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Tips for women’s intimate hygiene

Read our new blog and learn the best tips about women's intimate hygiene

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on February 16, 2022

INTIMATE HYGIENE – Tricks to regain your well-being

The vagina is a very important organ, which must be cared for by the book to avoid certain conditions that can affect sexual life, the chances of getting pregnant, and many other aspects of intimate life. Therefore, you need to know as much as possible about intimate hygiene and its rules to know exactly what is good to do and what is not from this point of view. What is certain is that doctors recommend that you pay close attention to this area because it is susceptible and prone to infections. For our sexy escort girls, their intimate hygiene is the most important thing!

1.Intimate hygiene in women – What do you need to do to maintain your intimate health?

Women often face various problems caused by poor intimate hygiene, which is why you need to be very careful when it comes to your vagina. It is not enough to wash in time, but you still have to do certain things to be always clean and tidy in the vaginal area.

If you often experience infections, it is clear that you are doing something wrong or that you are missing out on an essential element of personal female care. Therefore, it is advisable to be very careful about the steps to help you maintain proper hygiene in the private area. We can assure you that when you book an escort girl from our Escort Agency, she will be 100% clean and ready for romantic moments with you!

Wash daily

The vagina is always hidden under the underwear in a humid environment, so ideal for the development of bacteria that can cause various health problems. For this reason, it is recommended that you carefully clean this area daily to avoid certain infections that can be very dangerous. Avoid strong-smelling shower gels, as the skin is very sensitive in this area and could be affected. Also, please do not use the sponge to contain harmful germs. Always choose specialized products for cleaning the intimate area and only reliable brands.

Change your underwear every day

Just as you need to shower every day, so do you need to change your underwear. It must be replaced every morning or evening, immediately after the shower, so that the environment is as clean as possible, for as long as possible. Even if the panties only surround the outside of the vagina, this does not mean that they do not contain bacteria, which can accumulate during the day. In addition, only in this way can the intimate area retain its pleasant smell every day.

Dry as soon as you get out of the pool

If you love to go swimming in the pool or pool, it is advisable to dry the intimate area as well as possible after getting out of the water. In addition, it is ideal for taking a shower before going home to remove as soon as possible any microbes you may have taken from the pool water, where others have entered before you, and then lightly dab the area with a soft and absorbent towel.

Take a shower before and after any sexual intercourse

Many people do not shower before and after a sex game, which is wrong. A bubble bath, in which you can use different oils and moisturizing gels, will leave your skin velvety and fragrant, which will attract your partner even more. Afterward, cleaning of the intimate area is also necessary to prevent the occurrence of various colds. Many people believe that a hot shower after a sex game can prevent unwanted pregnancy, but this is entirely false. In order not to get pregnant, you need contraceptives, such as condoms and contraceptives.

Choose to wear only the right underwear

Give up satin or synthetic panties to orient yourself towards those made of 100% cotton. This material is friendly to the skin does not irritate or cause itching, which is why underwear made of cotton is ideal.

Change the towels you wipe in the intimate area often

The towel must be used only by you, as it is personal. In addition, it is necessary to replace it with a freshly washed one at an interval of about two days to ensure that there are no risks to expose yourself to when you wipe after the shower.

Change tampons regularly

It is advisable to change the tampons every three or four hours during your period, depending on your needs. This will keep you away from irritation, discomfort, and unpleasant odors. You should do the same for daily tampons, which, although thinner, need to be changed just as often.

Go to the gynecologist regularly

It would help if you went to the doctor, whether you have a problem or not. You can only contact your doctor for a routine check to ensure everything is fine in the intimate area. This can help you find out in advance, at an early stage, specific issues that could be dealt with in a much easier and less expensive way.

In addition, it is ideal that as soon as you feel discomfort or notice certain irregularities, make an appointment with a trusted doctor, which you usually go to. Only in this way can you prevent complications and fix the problem quickly.

What is very important to remember is that you should not treat yourself as you see fit, but only on the advice of a specialist. You can worsen the situation by applying various creams and gels, as many may contain substances that cause side effects on contact with your skin.

Many women make this mistake, which can cost them dearly, both medically and financially. Therefore, do not postpone or avoid the consultation because you are ashamed to undress to be checked. Everyone does this, so you don’t have to be afraid or ashamed. In addition, the gynecologist deals with this, so you are neither the first nor the only one he examines.

Some of these intimate hygiene tricks for women can and should be applied by men to help them stay healthy for a long time.

Moreover, intimate hygiene during pregnancy must be enhanced to take the utmost care of this beautiful process. Thus, the sacredly follows all the above steps to avoid encountering problems that require medication.

