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How to behave well with an escort girl

The twenty-three rules to follow when you want to behave well with an escort girl.

Filed in Blog | Posted by nrwadmin on January 10, 2022

The twenty-three rules to follow

Here are some rules you should follow to make escort girls professional life more manageable.

1- Before contacting an escort girl, do your research.

These people often have a website that contains a lot of information on prices, services, and what can be expected from the overall experience. Browse their profile in detail on SEO sites. Please do not waste time asking them by message or phone for information available on the Internet. They can also work for an Escort Agency and you can find the information on their website!

2- When you contact in writing a sex worker, send a message only if you are sure you want to make an appointment.

Do not try to get them by any means other than the one indicated to you. Suppose you have found a personal social network account that does not allow you to use it under any circumstances if it has not been offered to you. Send a courteous and direct message. Include all the necessary information, explaining when, what time you would like the meeting to take place, for how long, and where. Don’t waste time with incomplete messages.

The time of escort models is precious. Do not try to get free emotional work from these people, either. This work comes at a price. It is pointless and dishonest to pass yourself off as a friend who wants to chat. People in sex work are not looking for friends or husbands, let alone saviors. Do not send requests for the same day and the same time to multiple sex workers. Wait for the first person to respond negatively before asking the second. Finally, do not send photos of your genitals by message if they have not been requested. This rule is valid for everyone, and it is no less for a sex worker.

3- When making phone calls, the rules are similar

Only call if you make an appointment and ensure the hours that would suit you. Always be polite and respectful. Do not unbox your personal or romantic life or your libido. Don’t try to get emotional, let alone sex, work over the phone. Sex workers owe you nothing. Don’t push for something that is denied to you.

4- Do not state a list of sexual acts that you want to perform

It is disrespectful, and it helps to give the escort girl the image of a simple machine, where they give you the whole experience. If you have a particular fantasy, however, you can talk about it. If the person refuses, be understanding and respectful because you have no idea why they deny this request. Accept the answer, and move on.

5- The context of criminalization and violence pushes many sex workers to set up screening procedures

Then provide all the information requested without contesting. This is essential for the safety of people. This information will not be used against you, sex workers, with the utmost respect for the privacy of their customers. The information is not requested to waste time but to make sure that you are trustworthy and can share an intimate moment without risk. For more details on the need for this information, you can consult these explanations from a sex worker.

6- Make an appointment only if you are confident that you are available

If something unexpected prevents you from being there, tell the escort girl as soon as possible. If you notify too late, the person will not be able to find another client to replace you, which will create lost revenue. Some people ask for a fine for cancellation. If the sex worker isn’t available at the time you want, don’t push. Making the same request over the next few hours will not change your response and will unnecessarily waste the person’s time. It’s best to book in advance rather than the same day, but if you must, follow these recommendations.

7- Do not try to negotiate the price

This award has been carefully considered, and renegotiating will make you appear like someone with little respect who does not appreciate the time and services of the escort girl at their fair value. This price may seem high, but it also considers the many hours of administration and preparation before each meeting. Do not use the example of other people whose services are less expensive. If the person you want to meet benefits is over your budget, check out the competition, or save your money for more urgent needs. Some people ask for down payments before the meeting. These down payments ensure that the clientele is severe and will go through with the appointment request. Accept them and don’t negotiate.

8- You are paying for service during the dating hour

This does not necessarily include messages of a sexual nature before or after that meeting. The fact of having fixed an appointment does not authorize you to obtain emotional or sexual work by message before the appointment. Furthermore, continue to be entirely respectful of the person, who remains a human being like any other.

9- Before the meeting, make sure you are clean, with the healthy breath, and clean clothes

Pay special attention to the hygiene of your genitals. If you are meeting at your home, make sure you have clean sheets and towels for your guest. If the meeting takes place at the sex worker’s home, she may ask you to take a shower, which you should do without questioning.

10- If you meet the escort girl at her home, always be on time

Arriving late is not only a sign of disrespect. It will waste precious time—advice in case of the unexpected. Don’t arrive early either, as the person needs time to prepare, and if so, take a walk around the block instead. 11- During the meeting, show the best of yourself. Always be courteous and pleasant unless vulgarity has been agreed upon beforehand. Having each partner treat the other with dignity and respect creates satisfying experiences for both people.

