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Of fetishists and fetishisms

There are many fetishists who require the services of an escort to carry out their sexual fantasies

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on October 9, 2021

Of fetishists and fetishisms

There are as many ways to experience sex as there are people in the world. There are men for whom sex is reduced to the missionary and little else. Others, more friends of experimentation, venture into trying erotic postures searching for new sensations. More original and special, some live their sexuality in a way in which fetishes play a fundamental role. These are men who are especially excited when contemplating, for example, the foot of a sexy escort model wearing a high-heeled shoe. Or a hairy female armpit. Or that they have a special predilection for obese women. Or that they feel as if libido comes to a boil when they have before them a woman who has a scar in a particular part of her body. In speaking of these men, we speak of fetishists. We are going to talk about them, fetishes, and fetishism in this article. To speak of fetishism is to speak of something that is much more habitual than we think. More fetishists are walking down the street than we can initially imagine. There are many people for whom certain substances, objects, or parts of the particular person’s body are a source of excitement or even orgasm. That, and nothing else, are fetishes.

Some consider fetishism a kind of degeneration, something detestable that must be corrected. We consider conceiving fetishism that way to be unfair at best. Fetishism should be considered a harmless practice. In some way, fetishism helps us improve our sexual experience to make it more intense and pleasant. The fetish is, for the fetishist man, something like an aphrodisiac. What is wrong with a man enjoying, especially while fucking a charming escort dressed as a nurse for the occasion? What can we criticize a splicing man while he licks a woman’s instep? Why should a man necessarily like shaved pubes? Why can’t she like well-populated pussies and armpits with hair? Or why can’t that man conceive that the maximum sexual pleasure resides in doing it with someone who has devastatingly big boobs or behaves as little less than a piece of furniture? Certainly, there are some stranger fetishes than others. Still, none can be considered dangerous if, firstly, it does not become a paraphilia. Secondly, it is practiced while always preserving the will of the other and his way of conceiving sexuality. Or is someone going to tell us how we should fuck or what should excite us ?.

For many decades, fetishisms were equated with paraphilias. Today, fortunately, they differ from some (harmless and fun) from others (castrating for the person who experiences them). How? Straightforwardly: we speak of paraphilia when a particular object, substance, or practice is essential for the person who experiences it to achieve pleasure and fetishism when that object, substance, or practice is not essential for the fetishist to achieve sexual arousal, although it does serve, and much, to make that arousal more intense. In the case of paraphilia, we can speak of pathology; in fetishism, only in a different and, if we want, outlandish way of living sexuality. As we have previously indicated, there are many types of fetishism. They make an exhaustive list of them is not the objective of this article, but we will collect some of the most common and some of the strangest or most shocking. And so far, this little introduction to the world of fetishists and fetishists. In future posts, we will continue investigating the disturbing mind of a fetishist and if you are one of them, remember that we have many girls in Barcelona and Madrid who love fetishists and are willing to play and carry out their sexual fantasies. High-class escorts, the ideal women for a fetishist.




Let’s continue with the theme of fetishes, fetishisms, and fetishists, of which quite a few of our VIP escorts in Cologne and Düsseldorf are specialists. Because a fetishist usually does not find people willing to participate in his fantasies, and then they turn to our girls, open-minded women who love all kinds of erotic games. In the thread of what we said previously in the post, we will enter to describe the most common fetishisms, of which we can highlight:

Hair fetish or trichophilia: People who have this fetish are excited by contact with their hair or contemplating some hairstyle, color, etc. Trichophilic women, on the other hand, are more excited with men who are bearded, with a mustache, or who have a particularly hairy chest.

Foot fetish and footwear: This is one of the most common fetishisms. In some cases, the foot must be worn with a certain type of shoe. In others, it is enough to contemplate the barefoot to start the machinery of excitement. When it is the feminine footwear that produces the sexual excitement in the fetishist, we speak of altocalcifilia. Some men find maximum pleasure in fucking a completely naked and attractive escort but still have her stylish and elegant high-heeled shoes on. Stiletto heels, in this sense, have been directly guilty, throughout history, of more than one erection.

Leather and latex fetish: Some materials have traditionally been fetishes for many people. Leather and latex would be two of those materials. A sofa, an article of clothing, a certain toy to practice BDSM … many objects can put a man who experiences this fetishism to a hundred.

Lingerie fetishism: When it comes to clothing turned into a fetish, it is impossible to forget lingerie. More or less elegant, lace lingerie is very exciting for many people. And, let’s face it, the bodies dressed in a market offer panties do not look the same as a carefully designed lingerie garment made of satin or silk. Whether we are fetishists or not, good lingerie is very sexy, and that is why the vast majority of domina escorts wear elegant and sexy underwear when meeting with their clients. Garters, bras, fishnet stockings, corsets … the possibilities of satisfying underwear fetishists are endless.

Costume fetishism: Fuck the teacher, get a nurse, put a policewoman on all fours … the imagination is unleashed on the heads of fetishists imagining role-playing games. Costumes play a special role in these. That is why many escorts offer this service to their clients. Costumes can turn a fucking date into something more fun.