2. Intimate hygiene – Causes of bad smells

It is usual for the vagina to have a particular odor, but when it becomes bothersome, it is clear that there is a problem. Poor intimate hygiene can often cause this, but there are other factors. Therefore, a medical consultation is urgent in order to be able to ascertain the cause with precision.

However, if you find that vaginal discharge has a pungent odor, you should know that the following factors can cause it:

Lack of hygiene

As you already know, the vagina needs to be washed frequently to be clean and healthy. Therefore, a lack of intimate hygiene can lead to an unpleasant odor. It is essential that when you detect a scent that you dislike, try to fix the problem in the first phase with the help of a hot and relaxing bath.

If the smell persists, you should call a gynecologist. It could be a health problem.


One of the most common problems with the intimate area in women is bacterial vaginosis. It smells like fish and can cause itching, irritation, and a yellowish discharge. Usually, this infection’s treatment consists of administering antibiotics meant to eliminate the disease.

The buffer used for more than 4 hours

In the tricks of personal care for women, the tampon should be changed every 4 hours. This is mandatory to avoid infections and pungent odors, which do not please any woman.

If you use internal tampons, there is a high risk that you will forget about them on a very busy and hectic day, especially since they are not even felt when worn. If you remember that you forgot it inside the vagina, you need to remove it urgently, and if you fail, you should go to the gynecologist immediately.


Everyone sweats, especially in summer, when temperatures are very high. Therefore, intimate hygiene must be at the forefront of every woman at this time of year because sweat can lead to odors. These unpleasant odors can also occur due to intense exercise, as the body sweats in this place as well. So don’t forget to clean this area after every physical effort carefully!

Menstruation period

Even if you change the tampon at a fixed time, this does not mean that your vagina does not smell differently during the menstrual period of the month. Due to the fact that the blood has a high pH level, vaginal flora can produce a metallic odor. This should end when menstruation ends.

Otherwise, another may be the cause of the bad smell. For this reason, intimate activity and hygiene must be followed step by step to know what could be the causes of a problem.

Finally, it is ideal for keeping your internal and external intimate hygiene as short as possible so as not to face unwanted situations. Take care as per the book and consider all the tips presented above to stay as far away from the doctor as possible.

If you feel that something is wrong in the vaginal area, consult because this is an essential organ for all women. Leave yourself in the hands of the best specialists to remedy any possible condition in the most professional and fast way possible.

3. Intimate hygiene questions and answers

What are the recommended soaps for washing the intimate area?

Shower gels and fragrant soaps should be avoided and very delicate ones made from natural ingredients that do not contain allergens and parabens can be used.

What are the steps of intimate hygiene during menstruation?

First of all, change the tampon as often as possible, wash with soap and water twice a day and use intimate wet wipes every time you go to the bathroom.

Do many women face infections caused by poor intimate hygiene?

Yes, there are many women who frequently have this type of problem. This does not necessarily mean that they do not wash, but may have simply forgotten to change the towel with which they wipe after showering.

What are the remedies for unpleasant odors in the intimate area?

Ideally, you should take a shower first to see if they persist. If they do not go away, a medical consultation is required. Do not use creams and other remedies on your own, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Should the cleaning of the intimate area be done only outside or inside?

It is not enough to just wash your lips on the outside, as most bacteria accumulate inside them. Therefore, washing must be done both outside and inside. In other words, everything related to the vagina should be washed as often and often as possible.

Can men pay less attention to the intimate area?

No, both women and men need to take care of the intimate area very seriously. Otherwise, they may suffer from various infections, which are not very pleasant.

Do children need to be cared for differently in this area?

Not. The same care tricks should be applied to the little ones.

Basic rules for proper intimate hygiene in men

Also, in the case of men, there are rules of intimate hygiene. Experts recommend paying particular attention to the area after gym workouts and especially after sexual intercourse. Molded linen, its material, can retain moisture that leads to discomforts such as itching, odor, and irritation. Sweating and bacteria contribute to the deterioration of men’s health. Moreover, poor intimate hygiene can cause various sexually transmitted infections.

Cleaning the area under the foreskin is vital to eliminate residues and minimize the risk of bacterial infections. In addition, the linen must be changed daily, and it is recommended that it be made of cotton or other materials that have wetting properties. Therefore, washing after sexual intercourse is good, mandatory, practical. Cleaning with intimate hygiene gels is sufficient, and even products for women can be used. If you want to get rid of the bad smell, you can do more harm if you use the deodorants created for this purpose, experts say. They may contain chemicals that irritate.


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