12- During the meeting, it is crucial to fully respect your partner’s mental, physical, sexual, and emotional limits

This is probably the essential rule. No means strictly no. Exercising a profession related to sex work does not remove the capacity to consent, nor the capital importance of respecting this consent. The autonomy of sex workers is essential, and if they tell you “no” or “stop,” immediately comply with that request.

These limits can be communicated to you verbally and explicitly, but also with clues: be attentive and respectful towards your partner’s physical discomfort. Contrary to what the abolitionists and promoters of criminalization laws want to believe, you do not own the sex worker, their body, or mind. During a meeting, the person does not in any way become your sex object which you can dispose of as you wish. Please don’t push your partner to do things they don’t want.

If in doubt, before starting a new activity, make an explicit request. Use violence only if it has been explicitly authorized and only within the defined framework. Permanent consent is an essential part of any fully satisfying sexual act that respects the dignity of both people, and it is just as accurate in a paid relationship. If the sex worker rejects and excludes you after you violate one of her clearly stated limits, this does not give you any right to harass or spread false rumors about her or her. The fault is on your side and your side only.

13. It is crucial to make sure that the sexual relationship is healthy

While this responsibility is shared, it is also the client’s responsibility to be fully aware of the risks and appropriate practices about STDs and STIs and be tested regularly. For male clients, it is also essential to use a condom: do not ask the sex worker to do without it, and above all, do not put pressure on them to agree not to use one. Above all, it is sexual assault to attempt to remove the condom during the act without the partner realizing it, and this is equally true in a paid relationship.

14- Before, during, and after the meeting, also fully respect the privacy of the sex worker

Don’t try to find his personal social media profiles. If you come across one, ignore it. Don’t ask her her real name: not only will it not change the authenticity of the experience you are having, but in a society where sex work is criminalized and stigmatized, her anonymity is crucial to her safety. Don’t ask about their relationship status either: whether the person is single, in a relationship or married is irrelevant.

15- Respect the professional limits set by the escort girl

Don’t push the person to have a romantic relationship with you. If over time, the mood takes her, she will suggest it to you on her own. In the meantime, respecting the professional limit is healthy and essential for any sex worker who seeks to clearly distinguish his clientele from the people he meets and appreciates outside of work. The fact that the person strives to maintain a strictly professional relationship is by no means an indication that they do not understand your company. Payment does not prevent the inevitable human nature of the relationship.

16- Respect the time of the session for which you have paid

While it’s understandable that you don’t like being pressured into keeping the time, it is unreasonable and disrespectful to count on longer than expected. If you want to continue beyond the scheduled time, request it and pay the appropriate amount. It is sometimes possible that if the sex worker is having a good time with you, they will offer you extra time on their own, but do not push for it: it is a privilege and not a right.

17- The fact that you very much appreciate the escort girl you meet does not allow you to pass judgment on their activity.

Comments like “you don’t look like an escort” are not compliments but insults to people who could only be vulgar. Questions like “you are so smart, why are you an escort?” are inappropriate and involve ignorance and great disrespect for their activity.

18- Do not surprise your partner by offering the services of an escort girl

Make sure you have their consent, even if your partner has already mentioned the idea in naughty discussions.

19- Although not mandatory, additional gifts or tips are always appreciated

These are signs that help to show that you fully understand the value of the time and the physical and emotional investment that the sex worker offers you.

20- If you meet a sex worker at her home, be careful with discretion.

In particular, do not state the reason for your visit out loud when you are at the door. Do not ask the caretaker if the sex worker lives on the third left!

21- After the meeting, while some sex workers appreciate the reports on online client communities, many do not.

If you’ve made sure the person accepts a message, do it honestly and elegantly, without going into all the physical details. Do not mention location information or details that identify the address: the safety of sex workers depends on it! Above all, do not under any circumstances use the threat of these reports to coerce the person in any way.

22- If you happen to meet the person in a context other than their work, it is essential to respect their privacy.

Do not approach them unless you are sure that it is acceptable to them.

23- It is pointless and fishy to state that you will become a regular customer with someone you have never met or have seen a few times.

Becoming a regular and valued customer is something that comes with deeds, not words. If you do become a regular customer whose company is appreciated and in whom the person trusts, do not in any way use this situation to try to get things from them that they refuse or to try to monopolize unduly. Being a regular customer does not give you the right to believe that everything is owed to you.


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