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Why do men go to escort girls?

Why do men go to escort girls? Read our blog and find out!

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on December 14, 2021

Men love escort models

In public, very few people admit to being clients of Escort Agencies. Still, it is enough to leave a big city on any national highway to run into an Escort Service and see the cars of all those people parked who later claim to have never been using escort services. As the researchers know, the surveys on these types of sensitive subjects are not very reliable (people lie a lot), but the figures they give are pretty high.

In the latest study by the Center for Sociological Research on Sexual Attitudes and Practices, from 2008, 24.6% of men acknowledged having had “sometime in their life” sexual relations with a person who had been paid for it (only 1.1% of the women answered affirmatively).

Although it is not usual to find consumers who stand up to defend escorting, every time the debate on the need to abolish or legalize this is reopened – the two most widespread positions compared to the usual “I pretend nothing is wrong” that governs In countries like ours–, there are those who cry out for their right to continue being escort girls. And this is what has happened in the last region that has legislated in this regard, Northern Ireland, which has just approved a regulation similar to the Swedish one to persecute and please customers.

“I tried flirting through various popular dating sites but was unsuccessful. So, to satisfy my physical needs, I switched to Escort Services.”

“I don’t feel bad about having sex with escort girls,” Hans said. Hans is an ordinary middle-class man in his 30s. He took a long lunch break during his advertising job to talk about him—sex trading experience. Shy and a little nervous, he told me, “I hope talking about it helps me figure out why I’m doing this. “I also hope to understand his motives better.

This is one of 700 men interviewed by a large international research project, which aims to reveal the actual situation of men who trade in sex. The project spans six countries, and most of the 103 clients we interviewed in Germany—I am one of the researchers—are surprisingly enthusiastic about discussing their experiences. More men prefer to go to an Escort Service, instead of trying to actually date a girl.

An escort girl suits every type of men

The men did not fall into obvious stereotypes. They are between 18 and 70 years old; they are white, black, Asian, and Eastern European; most people are employed, and many people receive education beyond school level. In general, they are decent, courteous, and social. Many people are husbands and boyfriends; more than half of them are either married or having relationships with women.

Research published in 2005 found that the number of men paying for sex has doubled in ten years. The author attributed this rise to the “greater acceptability of commercial sexual contact.” Still, many of our interviewees told us that they felt intense guilt and shame about paying for sex. “I’m not satisfied in my heart” is what he described when he fumbled after spending for sex. Another told me that he felt “disappointed—what a waste of money,” “still lonely,” and “guilty about my relationship with my wife.” Many men are contradictory groups. Although they found their experience “not fulfilling, empty, and terrifying,” they visited escort girls.

So, why do men visit escort girls?

You only need to check the advertisements in the local newspapers and realize that there seems to be a great demand. Sex workers do not force men to accept their services; men go to them for many reasons. Some of my male clients with partners felt so guilty about seeing sex workers that they came to me to talk about it.

They often have little or no sexual relationships; leaving is not always an option, especially when children are involved. They would rather pay the price for sex, they think that sex is not so unfaithful, and they don’t want to have an affair emotionally involved. Some men have no time or desire to establish personal relationships, just like sex, without strings attached.

A destroyed marriage

Others see sex workers because they like to engage in sexual activities that their partners may not enjoy. Many young men pay for sex, and they may visit bars or nightclubs for free. When a female client of mine found out that her husband had been visiting sex workers for the past few years, she was furious and disappointed. However, to my surprise, she accused the sex worker of destroying her marriage, not her partner.

After discovering and believing that he would not have sex with him again, it was difficult for her to have sex with him again. I talked to men from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other countries where premarital sex is not officially allowed.

They asked me if it is okay for sex workers because they want to know how to make love correctly to be good lovers of their wives when they get home and get married. Another client of mine had delusions; he was obsessed with the sex workers he saw and believed that “they fell in love,” and he wanted to save her. Other men are addicted to the scene and spend too much money, but it is their choice after all!

Many men seem to want to establish a real relationship with a woman but are disappointed when the relationship does not develop: “It’s just sex, no emotions. Be prepared to accept this, or not go at all. She is not a wife or girlfriend.” Others know very well that they spend money on sex to be able to completely control the encounter, including Bob, who said, “Look, men pay for women because he can have anything he wants. Many men go into prostitution. , So they can do things to them that real women would not endure.”

4 reasons explaining the wish for sex with an escort

Various studies estimate that the percentage of men visiting escort girls varies from country to country, ranging from 16% in countries like the United States to 90% in Thailand. A more accurate range may be that between 16% and 39% of men worldwide have visited a prostitute. Men who often prostitute themselves cross all races, economic and social classes, and age boundaries.