Partialism: A series of fetishisms are grouped under this name, all characterized by the same characteristic: that of having converted a specific part of the body into a fetish. This part of the body becomes, for the fetishist, as important a part of the body as the genitals can be. Foot fetishism or podophilia (cited above) would be part of this group. Nasophilia (interest in noses) or maschalagnia (interest in armpits) would also be part of it. Those who experience this fetish can enjoy stroking, kissing, sucking, licking, touching, or smelling that part of the body that they have become their fetish.

But we repeat, these are the most common fetishes since the fetish universe can be infinite and unipersonal (fetishes that only one person has). Some are rare, almost unimaginable, and we will document ourselves and present them in future articles. And now you know, if you have a fetish and do not know who to share it with and carry it out, look for an open-minded escort on one of our Girls in Cologne and Düsseldorf, you will find the right girl to put it into practice. Do not stop living your fantasies, and you will surely enjoy them a lot.




Now we will continue reviewing fetishes. The ones we listed earliest in this article would be the most common fetishes. Let’s see now, among the immense amount of fetishes that we can find, some of the most striking.

Somnofilia: Excitement for doing it with a person who sleeps or who, at least, pretends to sleep.

Clismafilia: Excitation and pleasure are obtained by introducing liquids into the anus. For this type of fetishist, few things are as pleasant as a good enema.

Accrotomophilia: Sexual preference for someone who has an amputated limb. For these fetishists, nothing is more exciting than a good stump.

Coprophilia: Excitation when smelling, touching, and savouring the faeces in the most extreme cases. The latter, logically, we do not recommend since it can be the source of serious infections. Anyone who experiences this fetish can be excited to see how a person defecates.

Urolophilia: In this case, the fetish is urine. Urolophilics especially enjoy golden rain. Being urinated or urinating on others is, for them, an almost religious experience. Even pissing on them can even be especially exciting.

Mechanophilia: Sexual excitement derived from looking at machines, motorcycles, cars, etc.

Spectrophilia: These fetishists especially enjoy the presence of mirrors in the place where they will dedicate themselves to the pleasures of sex. In the escort agencies or private apartments of some company young escorts, where it is easy to find facilities and rooms that include such mirrors, these fetishists can enjoy themselves especially and unforgettably.

Salirofilia: This type of fetishism is associated with dirt. He doesn’t like to fuck with a clean girl or in a clean place when going out. The piggy and dirty is what excites this type of fetishist.

As you can see, many types of fetishists exist. Do you recognize yourself in any of them? Have you had the opportunity to enjoy your fetish? If your answer is yes, congratulations. If not, do you want to experience it? You can make your sexuality richer and more enjoyable. Some of the most beautiful and exclusive whores in your city can help you, especially in Barcelona and Madrid, since there are not as many professionals in smaller cities and we must bear in mind that not all girls lend themselves to this type of practice rather a minority. Search our website with filters or quick search and contact the one that offers that service and makes you hornier. You will see that the more bitch the curvy escort is, the better you will spend it and the fewer impediments she will put to your sexual fantasies. Surely you find the ideal partner to reach the highest peaks of pleasure with your hand.

Kiki, love is made

To finish this article, we want to recommend this film by Paco León. There are five couples, each with different affiliations and the rarest possible. In Spanish humor key, these 5 affiliates appear among others:

• Dacrifilia: Candela Peña, who cannot get pregnant, has very little sex with her husband. One day, after receiving bad news, she begins to cry inconsolably, and the protagonist of this story gets very horny and fucks with her husband like never before. But it turns out that she only wants to fuck when she sees him cry, and she makes up stories for her husband to start crying so they can have sex.

• Elifilia: Alexandra Jiménez embroiders it in this role. A withdrawn girl, deaf, and with relationship problems. It makes the touch of fabrics very horny and depending on each fabric, and it gets hotter or less without being able to avoid being exposed.

• Somnofilia: Here we have a marriage that has had a misfortune. The woman has been paralyzed by accident. The husband continues to feel a lot of love for her, but due to the misfortune that accompanies her, the wife does nothing but belittle him. One day by accident, the woman takes a sonmifero, and then he uses it to fuck her. He loves it but does not want the woman to find out, so with the complicity of the maid, he sleeps her every night and has his love story with his sleeping woman.

• Dendrofilia: Two young and beautiful sisters have in their genetics a certain propensity for filia, and one of them is vegetables, hugging a tree, or doing things with a cucumber …

• Hapraxofilia: One of the previous sisters, in addition to putting vegetables on her, runs with pleasure when she is in a dangerous situation, such as a robbery. Her boyfriend is shocked, but since he is very much in love, he mounts a robbery so that the girl gets horny. If this is not loving… A great movie, without a doubt. And so far, this article, sponsored by our favourite escort girls in Germany. With them, you know, you can fuck, or you can enjoy your fetishes. Do not cut yourself and fully enjoy sex.

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