful Ada, to the wonderful Vicky, you will find a whole host of excellent girls on the Escort Service website waiting for your call.

If you are after a hotel escort experience, Escort Girls NRW has many of their girls who can meet you at a hotel. This thing makes it much easier for you to put the whole evening together, enjoying a service tailored to your exact needs and wants.

So, if you are on the lookout for a saucy and exciting date, you will find plenty of help waiting for you here at Escort Girls NRW. With a growing list of companions all the time, like petite, mature, Brazilian, ebony, eastern European, and of course German escorts, you should find it pretty easy to locate a girl who ticks all of your boxes for the evening. It’s much easier to have a good time when surrounded by stunning women, after all.

Many agencies in Essen deal with sexy escort girls. Getting one from here is advantageous as the escorts are adequately screened before being recommended to a client. This is very good because you will not have to fear security-wise and services agreed will be given to you without a doubt. If you choose to contact an agency, they will first ask you some questions to identify your personality before recommending one of their escorts. You also may request the escort you have chosen to be dressed in a certain way.

Some escort girls prefer working alone and not with an escort agency. What makes them independent is that they prefer getting the whole amount rather than dividing it with an Escort Service. Like escorts from the agency, these too will render the same services or better to be referred or contacted later.

Once you’ve found an escort girl you want to see, verified to your satisfaction that she is an established professional with a history of satisfied customers, and absorbed pertinent public info about rates, hours, etc., it’s time to make contact. Reach out in whatever way the website directs, and provide whatever information is requested.


I hope you got some great information from my article. The next step is to learn the most common mistakes most men make when finding, calling, and going on an appointment with an escort girl.

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