A recent example is the former governor of New York State, who is married and has children. In other words, people from truck drivers to teachers, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and even law enforcement officials visit escort girls. Let’s study some of the many possible causes, remembering that there is no single explanation for all men.

  1. Compulsive needs affect some people and make them go to escort girls. This applies to both men and women. In this case, men driven by this compulsiveness can never get enough prostitutes. They can’t get as much sex as possible.
  2. The second item in this list is that an insatiable need for sexual pleasure affects some men. Without it, they will always be in a state of frustration.
  3. Some men think that authentic relationships are too risky for many reasons, including fear of true intimacy. These people often visit the same escort girl and fantasize about establishing a real connection with the woman. One aspect of this fantasy relationship is that prostitutes do not ask for any emotional return. In a way, the prostitute is “soothing the man’s soul.”
  4. Misogyny is hatred of women. Experts in the industry believe that men who frequently engage in escort services genuinely hate women. For these hateful men, women become submissive and even humiliated in the process of purchasing sexual services.

What men do really expect out of sex?

A former escort girl who slept with more than 10,000 men answered golden questions. “What do men expect out of sex?”

This escort girl, 39, from Australia, has worked in this industry for 12 years and has written a book that reveals the surprising things men are willing to pay for.

In her book, she said that “Most gentlemen don’t always like fornicating services.” In fact, in her ten years in this industry, the most important thing for her clients is the “feeling of being needed and needed. Being seriously wanted by a horny woman. After all, this is their ultimate fantasy.” She said this is important, so no matter what sex you are doing, “you will make him look bad and like him very much (even if you are not).” She said that many girls in this industry try to “surpass” other women with the behaviors or techniques they use, but this should be avoided.

They prefer real breasts

She said: “Don’t try to keep up or surpass anyone else, or it will be counterproductive. You just want to work within your boundaries. “They are ordinary people; they just want to have some fun; they want to know that you are also having fun.” She found that one of the biggest questions girls asked was whether enlarged breasts are beneficial. Thankfully, the former prostitute revealed that most men prefer the feel of real breasts. There is a market for every body type. She wrote: “If you have them, there is a market. If you don’t, then there is a market. I won’t lose too much sleep for this. ”

A little-known secret in the football world is that quite a lot of men will actively look for escorts from women who are not the hottest, instead of looking for someone who is not so classic and beautiful, because they feel shy and sometimes even a little bit inadequate. “You don’t have to be the hottest femme fatale, but as long as you dress appropriately, comfortable, confident in your skin, have a good atmosphere, energetic and professional, then this is what it needs.

“There are many different women of all colors, ages, bodies, and backgrounds. You can’t imagine making money from their bodies.” Gwyneth said that one of the biggest misconceptions is that men only want young women. But according to her experience, women can be successful at any age. She has witnessed first-hand escorts in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s making a lot of money. She even heard of a companion who started working at the age of 83 and continued for four years. She was charging about $325 per hour.

From fantasy to reality

Beyond the sexual needs, prostitution would come to meet the desire of the men to live all their dreams. Men think so much that they have a right to have sex deep inside. They don’t see why they should pay for it. Sometimes men turn to these prostitutes to fulfill fantasies that they dare not talk about with their wives or that they would never accept.

For example, in role-play practice, spankings, or blowjobs, many husbands do not dare ask their wives. They sometimes become very shy when expressing their desire. In this case, the men who go to see escort girls are not often released, men. The more they are entangled in their inability to fulfill their sexual desire, the more they have to call on sex workers. As a result, prostitution makes it possible to satisfy unconventional sexual practices.

For a different sexuality

Like most escort girls on girls in Germany, they are adorable, elegant, and irresistibly charming. Often hot and without taboos, men prefer to pay them to enjoy different sexual and high-level sexual services (sodomy, deep throat, GFE, etc.).

Indeed, according to the sexologist, most of the men concerned seek to get rid of their sexual politeness. Their inhibitions, and thus to free themselves from their status as good husbands. In this case, they are paying for practices that they dare not ask their official companion. And this without having the impression of cheating on their wife. In the city of Duseeldorf, there is something for everyone, beautiful blonde or fine brunette, depending on your choice.

On Escort Girls NRW, there are escort girls ready for anything, erotic masseuses, and sexy and naughty women simultaneously. Ending your day in the hands of an escort is often stressful. With the lovely company, it doesn’t hurt to do yourself some good. Making love with them responds to a need for change to get out of the routine.


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